The Time Travellers Children {2}

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Word Count:505


Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.

-Arthur Shopenhauer.


"Well, I'm an interior designer for Dai, my husband is originally from Switzerland so when we met we decided to settle there. I went to school and quickly got a job. I've been working at Dai for a little over five years now." Rebekah commented, spinning her wine glass around on the table.

Ava pulled her straw from her glass and downed the rest of the caramel liquid. "I'm a Botany Professor in London, which means I use science to understand how plants work and how we can use them. I work for Birkbeck College, and I'm almost certain everyone sitting here makes a hell of a lot more money than me." Ava sat her glass back down at the table and held up her hand, signalling that she needed a refill. "I never got married, in fact, I am repulsed by the idea, I have no children of my own. I live in a small Rowhouse and am probably the most passive-aggressive person you will ever meet."

Brayden laughed and the began talking, "I live in Arizona, I'm in the midst of getting a divorce that continues to get sticker and sticker, I'm a welder for Arizona Plasma Welding Inc, and I think you probably make a shit ton more money than me Ava. I guess we do okay, I mean, we're not poor, but not rich. The kids do well in school, thanks to their mother-" He acted as if he was going to say more but instead opted for taking a sip of his whiskey, then turned to Eli.

Eli huffed and began speaking, "I'll just go ahead and tell my whole life story now. I got married to a beautiful blonde in 2018, I have two twins as I said early." Eli sighed heavily, "As there father, I always try to be proud of them, but, they are, slightly retarded and very weird." He paused and looked down at the wood grain table they sat around.

"I'm a farmer, we sell live cows, beef, fruits and veggies, my wife does farm design projects, which basically means she makes things that look like they belong in a classic old farmhouse. We live in Sikeston Missouri, not too far from the boot hill." Eli finished, he then turned and looked at Chairzhong, the only one who had not spoken yet.

She gigged and tipped her glass back. "Um, how should I start." She mumbled, "Well, I got married the second year we were back. I, um, we had trouble conceiving so, we adopted siblings. We have had them since they were both fairly young. I'm a lawyer, have been for many years, I'm married and we live in Spain, though we were supposed to be moving to Thailand yesterday."

After she was done they sat in relative silence, save for the other people in the bar mingling about.

"It seems as if we've all done quite well for ourselves," Rebekah commented, pulling her glass to her lips.

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