The Time Travellers Children {2}

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Late Night Phone Calls.

Word Count:1112


Life is mysterious as well as vulgar.

-Roberto Bolano.


You know the feeling when you finally find the right spot in the bed and you get nice and warm and start to drift? Well, Ava had just found this nicely hidden sweet spot. Of course, she still had Marcus tucked into her bed, but, she could care less now that she found this spot in her bed.

Her eyes were heavy with sleep and she had just closed them, going into the ecstasy of a well-faded dream. She smiled into her pillow as Randell filled her eyes, this was a reoccurring dream of hers, Randell and her tucked into bed, wrapped in each other's arms, then, he would be gone, and red would cover the back of her eyelids. She would usually wake then, but sometimes, like tonight, the dream would go on.

She would be standing in a field, calling for him, running towards the horizon, trying to reach his fastly fading silhouette. However, she never quite caught him. He would always be finger distance away, she could feel his flowy blouse on the tips of her fingers. Could smell his sweet scent, but could never reach him in time.

Before the dream could get any further though she sat up quickly in bed, sucking in deep breaths. Her heart was racing and she had a thin layer of sweat covering her body. Sitting back against the headboard she looked to Marcus, who, thankfully, was still sleeping.

Then her phone began to ring, sending a glaring light into the room, quickly looking over she picked her phone up, looking at the caller id. It was an Unkown number. Declining quickly she sat it back down on her nightstand, fumbling around, she found her charger and plugged it in.

"Is everything okay?" Someone mumbled from beside her. Blushing she turned to look at Marcus.

"Yes, everything's fine, go back to sleep." She pushed him down back into one of the many pillows in her bed.

"Are you sure, you look as if you saw a ghost." He sat back up and leaned against the headboard, yawing.

"It was just a bad dream, I'm fine, go back to sleep. "

He chuckled and leaned over kissing her neck, "Alright." She smiled as he slipped back into her bed, covering up and sighing deeply. Laying back down she tried to go back to sleep, only her phone rang again. Cursing she pulled her phone down.

It was another Unkown caller, but, the number was different. Huffing she declined it and laid back down, gently throwing down her phone. Not two minutes later her phone rang again, throwing the covers off, she didn't even check the id, she just answered.

"Hello?" She huffed into her phone, throwing her legs over the side of the bed.

"Hello, is this Ava Coffel?" The use of her old last name caught her off guard, they all had to change their last names for legal reasons, and, for the pure benefit of their families. Inhaling sharply she began to speak again.

"Who's asking?"

The caller chuckled then quickly began speaking, "I kinda can't believe you can't tell from my voice." Ava's eyes narrowed, she didn't really have any friends here and no one, that she knew or remembered, would be offended by her not knowing their voice.

"I'm sorry but I don't kno-" Before she could finish though the person on the other end cut her off.

"This is Chairzhong Lee-Xiong, we were friends in school and we- um, we travelled through time together." The last part was said in a whisper. Ava giggled.

"I know who you are Chairzhong, I just didn't recognize your voice." Ava stood from the bed and glanced back at Marcus, who was still sleeping, then left the room. "You got married. Though...I didn't think it would be to Cheng you decided to marry." Ava pulled the door to and walked to the living room, where her robe was.

Pulling it on, she covered up her nudeness, thinking that it was polite even though Chairzhong wasn't here in person and couldn't tell over the phone that she was naked. Chairzhong giggled and began speaking, "I didn't get married to our old schoolmate, haven't even been back to Missouri."

A hint of sadness lurked there, it tugged at Ava's heart. Even though she didn't send them back in time, there was still a bit of blame, thinking maybe she had done something to trigger it. But, maybe everyone in their old freind group thought that.

"I guess I should stop running from why I called." She mumbled into the phone, sounding even more upset then she had a minute ago. "I kept a diary." Was all she said.

"Of what?" Ava chuckled, "You didn't call to tell me that you keep a journal right? You know that's not illegal, right?" She could hear Chairzhong shuffling. "What? What's wrong?"

She sighed and then began again, "I kept a diary of our travels through time, things I thought were important, how we got from time to time were documented as well." Chairzhong sniffled.

Ava laughed again, "Okay....and?"

"And, when we were moving, my children went to clean the attic where I had it hidden." She paused and swallowed thickly. "I didn't think about it, and they found it."

Ava's phone slipped from her hand, clattering to the ground loudly. Connecting the dots she began to breathe heavily. Slipping to the ground she gathered her phone and listened to Chairzhongs words.

"When we woke this morning they were gone, the diary too." She could hear Chiarzhongs words begin to waver with held in tears, "I think...I think they got ahold of everyone else's kids, I also think they are trying to figure out how to hop through time-" Chairzhong was still talking but Ava wasn't hearing a word she said.

Ava didn't want anyone else's kids to have to go through that, yet, they were actively trying to hop through time?

Ava swallowed, "Who else has kids?" She asked, cutting Chairzhong off.

She could hear Chairzhong breathing deeply, "Um, Rebekah, she has two, the eldest is 17, the second is 14. Eli has twins they are both 10. Brayden has two as well they are five and seven."

"How about you?"

She could hear that Chairzhong was crying now, "I have two, the eldest is 13, the second is eight."

Ava closed her eyes and pulled in a deep breath, "They're young, too young to have to go through that. How soon can all of us meet?"

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