The Time Travellers Children {2}

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Chasing Our Children Through Time.

Word Count:992


Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart.

-Washington Irving.


"Hello." Someone mumbled from behind Rebekah, turning she looked into Ava's eyes. Rebekah smiled and moved forward to hug her.

The girl smelt of distance cigarette smoke but her flowery perfume covered it up nicely. Her hands were clasped in front of her, holding her leather bag below her hips, the vintage pumps she wore gave her a couple of much-needed inches, and her dark brown bob was straightened and tucked under her ears. Her purple raincoat still had rain speckled on it, and the short dress she was wearing underneath was still crisp and clean despite the long flight.

The dark makeup Ava wore gave her the appearance of someone very important, which is why, Rebekah thought, the other girl wore it.

Rebekah chuckled, "I feel underdressed." She trailed her hands over her soft tee-shirt that pictured Nico Di Angelo, Percy Jackson, and Jason Grace that read 'The Little Big Three'. Her high-rise mom jeans had factory-made holes in them and were acid-washed and rolled at the ankles. Her peach coloured Converse were perfectly clean and looked nice on her tiny feet. Her long blonde hair was tied up high and had sweet little curls in it. Her thick-framed glasses sat on the end of her freckled nose, and she had no make-up on. She also had a backpack slung over one shoulder that had all sorts of different enamel pins stuck to it.

"No such thing," Ava smirked, looking over the other girl. She looked good in what she was wearing and very much comfortable, just like Ava was in her black-tie attire.

"Wow, I didn't think I was that short, but, now I'm thinking otherwise." They both spun to see Chairzhong standing awkwardly behind them, looking down to her feet. She had a high-waisted dark green coloured pleated skirt on, with turtle shell buttons running down the front. Her black shirt read 'The Future is Female' the lettering coloured in the same green. Her chunky black Converse were a bit muddy but also very nice. Her dark hair was pulled up off her shoulders and back in two space buns on either side of her head. She had make-up on that stuck with the same green colour, and a small smile on her face. She had a large Fjall Raven backpack at her feet that was a mustard yellow colour, it also had enamel pins stuck to the face of it.

Rebekah bustled forward and took the small girl into her arms. Ava smiled but kept her distance until Rebekah was done, she then took her turn hugging the girl. They pulled apart and stood in awkward silence, the 13-year gap dancing between them dangerously.

Ava shifted her weight and clicked her tongue, moving her hands, and consequently her bag, behind her.

"Why are you guys so overdressed?~ we were on a plane for five hours." They all looked over at Eli who was already moving to sit in a blue airport chair.

He was wearing dark blue jeans that looked new, no stains insight, and a teeshirt that said 'Farm Fresh' on the front. His old cowboy boots were covered in dry-mud and he wore a very old hat that read 'Trump 2019' on the face. He raked a hand through his beard, flattening it down. Taking off his hat, he placed it on the top of the backpack he had sitting in the seat next to him.

"You have always been a simple man Eli." Rebekah chirped, moving to sit across from him, the two other girls following close behind.

He shrugged and pulled a pack of chew from his bag. Opening the lid he pulled a bunch from it and shoved it in his mouth.

"Thay allow tobacco products threw security?" Chairzhong asked with a raised eyebrow, watching Eli as he sucked.

Ava nodded and pulled a couple of packs of cigarettes from inside her bag, "Oddly enough, there are no restrictions on tobacco products, chew, cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco and more products are allowed on your person or in your luggage, of course, you can't just light one up on the plane, but you can carry them with you." Ava paused and stood, brushing her hands over her dress, she grabbed her phone and wallet, "I'm going to go for a smoke, anyone want to come?" Everyone else shook their heads so she turned to begin walking.

"You couldn't bring a lighter though, could you?" Everyone snapped their heads up to look at Brayden. He smiled at the group and moved to hug everyone. Ava being last. They had been on shaky terms the last time they had spoken, but, Brayden was determined to put that behind them.

"Yes, I could bring a lighter, but it has to be a Zippo, and I had to keep it one me at all times." She reached into her raincoat and pulled a sleek black lighter from an inside pocket. "You can only carry one though." Ava hugged the man then pulled away to look over him.

The man was wearing light joggers that went tight at the ankles, he had a dark blue shirt on that said 'The Dadalorian- This is the Way'. He wore grey canvas dock shoes and had a windbreaker style black jacket pulled over his shirt. His phone hung dangerously out of his coat pocket, pulling his vape pen with it. His hair was cut short on the sides but left long and loose on the top. He toted a Cordura duffle bag that was grey and black and wore a huge smile.

"Well, I would have very much enjoyed this meeting if it wasn't chasing our children through time." Brayden remarked.

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