Black Ivy

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Ivy is a girl who loves trouble and get's angered fast. She's also the princess of warlocks and witches, I know crazy right but their kind were banned and forced to go to the South by Lycans, who are on the top of the food chain. Or whatever. Both sides are forbidden to cross the border, and both sides hate each other to the core. With the help of her BFF, they run away and go to Moonvillie. When they get there, they unfortunately meet Nickolas Moon the king of Lycans and werewolves , who is also her mate. Secrets will be revealed, laws will be broken and blood will be spilled. Death and suffering is the only part their have, they'll have to go through hell for thier happy ending.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter I: Running away

The freezing cold rain felt like little needle's everytime a drop landed on my skin, and concerning that this place is filled with ice I'm surprised I'm not dead for really.... Like I should be or like I should have been.

I'm sure you'll are confused, well let me break it down for you; I died, fake died

Two hours ago.....

"Are you sure it's gonna work I mean, I love my self a little war but killing a princess is a big no no, that means big time war"

Right now I'm talking to Camilla about my 'about to be dead section' on the phone

"Don't be a pussycat princess. Think of it as killing three brides with one stone; your father will eliminate the entire Steel clan btw he should have done it years ago, you'll be dead which means no arrange marriage and you'll be free to wander around the world like you alwayed wanted"

I sighed "okay I'm going in now, be ready in two hours," I hung up and enter the Steel territory.

Let me explain:1) I'm Princess Ivy the third in line for the throne, I'm a warlock half werewolf (only my family and Camilla family knows). I have two older twin brother Xander and Xavier, my father Lucifer is the ruler of the dark continent and my STEP mother Irene hates me.

2) the Steel clan is a witch clan that betrayed the dark continent by being the lycans spy's, the Steel's where keeping a eye on us so we don't rebel against Moonlight continent and we can't kill them because they're with the Moonlight continent so killing me gives father a reason.

3) Great great great grandfather started a war with Lycans saying that "humans were our slaves we shouldn't hide from them" and I agree one hundred percent. The witch's, wizards and vampire's totally agreed with us but lycans, werewolves, mermaids and hunters disagreed. So they went to war and we were defeated and were kicked out to the far North.

4) I'm being forced to a three year arrange marriage to the prince of Vampires.

5) Camilla and I are going/running away to the Moonlight continent than travel some more.

I entered the Steel territory and went to the ocean cliff side. I made sure I'm was noticed, and after so long I finally scented them many of them, running this way. I got there, I made the area look like there a was a fight, stabed myself, leaving my blood everywhere, than jumped of the cliff into the ocean.

The Steel's arrived right on time- when my brother's arrived.


I'm 100% Xander and Xavier killed everyone in that area and the clan will be eliminated in a day. I think, hey it depends on how mad they are and I'm sure they are pissed off.

Did I feel guilty??

No, no I do not.


To say it was freezing was a understatement. My fingers felt numb, I was super tired and my clothes sticked to my body uncomfortable and running in the rain didn't help either.

When I got out of the water it was pouring buckets but I didn't mind cos I was already wet and the rain will wash away my scent, so I went straight to Camilla's car. But off course I had to run all the way to the border, that like nine miles away. I've never ran so much in my life, I usually run about three to four miles but nine miles that a BIG no.


"So what are we gonna do now?" Right now I'm in Camilla's BMW heading to the Moonlight borders. "Well I've already got an apartment, new clothes, food and everything we need. Oh and you'll be starting a new school in about three days"

"That was fast. What about the mixture?"

"Already made, it'll make us smell like humans but we shouldn't get too close to lycans, they're sense of smell is too advanced so they'll be able to sense us but other than that everything is fine"

"Good job Camilla!! What about your family. I'm surprised your brother let you go"

"Yeah he did, but he me promise to face time him everyday".

We may be unlawful, cruel, crazy and murderers/manslayers but family always comes first. "I should have known. I wish my family were that understanding".

"Come on. Your royalty, my family is only second in command so off course they'll be overprotective get used to it".

Four hours later.....

"So about the school?"

"Ooh yeah, it's called Kings way high and it's a mix school; werewolves, hunters, humans and some merpeople that all, and don't worry they won't sense us"

"You're talking like you've met them"

"Oh I have. Didn't I tell you?"

"WHAT?! Noway no, no, no, you couldn't have I can't be the new kid alone, I can't handle the eyes by myself!"

"You'll be fine now shut up, we've arrived" she points to her right, "let's go princess".

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