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Amidst the war between heroes and villains, a thing called "love" sparked between two people, but where does it lead them? Despair? Happiness? Happy ever after? We don't know.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Hey, you okay?", the man wearing a black cloak asked. I managed to mutter a weak "no". "Let's get you out of here.", the man said.

I woke up and immediately felt a sharp pain in my abdomen, my body was no longer covered in dirt, my left arm was bandaged, small scars and bruises all over my body, these were all from the battle.

I looked around the room, I don't know where I was, and my head was still hurting. A tall, handsome, neat-looking man around my age entered the room. "Do you need anything?", he asked.

"No, by the way thanks for cleaning me up...sorry for bothering you.", I told him.

"No, it's okay.", he replied.

"Uhm---what's your name?", I asked.

"Octavius Atlas. You?"

"Marcellus Dario.", I replied.

"Wait---Marcellus? As in the hero? What's your power again?", he asked, his eyes were sparkling as he was smiling widely at me.

"Well...I don't have any powers. I'm just good at hand-to-hand combat and handling weapons, and I'm not a hero, 'am just a normal guy.", I told him.

If I only stayed at home and played Minecraft, I wouldn't be in this situation getting interrogated by a handsome man.

"Ohh--but why were you in the battle?", he asked.

"I got included due to the lack of man power, okay enough with the questions, I got to go now, thanks for the help and bye!", with that being said, I left the room and headed home.

Everything was a mess, the streets consisted cars that collided with each other, buildings were ruined, some were even on fire. Very few people were walking on the streets, all of them looked terrified and unsure of what gonna happen next. Saethes City became a dumpster, last week this city was in good condition, hell there was even a parade, but now it looked very gloomy and dark, it was like a ghost town, like the one you see in horror movies.

I made my way home, I live with my little brother, he's 3 years old. Mom became a psychopath-villain, meanwhile, Dad is admitted to an asylum, because of his "problems" that I'd rather stay quiet about because it is terrifying, so...now I'm all alone and I have a 3 year-old baby brother that I have to take care of by myself.

My house was in the suburb part of the city, the "quiet" part of Saethes. Our village was a gated-community, people who live there are kinda scary, but they're so damn kind.

As I reached the main-gate, the guard, Jose, greeted me. "Hey.", I told him as I handed him my ID and proceeded through security. "This is a tough one isn't it? I mean last week we were havin' fun dude, but now it's all ruckus and damnation.", he said.

"Heck yeah, I know right? Now I gotta finish this security thing fast, cuz I got a little brother waiting for me at home.", I replied. After a couple of minutes, I finally finished getting through security, I waved at Jose and bolted-off, because my brother is all-alone by himself right now.

After a couple of minutes, I reached home and hastily opened the gate that needed my facial and retina recognition, after entering, I locked it for safety purposes and ran again to open the door. "Finger-print needed.", the AI said, I put my thumb in the scanner and then finally the door opened.

I entered the house and I was greeted by my sleepy little brother, "Hey buddy, sorry Celly was late.", I told him as I picked him up, he cutely rubbed his eyes and yawned. "Itz fine~ me Elio waz gud yesterday! I ate bamnanaz 'en I wash strawberriez. I awso ate the sammwich you made!", Elio said, he only ate bananas, strawberries and sandwich yesterday? Damn, I am so guilty right now, I'll never leave him alone again.

I placed him down as he played with Oslo the Rabbit, it was a rag doll that my gramps gave him. "Elly, I'm gonna change my clothes, okay? Behave.", I told him as he gave me a wide smile and saluted at me. "Aye aye, Captain Celly!", he replied. I went to my room and quickly changed my clothes since I wanted to feel comfortable, man fighting is hard.

After changing my clothes, I went to the kitchen, and Elio is seated at his high-chair still playing with Oslo. "Elly, what do you want for breakfast?", I asked. "Chicky and waffles!! With maple and I also want blueberriez~", he said. I nodded and got the needed ingredients in the pantry.

"Celly~ comeeee hereee~ me Elio wantz tell chu somethin'!", Elio said. I placed the ingredients on the kitchen island and then went to Elio. I sat on the empty chair beside him, he leaned in and smothered my face with kisses, I was surprised by his actions, but never mind. He giggled and said, "I wuv you Celly~", I hugged him and ruffled his hair. "I love you too Elly~", I told him.

After a few moments, breakfast was ready, "It smellz gud!", I heard Elio say. I smiled and went on serving the food. I sat down beside Elio and then said a prayer before eating. "Jesus, thank you for the delicious food and I pwomise to be a good boy to Celly. Please take care of Celly, I also want him to play Minecwaft with me. Amen.", Elio said after he finished eating, I wiped his face and his hands. "*chu* mwah *chu* mwah", he said as he kissed my cheeks and my nose. I got him off his chair and then cleared the table.

I finished washing the dishes and I am now reading, and Elio is still playing with Oslo beside me. It was 12:35 and it's time for Elio's nap. "Elly, let's go upstairs and take a nap.", I told him. He frowned and said, "No no."


He stood-up and marched upstairs. I followed him, I also wanted to take a nap, because I was so tired and sleepy.

I tucked Elio in and went to my room to get some sleep.

A/N: Wow, another new story! Hello everyone how are y'all doin, hope you are all safe and sound. Stay home and wear your mask if you are going outside. Stay safe! Check out my other story, "Kill Him | Kare o Korose".


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