The Time Travellers Children {2}

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Divorce and Other Things.

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Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you.

-Rupi Kaur.


His palms were sweaty. So sweaty, in fact, he had to drag them across the front of his coat. A new coat he had gotten just for this occasion.

How had his life become so...promblematic?

He had been happy, or at least that's what he told himself. He was married, with children. He had a stable job. He lived in an ideal location, in the place he had wanted to live his whole life. Yet, here he was, signing away his happiness with his own damn name. How did he let it get this far? How had it gotten so bad?

Well, he pondered thoughtfully, it spiralled out of control right about the time he had married.

Hearing the creek of a door his head shot up. His attorney. Sighing in relief he stood to greet the man.

"Hello Brayden," The man greeted, sitting his briefcase down. "How are you today?"

Brayden laughed anxiously, "As good as anyone about to get a divorce I suppose." The man nodded solemnly then sat down in one of the many different chairs.

"I think it would be wise to go over the benefits of this divorce. You are signing over the house, your car, and all things in the house." He paused and took a sip of the water that had been poured prior to Brayden being there just for them. "The only thing you're not signing away is your rights to the children."

Brayden swallowed thickly and nodded.

"Which of course will be decided by a judge." The man added as an afterthought. "Oh and, your wife," He paused then added, "Ex-wife, has asked that you be moved out by next month." Brayden nodded stupidly once again.

A judge would decide. A person from the outside, deciding whether or not he would get to see his children. Brayden cleared his throat and tried to speak. "Um, you said a judge?" The other man turned to him and nodded.

"Normally, with two seemingly normal parents," Brayden wasn't lost on the way the other man had said word seemingly, "Someone would be set to come and observe you with the child in your home, just to see how well you work together and if you are stable enough to have the child 24/7."

Brayden sucked in a deep breath and turned from the man.

The other man thought he wasn't stable?

The door creaked open and in walked his wife, ex-wife, Brayden reminded himself solemnly, and her attorney. Both Brayden and his lawyer stood in greeting, they reached over the table and shook hands, Brayden following suit.

Brayden looked over his wife. Now ex-wife. She really was a fine specimen. She had long, dark hair that felt of silk, her large brown eyes were full of love and kindness {to everyone but him}, her body was a temple of curves and legs, she had the most amazing voice that she would use to coo their children to sleep, and, if that wasn't great already, she had a plethora of tattoos that ran up and down the lengths of each arm. Her long, slim fingers were topped with nicely painted nails.

Her intelligence though, was what had drawn Brayden to the women in the first place. She was so smart. She could outthink most people and was the second most cunning person Brayden had ever met. She was witty and down-right slimy in most situations.

She had given Brayden some of the best years in his life. Some of the best things as well. She had harboured his children, cared for both of them, and loved them with her whole being. Then, he remembered, she had, at one point, loved him as well.

That's when he realised he was the only person still standing, blushing he quickly sat down.

Then it started, the one meeting that would singlehandedly ruin his whole life.

As they began speaking of the different terms of the divorce agreements they were to make to each other, he began to drown it out, all the noise around him was overpowered by the ringing of his own ears.

Everything he had worked towards, everything he had sacrificed, everything he loved, would be thrown out the window right now.

And nothing could be done about it. He would have to live the rest of his life knowing that he let all of this go, that he did nothing to stop this woman. A woman he loved so deeply, so truly, that it was utterly stupid.

A new emotion came along now, replacing the sadness. Anger. He had put everything into this marriage, into this women. Into, what he thought, was their shared loved. Had put so much into making sure she had everything she ever needed or wanted. Making sure she was absolutely comfortable with her life with him.

Only for her to cut him so deep, down into his core. His soul. For her to throw everything, every last thing to the wind.

And now here he was, about to sign away all these things fo her.

Why? Why did God punish him? Why was nothing he did ever good enough?

"Brayden?" His attorney shouted, snapping him out of his angry stupor.

"Mmm, yes?" His wife, no, ex-wife, rolled her eyes.

"Do you agree to the terms of the divorce?" Brayden nodded then hutched over to sign the paper. After they all stood, they shook hands and left him in the room as if nothing had happened, as if this was just another Wednesday, as if he hadn't just let the most important thing in his life get away.

Maybe, he mulled, I could win her back with time. With love. Remind her why she loves me and I love her.

Quickly running out the door he caught up to her in the car garage.

"Wait, Merissa, wait!" He shouted. She turned her head but kept walking until she reached her car.

"What is it Brayden, I have a lot to do today, I need to drop off the mail and get groceries-" Before she finished Brayden had pressed his lips to hers. She screamed and pushed him away. "What are you doing?"

Brayden looked down to his feet. "Trying to win you back."

Merissa scoffed, "You can't, we're long past that." She opened her car door, "In fact, that's one of those things I hate about you, always thinking you can win and come out on top, manipulate peoples emotions to better fit you and what you want to happen."

A single tear ran down Brayden's face, "I can change, you'll see."

The women rolled her eyes, "I waited 12 years for you to change. I'm not waiting anymore." She paused and looked the man over, "I have to go, but, a word of advice, let go, you'll be happier." And with that, she got in the car and left.

How? How did she expect him to move on when the best thing he had ever had left?

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