Mortal Enemy Mates

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Michael is a powerful Black Panther, destined to take over the pride and rule along his mates side when the time is right. Kiera is the most powerful wolf there is, and she is the alphas daughter, competing with her twin brother, Caleb for the throne. There's just a couple problems: 1. Michael and Keira are mates, as they find out in the middle of a hectic battle. 2. Wolves and Panthers have been at war with each other for years. What they don't know is deep deep down they are in a prophecy that was never taught or even looked at... The prophecy states: there will be one wolf and one panther fated together forever. MATES. They will unite the cat and wolf kind and cruel the senseless killing and battles bringing them towards extinction.

Fantasy / Romance
Brianna Brown
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Dooms Day

Michael POV

"Son! Common let's go, the announcement isn't gonna make itself!" My dad hollered up.

"Okay, okay!" I yelled back now making my way down the stairs. He smiled and embraced me once i made it fully down into the living room where he was waiting to take me to the balcony.

"Today's the day son, we're announcing to the pride that once you find your mate you will take over for me and rule strongly over them and win this war!" He explained with pride, although I already knew we were making this announcement weeks ago.

"I know dad. Can we get this over with?" I asked nervously, and he chuckled turning me towards the balcony doors where the people were waiting two stories below. I took a beep breathe as me and my father walked out onto the balcony.

He talks about how he's proud of me, and he is definitely looking forward to stepping down instead of taking care of all the stressful ass people. There were laughs, there were tears but most importantly there was agreement. Everyone was happy that I was soon taking over the pride, but sad that my father was so close to retirement and there was a war going on.

After the announcement everyone retired into their homes to get some rest, after all the wolves and panthers dont agree often but we all decided today was a day to gather dead, bury them, mourn them and rest for a day before it continued.

I was on edge all day waiting for them to pounce. It seemed very unlike those bastards to stick to their word. They are evil and untrustworthy and the whole reason that this war started.

Keira POV

The pack had all gathered in the pack house, as my dad, my brother Caleb and I all walked through the door the conversations stopped immediately. We took stance with my dad in the middle, he was explaining to the pack that instead of the first born taking the alpha position like normal, me and my brother would fight for it.

It wouldnt be like a physical fight between me and my brother, we would just prove with one was more worthy to be alpha. We were twins and though technically i came out first, my brother was only mere seconds behind. So we couldn't really say who was older and who wasn't.

We had come to a peaceful truce today with the panthers, it seemed even low life scum like them have families and plans and things to do just like us. Which is surprising to say the least, I didnt expect my father and their bitch of a leader to come to an agreement. That was the most surprising.

My dad, agreeing with the enemy? What an idiot..

Can't he see them for what they are?

Stupid, evil, killers, murderers.

Scumbags, liars, thiefs.

I was on edge all day waiting for them to pounce. It seemed very unlike those bastards to stick to their word. They are evil and untrustworthy and the whole reason that this war started.

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