Moon Shadows

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Aria was just a normal girl - or so she thought. On the night of her 21st birthday, everything changes and she is whisked away into a dark world of werewolves, witches and ... him. He is everything she has always desired but everything she has always feared.

Fantasy / Romance
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Aria groaned and forced open her tired eyes to peer at the alarm clock. After bargaining with herself to skip applying any makeup in exchange for ten more minutes of sleep, she pressed the snooze button and rolled over, closing her eyes.

"Wake up, wake up!" A shrill, excitable voice shouted in her ear, making Aria jump.

"You can't sleep in, it's your BIRTHDAY! Look I brought you cake for breakfast!"

Eyes still closed, Aria smiled.

"Thanks, Harps". She sat up, looking at the eager face of Harper, her best friend and roommate. Harper was bouncing up and down on her bed, a badly concealed present hidden behind her back.

"You're like a child, Harps. It's just a birthday" Aria said. She hadn't been very excited for her birthday since... well since it happened. Pushing that sad thought to one side she picked up the cake by her bedside and took a big bite. Mmm chocolate.

"Here, open it!" Harper thrust the present into Aria's hands, nearly making her drop the cake. Aria could almost feel the excitement exuding from her friend. She tore off the wrapping paper, finding a small velvet box. She opened it to see a gorgeous silver necklace; a delicate chain with a shining crescent moon hanging off of it. It was perfect.

"It's beautiful! I love it! Thanks Harper." she gushed, enveloping her in a big hug.

"As soon as I saw it, I knew it was you! I always catch you looking at the moon, now you can see it whenever you like!"

Harper was right; the moon held a great fascination for Aria. It captivated her. She never felt closer to her mother than when she looked at the moon.

"Right birthday girl, get dressed! I've got a whole day planned and we're already ten minutes behind schedule! Chop chop!"

And with that, she whisked out of the room, leaving Aria to wonder how she got so lucky to have found such a wonderful (if not hyper organised) friend.

"Okay Harps, I'm done! I can't shop any more!" Aria collapsed down on bench in the shopping centre, surrounded by bags from at least twelve shops. Harper sat down next to her, casting a proud eye over their many purchased.

"Probably a good idea, not sure my credit card could take another hit and survive!" Harper said with a grin while checking her watch. "Perfect timing too! We just have enough time to get ready for tonight!"

"Tonight?!" Gasped Aria, "there's more?!". Truth be told she was exhausted. They had been out all day and her feet were getting tired. She clearly didn't have the stamina for shopping that Harper did.

"Of course! It's not every day your best friend turns 21! I can't let that pass without taking her for a cocktail... or six!"

Aria grimaced. Harper was a hard core party girl and had been trying to drag Aria out with her since she moved in two years ago.

Aria had been so shy then. Years of being in the foster system, bouncing between homes made her retreat into herself. When she got a job at a local restaurant at the age of 18, she met the charismatic Harper who had slowly drawn her out of her shell. Now, after years of grinding her down, it looks like Harper had finally gotten her wish of taking her on a night out on the town!

The friends went back to their cosy apartment that was just on the outskirts of the city. The next hour was spent plucking, scrubbing and painting themselves to look glamorous. Aria put on her favourite skinny jeans and a new black lace top, paired with some killer black heals she borrowed from Harper.

"Damn girl!!!! You look hot!" Harper hollered, strutting into the living room in a tight red dress that hugged her curves.

"Ditto girl!" Said Aria, admiring her best friend's beauty.

"Let's go!"

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