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What would you do if you urge for freedom but instead becomes a Scelta: The Chosen one? Evelyn Mackenzie is a strong-willed, free spirited and a kindhearted human. She has to leave everything behind even her mother whom she loves the most for certain reasons. But when everything goes her way and she is set to start afresh her fate has decided something else. How will she overcome the responsibility of being a chosen. Aiden Davis Brown on the other hand has more liability towards his pack than to live a life of his own. At a young age of 20, he is the alpha of the most feared pack in the world The Blue Moon Pack. After his father's sudden demise and revelation of a curse bestowed on his ancestors, he is surprised to learn that a human born can save his race. What will happen when Aiden and Evelyn meet? How will they adhere their problem and support each other facing the bigger problem ahead?

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:


This is my first attempt at writing a love story. I am currently working on it and will soon update you with the first chapter.

Please support and show love......Thank you!

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