The Time Travellers Children {2}

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Charles Bukowski and Frank Sinatra.

Word Count: 907


"That's the problem with drinking if something bad happens you drink in an attempt to forget; if something good happens you drink in order to celebrate; and if nothing happens, you drink to make something happen," Ava said sloppily. The man next to her looked impressed.

"Who said that?" The man's voice was slow and deep. Ava smiled and chuckled, turning back to her drink.

"Charles Bukowski." Pulling her cup up she took a large gulp. An easy smile took over her face as she turned to the man.

He chuckled and began speaking, "Alcohol may be a man's worst enemy, but the Bible says to love your enemies." Ava's eyes went wide and she had a bewildered expression on her pale face, pushing her curls back she took another sip.

"Now Marcus, that was very well versed, and very true," A few seconds passed, "So are you going to tell me who said that?" He giggled and leaned in closer to the women.

"Me." Ava tipped her head back and laughed, shaking her head she threw him a sceptical look, "Okay maybe Frank Sinatra said that one, but I will get you someday." More laughs bubbled from Ava as she downed the rest of her drink.

"C'mon on then! Mr I steal quotes from Frank Sinatra." He downed the rest of his drink but didn't move from the stool.

He shot Ava a worried glance, "Where are we going?" The women shrugged and slapped some money on the bar, closing her purse she logged onto her phone. "What are you doing?" Looking over the top of her phone he watched as she ordered a Lyft.

"Let's go to my flat, then we can at least have free drinks." Pulling her coat from the back of the chair she pulled it over her long arms. Once she had it on she grabbed his hands and pulled him from the pub.

"So, how's the new lab treating you?" Ava asked while pulling a cigarette from her purse. The man watched as she lit it and pulled a puff from it.

"Oh, it's okay, nobody there is quite as fun as you are though." Smiling at the boy she handed him the cigarette. He smiled at her and took a drag, then passed it back. It was a cool afternoon in London and the wind ruffled the girls' curls.

A black car pulled up in front of them and rolled down its passenger window. "A Lyft for," He paused and looked at his phone, "Ava."

"Yep, that's me." Marcus and Ava proceeded to pile into the backseat of the car. The Lyft driver then began to move, following the directions given.

"How's your new undergrad?" Ava laughed and leaned her head back on the seat.

"Well, it's extremely obvious that he is an undergrad." Ava laughed and turned to the man, "I don't think I have ever had one quite as bright as you." She flashed him another smile, but didn't turn from him, just sat, looking into his eyes.

He wanted to kiss her, so, he did. Opened mouths, tounges fighting for dominance. His hands were tangled in her thick curls, keeping her lips pressed to his. Her hands held him by the waist. They both tasted of strong bourbon and cigarettes. The Lyft driver thought they were cute and minded his own business.

Like all Lyft drivers should Ava thought.

Soon they were at her Row House.

Stepping out of the car, a cool wind swept through the parking lot. Ava grabbed the boys hand and lead him up the stairs before they got there though, their lips were already back to work. Marcus pushed Ava against her door hard, knocking the breath out of her. Before anything else could happen though they were kissing again.

Digging through her bag she found her keys and shoved them into the handle. Twisting the door open, Marcus pushed her in. He broke the kiss just for a moment to kick the door closed. Of course, Ava's neighbours were used to this because she practically had a new guy over every night, Ava thought snidely.

Then Ava switched the positions.

She was kissing him and pushing him back towards the sofa. Clicking the lamp on, she pushed him roughly to the couch. Stripping off her coat and purse she slowly slid to her knees, unbuckling his pants.

Ava had thought on the reasons why she slept with so many people.

Maybe it was because of the hole that was left after loving many men who were now dead. Or the nightmares. Or maybe just for the pleasure. Or maybe it was because she was a broken person from seeing so many unforgettable things, and she couldn't talk to anyone about it, so she slept with people who wouldn't care, and wouldn't get close.

Who wouldn't want to know. It may not make sense but for Ava, if they didn't want to hear, she didn't feel obligated to think about it, or for that matter have to come up with a lie, then she could go a few hours with some sort of peace.

Whatever it was though, made her continue to sleep with pass students and older men, and women with nice tits, and a multitude of other things she had on a list of things that made people attractive to her.

But now she had to focus on her breathing or she was going to puke.

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