The emptiness of wrath

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daughter of hell saga A book series by: VanillaStoriez The origin story of the birth of Wrath in our modern world #1 Book Wrath the hole of anger, the fire that turns everything to ashes and makes a dark, empty, void of decepticons and malicious thoughts and unthinkable actions. Every time you hear about the seven deadly sin Wrath I can bet you think of wars, fighting, hell flames and Most importantly Death. Throughout history the power of wrath has been given to world leaders to ordinary people and each time it has destroyed, consumed and killed each and everyone.

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Wrath is an anger a frustration, one that’s Untamed by words and that lashes out in actions. It destroys everything and everyone it comes across, with wrath comes frustration. Don’t take it the wrong way, Wrath is never a solution but it’s not a problem...

In the solitude of a night anything can happen, a murder, a shooting or a suicide. Lilith looks down at the body of a young girl’s corpse, she’s at peace from all the torment of her life at least. For a while she heads into the hallway the sounds of a baby,” I’m coming child it will soon be over.” the closer she walked towards the baby the louder the cries got. Once lilith reached the room where the baby was the crying went silent. Lilith smiled “so you’re not a child of Eve, I admire that.” she picked up the silent child in her arms and started working her magic. “I hate to have to kill you this young, but she never wanted you.”

Melancholic feeling takes over lilith making her stop the spell. “you’re so calm, maybe your life is worth keeping little one.”

Thanks to my mom for the research!

I dedicate this Book to her.

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