The Time Travellers Children {2}

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No Bumps in the Road, Yet.

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...This is the oddest of summers, maybe I'll medicate, maybe inebriate, strange situations I get anxious.

-Brendon Urie- Roaring 20's.


It was dark now, way passed there being any sunlight left in the sky. The twins were running about the crumbing castle, screaming and pretending to be soldiers. Melanie and Robyn were trying to make a fire, and Wren was shoving batteries into different lanterns and setting them about.

Elton, Ronald, and Damion were sitting in the tall grass that now grew inside the main part of the decaying castle, trying to see if they could hear wolves.

"Isn't it funny to think that our parents probably stood in the same place we are standing now, only, hundreds of years ago," Melanie remarked as Wren approached them. Wren scoffed and sat a lantern on a few crumbled bricks near where they were building a firepit.

"I guess." Wren peered down to where they were now placing a few dry leaves and grass. "We need to get the twins settled down, we also need to find some firewood and get cooking or were going to eat at midnight." Wren looked down to the watch sitting on her left wrist, cringing as she saw the late time.

Melanie stood and stretched, "We also need some water. If you get everyone settled and in pyjamas, Robyn and I will go look for wood and water, deal?" Wren nodded and clapped towards the twins.

"Hey twerps, it's time to get ready for bed." Judith and Row booed and slowly made their wat towards Wren, mumbling things under their breath. The next to come over was Ronald, Damion, and Elton, who were all being surprisingly calm. Robyn had a lighter and was setting fire to the dry leaves in the pit.

"You're going to have to keep watch of this and keep feeding it dry stuff while we're gone Sis, okay?" Wren looked over to the fire and nodded as Robyn straightened out and drug his hands over the front of his jumper.

"Okay, water and wood, settle the tinies." Wren grimaced and nodded.

Looking over she watched as Damion, Elton, Ronald, Judith, and Row all dug throw their bag, trying to find the nightwear they had packed. Melanie and Robyn were already leaving the castle as the boys all took up sperate places, all facing away from Wren after she had nearly seen Row naked and had shouted at them, and then began changing.

"Were is Sissy and Robyn?" Damion asked once he had his sleeping bag out and laid out by the fire Wren was feeding. They had decided, that in a castle with little roof, that they should dig a big firepit everyone could fit around to stay warm, which, was pretty smart and had been Wren's idea she thought idly.

"They went to go find wood and water, they will be back in a few." She dropped a long blade of prairie grass into the fire, watching it as it slowly burnt to nothing. She had all the boys situated and calm, not to toot her own horn, but she was on a roll tonight.

A few seconds later Melanie and Damion returned with one bucket of water and a large stack of thick sticks. Damion neared the fire then dropped the sticks, they clattered to the ground, the loud noise echoing off the walls of the castle.

"Where'd you find water?" Wren asked standing to help Melanie cart it to the fire.

"An old well, right over there." Melanie pointed her head in the direction of the well.

"Ew, are you kidding? That water could have been sitting in there since our parents were here." Melanie shrugged and sat the bucket on the ash right by the fire.

"That's why we are going to boil it." She grabbed a pot that had been strapped on to her bag, she then pulled two metal supports out, placing them on eighter side of the fire, then picked up a large stick and slid the handles to the pot through it. Sitting the stick on top, the pot was just mere inches from the fire.

Fishing a cup from inside Damion's backpack she scooped some water out, and poured it into the pan, she continued to do this until the pot was almost full. "Wren, did you get noodles?" Wren nodded and brought her backpack over.

Digging in it she found the two boxes of noddles from it and handed it to Melanie. Melanie dupped one box in the water, then got a plastic spoon from her bag and began to stir. "In my bag, there are a few cans that say spaghetti and meat sauce on them, they are freeze-dried, get one please."

Wren grimaced at the word freeze-dried and went to digging in the other girl's bag. Finding one she handed it to the other girl. Pulling the tab on top of the can, Melanie opened it and poured the contents into the water.

She stirred the contents for a few more moments before speaking again.

"Go to the other side and grab the stick." Lifting the sticks from the metal holders, they moved it to the low wall where Wren had sat lanterns. Pulling the stick back through the handles they used a paper plate to drain the pot of water. Melanie had assigned people with things they needed to bring, it had been the twin's job to bring paper plates and plastic utensils and they, shockingly, remembered.

Dishing out the contents of the pot they all settled onto the tops of their sleeping bags to eat. It had been Wren's job to bring bottles of water to drink so none of them chocked and died, and she too had remembered that, so far, everyone had remembered what they were supposed to bring, no bumps in the road, yet.

They sat in silence, save for the frogs and bugs around them, once they were done eating, the three who hadn't changed did so, they then all climbed into there sleeping bags and tried to get some sleep.

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