The Time Travellers Children {2}

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Caught Me by Surprise.

Word Count:880


You didn't come into the world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.

-Alan Watts.


The sun had not yet risen yet, but Wren, Melanie, Robyn, Damion, Row, Judith, Elton, and Ronald were hiking through the Scottish hillsides. Long brown grass tickled there thighs and shins as they slowly made their way towards the woods. Melanie was in the lead with her nose in one of her mother's many diaries.

Looking up, she pulled her middle finger towards her thick-rimmed glasses and slid them up her nose. They were only a few yards from the opening to the woods. The trees were covered in thick green foliage and the tall grass ran between the trees. It was absolutely breath-taking. Melanie took a deep breath and closed her eyes as the smell of Ceder filled her senses.

"What are you doing Melanie?" Wren chirped, coming to stand next to her, also peering into the dimly lit wood. "We don't have all day, we need to find the lake before dark so we can set up camp." Wren trudged forward, Robyns's hand latched onto hers.

Melanie rolled her eyes, and looked back at the rest of the group, making sure they were still following. They were moving towards her but at the speed of a few snails, they were talking and laughing at things the others said, not really paying any attention to the older kids in the group and just how far behind they had fallen.

Melanie huffed and began shouting, "Hey, pay attention, look how far behind you are!" All their heads shot up to look at the distance between them, seeing how far they were, they began running towards Melanie and Wrens quickly disappearing figure.

"We're coming sissy!" Damion shouted back at the other girl. "Don't leave us!"

"Wren already has, so, you better hurry!" Melanie turned and began walking into the woods Wren was already there and standing at the entrance, Robyn was sitting in the grass and Melanie smiled fondly at him. If anyone were to pay enough attention they would see that Melanie, in fact, had a huge crush on Robyn. While Robyn was a year younger than the 15-year-old Melanie, she found him extremely smart and pleasant. He was kind and quite loving, he was also bubbly and fun to be around which was saying a lot more than any boy at her school.

If anyone ever asked though, she would deny it, she was too smart to be fiddling around with stupid boys.

Pretty soon Row, Judith, Ronald, and Elton were all panting next to her. Then the five were soon with Wren and contemplating which was to go first into the wood.

"You are the eldest Wren, you said so yourself, which means you should be the first to go in," Damion commented, looking over at Wren. She narrowed her eyes and lifted one of her perfect brows.

"That's exactly the reason I shouldn't, I'm the eldest, therefore in charge, which means I shouldn't go in first because if I die no one would be here to look after you twerps." She crossed her arms over her chest and pushed out one of her hips. Pursing her lips she looked to Melanie. "You are the one with the diary, I mean, your mother wrote it, so maybe you and Damion should go first."

"What? That makes no sense, what if we die, then no one would have the diaries, then all of you would get nowhere." Damion all but shouted. Melanie shrugged and leaned back against a tree, looking over Robyns lean form, he really was her dream boy, everyone's dream boy she added tersely to her own thoughts.

"We'll go!" Row and Judith said at the same time, they then cheerfully began walking into the woods, whispering things under their breath. Melanie and Wren shared a look then shrugged and followed after them. Reopening the diary Melanie began to read about the location of the lake.

"It says we should just follow this trail 'till there is no more trail left." She looked up the long and winding road then up at the sky. "I think we'll make it."

Oh, how very wrong she was.

While, yes, they could have in fact made it, she didn't take into account that the twins have little legs and so did Brayden's boys, also the fact that it was hotter than hell and muggy. They had to take three breaks which put them sorely behind. By the time they found the beautiful lake {more like a pond} it was already dark out.

It was close to ten o'clock by the time they were eating the second can of freeze-dried meat sauce.

"It truly is beautiful, not quite how my mother wrote about it, but I guess you can blame 20 plus years on that." Melanie was sitting out away from the group, looking over the large body of water.

"I suppose." Wren agreed, handing her a water bottle, she then sat down next to Melanie in the grass. "From what I've seen of Scottland, I think it is all very pretty." Melanie turned and smiled and the other girl. "What?" Wren screeched.

"Oh nothing, just caught me by surprise is all."

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