The Time Travellers Children {2}

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Time Travel.

Word Count: 955


Adults are just outdated children.

-Dr. Seuss.


"I should be in charge, I am the eldest." Quipped Wren, pushing her long hair back off her shoulder. She was pretty, extremely pretty, she took after her mother Rebekah in that. She had her father's red hair and she let it get nice and long. Her features were soft yet aristocratic, and she had an air of intelligence to her.

She was thin but had nice, deep curves, her breast were large making her even more attractive. However, she was a brat.

You know those high school girls who bully others and thinks they can do everything and anything because they are good looking. Well, that was Wren. She fit the profile to a t, she dated the dumb jock, got good grades, but hid them from her equally bratty friends, and flaunted her parents' success and money.

Wren would say that she was misunderstood, but anyone else that met her would say that she was just a plain bitch.

Melanie, Chairzhongs eldest scoffed. Melanie was also very pretty, she had very pale, freckled skin, with short blonde hair. She had thick glasses perched on her nose and her bangs pulled back. She was short and thick. Melanie was also very intelligent, got flying grades and was brightest in her class. She was witty and cunning and sometimes quite mean, making her perfect for the quickly changing world of harsh men and bitchy women.

Still looking over the journal she began to speak, "You hardly act the part though, plus, this is our mum's diary. If anything Damion and I should be in charge." Someone laughed from beside them and they turned to look at Row, one of Elis twins.

"She kinda has a point." Judith, the other twin, laughed and they high-fived. Wren rolled her eyes and plopped down in one of the blue airport chairs.

A few moments passed with no sound from the unlikely posse, then, suddenly, two, screaming children ran towards the group. Wren jumped up and stood on a chair.

"Who invited those little weirdos?" Brayden's children were the youngest and the craziest, he had two boys and they were extremely young. Their names were Elton and Ronald and they were only five and seven. Making them the youngest in the whole group.

Wren, Robyn, Melanie, Damion, Row and Judith had all collective decided to not invite them, but someone went behind their backs and invited them.

Melanie looked around the group, trying to pick out the traitor. That's when she noticed the only one not cringing away from the loudness of the two was Damion. He was smiling at them and moving towards them.

Melanie grabbed her brothers arm, pulling him back towards the rest of the group, "Did you invite them?" Damion pulled his arm away from her and moved towards the two actively screaming boys.

Shushing them he began to talk, "I told you I was nervous sissy, they are my age, they like Pokemon and Bleyblades. It'll be more fun if we bring them along." Pausing he looked around to the other members of the group. "Also, it's not fair that we invited everyone else's kids from mommas old friend group and not them."

Wren rolled her eyes and stepped down from the chair. Looking over the group of kids she knew that they were doomed. They had the weird twins, the smarty pants, the softy, and the tiny children, they were going to die.

Melanie looked over everyone's bags and began thinking. She had concocted the perfect plan, they had all began talking a little over a year ago when she first found the diary, and that was all she ever planned to do, however, they set this plan in motion a few months later when Melanie overheard her parents talking about moving, that way she could conceal the finding of the diary with the move. Then they all just needed to meet up somehow.

How though? They all lived in very different places, all spread out away from each other. So, she began working to pay for them to be able to meet. She ended up working a lot to be able to afford this trip, almost 2,000 dollars altogether, of course, Wren already had a job so she could buy her and her sibling's tickets. Melanie bought hers, her brothers, the twins, and apparently Elton's and Ronald's.

They had planned to fly to Scottland where her mom and her friends first travelled to. They planned to camp in the old castle until they found the lake where they could then supposedly jump through time, that's why they had so much luggage. It really was a good plan that the adults had been blind to.

"Well, I already have plans to meet a car to drive us to the castle. I'm hoping that with my mother's diary," She pulled the diary up so everyone could see it, "That we will only have to camp for two days. We have packed plenty of food for everyone for this amount of time."

Now that was tricky. Packing food, she had to do it in little bits overtime to make sure no one caught on. Melanie caught Wren's eyes and watched as the latter rolled them. Huffing she picked up her bag.

"So, the car should be waiting, we need to do this with utmost stealth, we don't want our parents catching on until after we have jumped."

They all had different reasons for wanting to go back in time, some of them more stupid and careless than others.

"So," Melanie paused, " Andele." Then they all picked up their bags and moved from the airport.

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