The Time Travellers Children {2}

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Hometown Buzz.

Word Count:692


When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn't the old home you missed, but your childhood.

-Sam Ewing.


A creek, a beer, a friend. Those were the words Eli went by nowadays. Sitting on the porch, rocking back and forth in the hot southern sun Eli thought on the meaning of those words. A creek- somewhere where you can have fun with the kids, give your wives some much needed time off. A beer- a cold one was crucial to anything having to do with Southern Missouri, you crack one open and sit around waiting for the day to end. A friend- someone to talk to about nothing in particular.

It was another calibre of slowness here in Sikeston Missouri, but that's why Eli had chosen it. Just like where he grew up.

He got a wife, an old dog, some kids, a truck, a beer, a creek, and some friends. He had fulfilled his motto in life. Smiling over his field he watched as the cows moseyed along lazily, enjoying the cooling valley. Pulling his beer to his lips he pulled a sip from it.

He knew that Rebekah, Ava, and Chairzhong had all stayed overseas.

He didn't quite know how they did it though. Sitting here now, some ways away from anywhere they had been in their travels, the memories of travelling through time, mostly falling in love and watching deaths, and wars still ran through his head. Sighing he tapped the heel of his boots to the porch.

Hearing the screen door open and close he turned to find his wife, a pitcher of something and a few glasses in her hand. His two boys were the next to come out and run into the yard. Sitting the pitcher down she hollered to the boys to be careful. Then she filled the four glasses with the cool liquid.

Handing him a glass he poured the rest of his beer into it. She then sat down beside him in another rocking chair and watched the boys play. Reaching over he grabbed her hand and held it tightly, rubbing circles into the back of it. She turned and gave him a peaceful smile.

"How was work?" She asked, taking a sip of the sweet tea in her glass.

"Fine, Martin finally quite." She beamed at him.

"Well finally, that old fart was due to leave at some point." She squeezed his hand tightly then turned to look at the boys. "Hey! Do not play with that!" The boys turned wide-eyed at their mother then dropped it. She shook her head and turned back to Eli.

"What if I grill some burgers for dinner, does that sound good?" She nodded took another sip of her drink.

"We might have to go to Wal-mart though, I'm not sure if we have buns." Eli tried to remember if they did but last week came to his head, they had made deer burgers and had eaten the last of the buns.

"Well, I'll go in a minute and get some." He ran his large fingers over her diamond, moving it up and down. "If I get the meat out before I leave will you make the burgers for me?" She nodded as he stood. Smiling he planted a kiss on her lips. "Hey!" He shouted at the boys, "I'm going to Wal-mart, do you guys want to come?" They both shook their heads and went back to playing.

Going inside he sat out the meat then went back out on the porch. Stepping off the wooden platform he told his wife he loved her then loaded up in the truck.

After dinner, the kids got baths and went to bed, Eli drew a bath for his wife then called her up. Stripping she slid into the warm water. Eli followed suit. Sitting behind his wife he kissed down her neck, holding her breasts in his hands.

She leaned back on his chest and hummed to herself. "This is nice." She mumbled into his neck. He nodded and let his hands drift further under the water to her middle. Tonight was a good night, Eli thought, hopefully nothing ever changed.

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