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Sometimes things happen that changes our lives forever. Sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing. Mera’s life changed when she saw her best friend getting ripped to shreds by wolves but what she doesn’t know was how much it changed. When she moves with her family to Norway the change starts to show and reveals something that no one had seen coming. What will happen when she sees the male she has unexplainable feelings for shift into the one thing she fears the most in her life? Secrets will be told and the truth will reveal all but will she be ready to fulfil her destiny?

Fantasy / Action
A. Makkelie
4.9 67 reviews
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’Run Mera!’ She heard her best friend yell. Mera looked behind her as she heard the growls getting closer and closer. Tears streamed down her face as they both kept running for their life.

They should have listened to their parents. They should have stayed closer to the cabin. If they had only listened, they wouldn’t be killed in a few moments from now but they would have fun at the lake close to their vacation cabin.

A scream pulled Esmeralda from her thoughts and the two girls immediately came to a stop. She looked at a large wolf in front of her as he bared his teeth to the girls. This was it; they were going to die at the age of fourteen.

She saw Kelly pick up a rock and throw it to the wolf in front of her. The rock hit him against his head. He growled again and stalked forward. Mera whimpered and took a step back. She didn’t want to die like this. As she took a step back, she heard a low growl coming from behind her which made her stop and turn immediately. There were three more wolves behind them and one was close to her.

He looked at her and she saw his amber colored eyes. They were beautiful. She had never seen a wolf’s eyes up close. Well, there was a reason for that. She never had been in a situation where she was about to get killed by one.

His grey, almost white, fur reflected in the sunlight and gave him an even more beautiful glow. The other wolves all had dark brown pelts and he was the only one who stood out.

The sound of a twig breaking pulled her out of her trance and the next thing she knew, she was grabbed by her wrist and pulled away from the wolves. The grey one tried to bite her but wasn’t fast enough. Kelly pulled her further and they ran again. Mera pulled her wrist loose as they had to evade a big bolder and as they ran past it, she heard a bloodcurdling scream. She looked behind her and saw that Kelly had fallen down.

‘Kelly!’ She yelled at her. Mera grabbed her arm and tried to help her up but before she could Kelly screamed again as one of the wolves grabbed her leg in his jaw and bit down. Mera grabbed a rock and threw it against his head. He yelped but didn’t release Kelly’s leg. Kelly kept screaming as the wolf bit down even harder. Mera saw the other wolves getting close as well and knew she had to act fast. She saw a stick and knew it couldn’t hurt to try. She grabbed it and before she could try and hit the wolf that held Kelly, she felt an excruciating pain in her right arm as her skin was being ripped open from her shoulder to her wrist by a claw. She screamed as she felt her skin and muscles being torn open. Mera fell on the ground and crawled backwards as she saw the grey wolf run to her. He had one bloody paw and she knew he was the one who had injured her.

She grabbed the branch in her left hand as the wolf ran towards her. When he was close to her she gathered all the strength she had left and jammed the branch in his side. The wolf yelped and as he felt the branch enter his body. She kicked her legs up and hit his lower abdomen. Mera crawled further backwards as she had managed to kick the wolf further away from her but stopped as she saw Kelly. Her breath stopped at the sight of her best friend.

Her abdomen was torn, her guts were pulled out of it and she was missing a leg. Her eyes were open and starred to the sky with the same fear that was on Mera’s face. Blood surrounded her body and Mera knew she was dead. She screamed as she felt te pain of losing her best friend.

Tears streamed down her face as she knew this was also her fate. She heard a growl and her attention was brought back to the wolves. The grey wolf was close to her again. She had to do something. She couldn’t just lay down and die!

She threw her leg up as he was close to her and kicked his head. He yelped at her reaction. The other wolves reacted and also ran towards her. The grey one was closest and attacked. She managed to evade his jaws but that couldn’t be said for his claws. He sliced open her right side of her abdomen and she screamed at the pain but didn’t give up fighting him. She kicked him again but accidently caused him to tear her already wounded arm open even more. The other wolves also came close but before they could attack, she heard more growls coming from all around her and they all stopped. Even the grey one.

She felt her consciousness leaving her as she was losing too much blood. Her sight began to blur and the only thing she could do was waiting for death.

But it never came. Instead she saw a humanlike figure appear in her sight. She couldn’t see who it was but by hearing her voice she knew it was a female.

‘Hold on little one, you’re not going to die today. Just hold on.’ The female told her right before she passed out.

Hi guys!

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter!
A little information: The chapters will be named with Norwegian numbers.
Because this is the prologue it's called Prologen. It's not a writing error.
Have a nice day, you guys!
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