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The Eldian Tales

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The New Beginning

“Uggghh!” I moaned, slowly opening my eyes. “Was I asleep,” I questioned myself. My body ached in pain but I managed to get up. I looked around, and grass and trees surrounded me. “I must be dreaming.” I thought, twitching my eyes. Again, all I saw was grass and trees. “Where am I!” I muttered, panicking. Suddenly the beam of light appeared in front of me again. “You are my user? what a disappointment,” spoke the Light. I looked around confused, I could hear a voice but I failed to see where it was coming from. “Alright.. this has to be a dream.” I thought to myself as a strange voice spoke, that could not be seen by me. But it felt so real. “ Ahh, I see you must be confused,″ spoke the strange ghost voice again. “What’s to be confused about, this is a dream after all.” I declared proudly. “Hahaha! You really are dumb aren’t you,” said the ghostly voice again. “Well that is the only explanation for what is happening.” I said to it. “Haha, if you think this is a dream then why don’t you pinch yourself” proclaimed the voice. “So, I am not dreaming,” I muttered to myself after pinching my skin. “Where am I then?” I asked. “The world of Eldia, in what you might call a parallel universe,” replied the voice. “Oh yeah, by the way I am your divine source the God Of Light, Apollo.” continued the ghostly voice. “Divine source?” I asked, tilting my head in confusion. “How should I put it, well in short I am your power,” said Apollo. “My what?” I asked. “Alright, so in this world there is magic that people can access power through contracts with higher magical beings. You were brought into this world because of a powerful being who got a little angry and accidentally created a rift in space. I am the god Apollo and I will be your familiar” replied Apollo in a calm tone. “Now say Light sword while sticking your hand out but make sure to imagine this sword appearing in your hand” continued Apollo. “Umm sure,” I replied, hesitantly doing exactly what he told me to do. My eyes grew wide and to my surprise a sword made out of dim light magically formed in my hand. “As you can see this is not a dream,” said Apollo. “Wait so you’re telling me that I’ve been transported to a magical world, haha. I’ve seen this in anime, so I’m like the most op person ever.” “Quite the opposite, actually you are one of the weakest.” Replied Apollo. “Well you see, you are chosen by me, but you are very weak so you can’t really control my powers. The best you can do is create a sword,” continued Apollo. “Oh o-″ before I could finish my sentence, Apollo yelled, “WATCH OUT!” Before I knew what was happening, I had already been hit by a fireball. “Who are you?” I heard a strange voice ask. Before I could answer, I saw another fireball coming my way. “LIGHT SWORD!” I yelled. As the fireball came closer I jumped and slashed it in half, the attack was so powerful so I was still damaged in the process. I somehow managed to get up and dodge the next fireball before it hit.

“You can’t defeat him, RUN CHILD!” Yelled Apollo. Before I could move my legs, two fireballs came charging at me. “Ahhhh!” I yelled. I somehow managed to slice one but the other one was a direct hit. Panting and hurt, I layed on the ground. I slowly tried to get up but I was too injured. “You are defeated,” I heard a voice say, and slowly a boy with a dragon behind him emerged from all the smoke that was created from the fire attacks. “Who are you?” I crooked. “I am Xeno Fishman, and I am a freedom fighter. I am going to fight the evil king and beat him.” “Are you one of his soldiers?” Asked Xeno, glaring down at me. “Who- who are you talking about,” I muttered trying to catch my breath. “Stop Lying!” Yelled Xeno, getting ready to attack me with another fireball. “Wait Stop Xeno,” I heard the dragon shout. “He is chosen by Apollo, don’t attack him. He can help us beat the king.” Continued the dragon. “Listen to the dragon, boy” I heard Apollo say. “It - it can’t be..you were chosen by a god. But-but you are so weak,” Xeno exclaimed. “The king.. who is he,″ I asked ,barely managing to get on my feet. “He is a tyrant who has ruled over Eldia for years. He is ruthless and all those who dared to go up against him have died. My dad went up against him and well he died. That’s why I am trying to beat the King even if it costs me my life.” Xeno said, hiding his tears. “Xeno I am so sorry,” I muttered not knowing what to say. “It’s ok, it wasn’t you who did it. Oh and sorry for attacking you let me heal you with my flames.” