The Time Travellers Children {2}

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The Want of a New Adventure.

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'It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.'

-J.R.R. Tolkein


Laughter bubbled from Brayden as he took another sip of his near-empty glass. Ava bumped his shoulder and leaned back against the booth.

"No, I'm not kidding, children are the worst!" Ava reiterated shaking her head, a fond smile playing on her lips. Rebekah chuckled and shook her head. Chairzhong hummed thoughtfully while toying with the napkin stand sitting in-between the group.

"See, I think that's just your students." She pointed at Ava then raised an eyebrow, "That, to me, sounds like a bad teacher." Chairzhongs words slurred together with intoxication. Ava lifted her hands in mock surrender than rubbed them over her face.

"I mean, most of them are from the U.S and their parents are paying for a good chunk, if not all, of their tuition. I would say, 70%, have very rich parents who told them what they were going to major in, so I got stuck with them." Ava shrugged haphazardly and bent down to take a sip of her drink.

Eli rolled his eyes and rested his elbows on the table, "Well, I mean, our children are the ones who are trying to travel through time Chairzhong." Everybody sobered after that comment.

After a moment, Ava chuckled and slid from the booth, "Good job bringing down the mood Eli." Ava pulled her coat on and adjusted her hair. "I'm going to go smoke then go to bed," She peered down at her watch sitting on her left wrist, "You all should think about getting to bed too, it's after one."

She began to walk away then, pulling her cigarettes from her inside breast pocket. It had started raining so she stood under the pavilion with her back leaning against the wall. She heard the bell over the door chime signalling someone either came in or came out.

"Ya'know, I don't think you're as cold as you play to be." Well, that was her answer, Rebekah came out.

Ava sighed and pulled another puff from her cigarette, "I'm sure I have no idea what you mean." She heard Rebekah scoff and then heard as she moved closer to her. However, the other girl never said another word until Ava was stepping on the bud to her cigarette.

"You pretend to hate kids, yet you teach children every day, and, again, even though you say you couldn't care less about if we find our kids, I know you do. You would be devasted if we never found our children and you would blame yourself. That's why you're trying to distance yourself. What if we don't find them? What would happen to us, to our children? How would we feel about you after not being able to find them?"

Ava pulled in a deep breath, "You said you were a fashion designer, maybe you should have become a therapist." Rebekah smiled and moved in front of Ava. "Care if I over-analyze you now?" Ava asked.

Rebekah shrugged, "Wouldn't have said anything if I didn't think you wouldn't return the favour."

Ava smirked and looked over Rebekah for a moment, "Your marriage is failing, you think that might be the reason Wren acts the way she does. You hate your job, you hate where you live and you are repressed by memories of everything we went through." Ava paused and pulled another cigarette from the pack.

"You also are falling into some sort of depressive episode, it might be from losing your children but, I'm thinking it started before that, mmm, maybe even a year ago." Ava sighed and looked over Rebekah, "But those are normal problems too, what was his name, Phoenix because you tell him they sprouted from childhood, but I, we, know that to be untrue." Ava stopped and smiled.

Rebekah opened her mouth, "You sleep with pass students don't you?" Ava nodded and smiled. "You are also lonely and might have some troubles with drugs and alcohol." Ava closed her eyes and nodded, a ghost of a smile on her face.

"My turn," Ava said, "Again." She paused and looked over Rebekah. "I can't sense anything else wrong with you. Well, other than your brutal bluntness." Rebekah laughed.

"You wanna tell me how you could tell all those things?" Ava asked.

"Rachel." They both said at once then broke out laughing.

"Let's get to bed, gotta go get my kids." A few tears slid down Rebekah's face, Ava smiled and hooked her arm through Rebekahs.


"It's too damn early for this," Ava said while running a hand over her face and up into her hair. She yawned and stretched her arms above her, clasping her hands together. Her leather bag sat at her feet and Brayden pushed a coffee into one of her hands.

"Agreed," Chairzhong responded taking a big gulp of her coffee. It was seven in the morning and they were already in Scottland.

"I already have a car outside that agreed to drive us directly to the castle but we have to hurry," Rebekah shouted at them as she bustled over. "Also, friendly reminder, call your spouses because I am sure that they are very worried." Ava raised an eyebrow at Rebekah's stressed tone but decided that it was a better talk for later.

"I do have a question though," Brayden said, as they made their way to the door. "How do we know the lake is going to send us to the same spot?"

"It sent all of us to the same spot," Eli responded, opening the van's door.

Ava jumped up into the car and slid next to Eli, "But we were all travelling together, they might have already jumped, and, if they have, how do we know where they are going or that the lake will send us to the same place?"

Chairzhong heaved into the seat next to Ava and placed her bag in her lap, "Well then, why don't we just hope that they haven't hopped yet, shall we?"

Rebekah got in the passenger seat and began telling him where to go.

"Anybody got any good drugs?" Brayden asked, spinning to look in the back where Eli, Ava, and Chairzhong were sitting. Ava unzipped a side pocket in her bag and handed him a bottle, he peered down at the label. "Oxazepam?"

