The Eldian Tales

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Sebastian Graymor, a 15 year old boy, finds himself not only in a new world that is being ruled by an evil king, but also chosen by the god of light himself, Apollo. In his journey to defeat the evil King and go back to his world, Sebastain befriends many allies; one of them being his rival, and best friend Xeno Fishman. In a world where people have magic called Divine Power, Will Sebastian be able to defeat the king with the help of his friends? Or will he be trapped in this new world forever?

Fantasy / Adventure
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“Boom!” my heart sinks as a loud noise approaches my ears. I could pinpoint the location of the noise, it was coming from my backyard. Sweat started dripping down my forehead, and my breathing grew heavily. Normally, I wouldn’t be scared but seeing as though I was home alone I started fearing for my life. What frightened me the most was the fact that I lived in a quiet and calm neighborhood with my family. Never in my life had I once seen anything bad happen in my neighborhood, so hearing a loud noise coming from right outside of my house shocked me to my core. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that a serial killer in my city apparently escaped prison recently. “Oh man!” I thought to myself after scaring myself even more now. Oh right you guys don’t even know who I am. Sorry about that, well this story I am about to share is a crazy one. I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t believe me. Frankly, at first I thought it was a dream, and I kind of wished it was. Well, let me introduce myself first, my name is Sebastian Graymor and this is my divine story. Literally by Divine I mean Divine well let’s go back to the story now that the introduction is over. So going back to where we left off. “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT,” I thought to myself. As scared as I was, I built my courage up to head outside. While going down the stairs, I grabbed my phone and hurried towards the kitchen as I was going to use the backdoor. I slowly opened the door and to my surprise, there was no one outside but I could still hear the echoes of the booming sound. I inhaled deeply, and started walking around when suddenly a bright light appeared in front of me. I was shaking but I wasn’t afraid. In fact, the light was very warm.

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