Moon Shadows

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Forest Bar was a lively place, so named for its close proximity to the dense forest that surrounded the east side of the city. Despite being on the city outskirts, the bar drew a large crowd every night and was well known for its excellent cocktails.

Aria and Harper walked in arm in arm, heading straight for the bar. The weaved through the throng of people to the front and Harper began ordering.

Standing at the bar, Aria began to feel a strange presence - like she was being watched. Glancing round, her eyes locked with a pair of deep caramel brown eyes across the bar. Aria inhaled sharply, unable to break the contact.

The eyes belonged to a tall man, easily 6ft4, standing amongst a group of men across the bar from her. He had a strong face with a sharp jaw. A long, straight nose lay above perfect lips. His tousled brown hair fell slightly over his forehead and looked windswept, as though he had run here. But those eyes... they drew her in. They seemed to change colour from a dark caramel to a burning orange. They looked like fire, burning into her own. The man was staring back at her intensely. His mouth opened slightly, and it looked as though he muttered something she was unable to hear.

Harper dug her elbow in to Aria's side and she suddenly realised she was still staring at the beautiful man. She blushed and looked down, taking the drink that Harper passed her.

"What's up, Ari? You've gone red as a tomato?" Said Harper, glancing round for the source of Aria's embarrassment.

"Him! The guy by the bar, he's staring at me."

"What guy?"

"Brown hair, pretty intense... absolutely gorgeous!" Said Aria, still not looking up.

"I see only one gorgeous man... And he is blonde" Harper winked at the sandy haired barman.

Aria looked up and glanced around, searching for those burning eyes once more. Her heart dropped when she couldn't find him. He had left, leaving behind the group of four muscled men he came with.

Trying to push the mystery man out of her mind, Aria followed Harper to the dance floor. She vowed to eradicate all thought of him with copious cocktails and dancing.

An hour or so later, Harper was chatting to the blonde barman. Aria wanted some fresh air. She excused herself, leaving the occupied Harper to her business and stepped outside the bar. She headed over to a bench across the road that over looked the beautiful forest and looked up at the night sky. The moon seemed bigger and brighter than ever and she gazed into it.

"You shouldn't be out here alone." Said a deep, smooth voice.

Aria gasped. She had been so entranced that she didn't notice the man approach her.

It was Him.

Luke's POV

"Come on mate! You never go out! Just one night, put the pack aside and have some fun! You're only 26 for goddess sake!"

The please came from Jamie, his Beta And best friend since they were pups. For a big guy, Jamie sure knew how to put on a puppy dog face.

"Fine. I'll come for an hour." Luke conceded. Things with his pack had been stressful lately what with the tension with the neighbouring Blue Moon Pack. Maybe an evening off would do him good, ruling without a Luna was hard work.

Luke was alpha of the Red Moon Pack, the strongest pack for miles. However, this strength had draw backs. The pack had vast lands to protect and neighbouring packs were jealous of his power. Their biggest rival was the Blue Moon Pack whose alpha, Paul, had recently taken over from his father and was eager to prove himself by taking some of the Red Moon Pack's strength.

"We'll go to the Forest Bar. That way we can run there, and be back in ten minutes if we need to." Said Jamie, hardly containing his excitement for succeeding in getting his workaholic alpha to finally take a break.

"Fine. Let's go." Said Luke. Together, they let their wolves take over, transforming into magnificent beasts. Luke's wolf was the biggest. At least 7ft tall with silky black fur. Jamie stood a little shorter and was iron grey in colour. They trotted over to three other wolves who were waiting for them.

In this form, it took less that ten minutes to run the twelve mile journey towards the city. Just before the Forest limits, the men transformed back to their human selves and walked into the bar.

As soon as Luke entered Forest Bar, he was hit by a strange scent. It smelled like roses, fresh bread and summer evenings all in one. He had never smelled it before, yet it seemed familiar to him. The wolf inside him seemed to be on high alert.

He looked around the room, searching for the strange scent. Suddenly, his eyes fell upon the most beautiful pair of eyes he had ever seen. They were a deep green, like two emeralds sparkling from across the bar. The girl was beautiful. Her heart shaped face was framed by long, dark locks of hair which flowed down her back. Her rosy lips were full and soft, she bit down on them nervously while staring back into his eyes.

"Mate" he whispered unconsciously. Some part of him knew that she was the one. The one the moon goddess had designed to fit him perfectly. The one he had searched for all his life without realising it.

After what seemed an eternity gazing each other's eyes, the girl looked down, blood filling her cheeks. He took a deep breath, overwhelmed by the connection he had just felt. He needed air. Excusing himself from Jamie and the guys, Luke rushed outside, gasping in the fresh air.

He strode over to the dense line of trees. Pacing back and forth, trying to take in what he had just experienced. Most wolves meet their destined mate at eighteen years old. At twenty-six, Luke had almost given up the search, assuming the Moon Goddess had meant for him to lead alone.

No matter what, he could not stop his mind from wandering back to those green eyes, those soft lips. The wolf part of him was on high alert, pulling him back to see her again. He gave in, walking back towards the bar.

Suddenly, the scent hit him again. He breathed deeply, looking around for her. She was sat on the bench opposite the bar. Staring up at the moon, the silver reflecting in her eyes, giving her a magical aura.

He breathed in deeply as he approached. He smelled the roses, the summer breeze... but he didn't smell the wolf. This beautiful girl, his fated mate, wasn't a wolf. But she wasn't human either. Her scent was something different, something that drew him in, mysterious and intoxicating.

He had to meet her. To hear her voice... know her name. He walked over and said:

"You shouldn't be out here alone."

I hope you're enjoying the story so far! It's the first one I've written so I'd appreciate any comments!

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