"It's for anxiety and alcohol withdrawal, its a sedative." Ava winked and nodded at the fields coming into view. "You'll enjoy it once you see the castle again." Chairzhong was watching the exchange and turned to look at Ava.

"Can I have some?" Ava chuckled and laughed.



Stepping out of the car Ava opened the bottle and took one. The sun was bright now and was shinning over the run-down castle.

"Not quite how I remember it." Brayden remarked, pushing his sunglasses up his nose. The group moved forward towards the castle.

Ava walked around the outside, looking over the woods. Rebekah and Chairzhong went inside to look at the evidence the kids had left. Brayden wondered over to the well and smiled fondly at the memories he had with it. Eli immediately began walking towards the woods.

"Hey! Eli! Wait!" Ava ran after him. "Don't go without us, Rebekah and Chairzhong will only be a minute."

Eli huffed and stopped, turning around, "We need to get them before they jump." Ava slowed and stopped in front of him.

"Yeah, I know, but, there's no use in going without us. Rebekah, Brayden, and Chairzhongs kids are all there too, don't rush, they know their kids." Ava said while toying with a piece of long grass.

"And I don't?" Eli shouted, Ava, faltered and stepped back.

"No, you do, but your children aren't the masterminds here, that's Melanie and Wren." She retaliated. "It's only eight in the morning, they might not even have left the castle yet. Give it time." Eli rolled his eyes and turned back to the woods.

"They're not here, lets go to the lake!" Rebekah shouted from the castle. Ava pulled out her inhaler from her purse and took a few puffs. They waited until everyone was there, then they began to descend into the woods.

"Hopefully someone remembers the way better than I do." Brayden huffed out, as they jumped over a fallen tree. Chairzhong nodded and continued to walk, pushing away brush. Soon enough they could hear the children talking, well, arguing.

The group's footsteps quickly gained in speed as they tried to intervene. The thick brush that grew along and in the path was trampled down as they pushed their way through it.

"Don't jump!" They all screamed almost in unison as they came tumbling out of the woods. Wren was standing there, ankle-deep in the water, a bewildered expression on her face. "Wren, you know better, you are a very smart girl!" Rebekah tried to coax.

Ava straightened her silk camisole and pulled her sweater closer to her breast, a smile played on the girl's lips as she watched as Wren looked over the group. "So you're the Wren I've heard so much about." Wren lifted a brow and peered over Ava.

Wren was wearing pleated khaki shorts with a white tank tucked into them, her long, blonde, curly hair was left loose and her teal rainboots played off her completion nicely. The outfit she wore showed off her curves, and, Ava thought, she was kinda hot, in an arrogant way.

Wren scoffed and stepped closer to the spinning water, "And you must be Ava, the stuck up professor that never got married and never had kids." Ava shrugged and moved closer to the lake.

"Guilty as charged," Ava paused and looked over the scene of the woods, "You know, where you might go, is probably a lot worst than this." Wren rolled her eyes and pushed her hair off her shoulder.

She huffed out a laugh then began talking, "I've read Chairzhongs diary, I know everything that happened in Scotland in the 1700s and I, personally, wouldn't mind finding a hot Scottish man to take me away somewhere." Ava narrowed her eyes at the mention of Randell.

"You are aware of this because you read the journals, but you have no control over where you may end up, and if you do happen to go to Scottland it would create some sort of time paradox because we would also be there." Ava tucked her hair behind her ear, "And Randell is much too old for you anyhow."

Wren faltered and looked over the group, "Let me see, I have since dated tons of people, male, female, the people in between, and I can say, Randell was not that memorable, while it was in the fact that he was my first real relationship, I know, from your mother, that you already have a big grown-up relationship, so, none of this will be fun for you." Ava smirked and looked over the girl.

"Yeah, right, not memorable, I know all about you, I've done extensive research on all of you, and I know that you all struggle with these relationships, I want a real man, who will cherish me and love me." Wren moved closer to the moving water, she was now so close that her rainboots were starting to fill with water.

"So you want to struggle? Do you want to not be able to talk about everything you've gone through? Not talk about the struggle and why you can't show love to your spouse and children because you're so stuck up with the things you no longer have and the voices inside your head?" Ava retaliated, "If you want the struggle of a big girl relationship I'll give you one, I had to leave Randell after two years of being together, I had to leave him standing on the shore of this beach, Rachel, had to leave her standing in the middle of the woods, tears sliding down her face."

"Victor? He was a jerk who tried to sell us into human trafficking. I left him in a jail cell. Effie? Kissed her good-by that morning in our bed, I visit her grave sometimes. You want a big girl relationship? ~ well, I can give you that, but love is not the only thing you will find on the otherside of this lake." Ava finished, teeth gritted together painfully.

Wren looked taken aback as she stood in the water, "I'm going, I want this adventure, and I don't care what you say. 'Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go!'" Wren then leapt forward into the spinning. Rebekah shouted after her as she collapsed to the ground.

"Get up!" Ava shouted as she made her way into the spinning, touching her hand to the water the memories of Randell and the castle and the king, of Meredith and fancy dresses filled her mind. She heard as the others came splashing in after her.

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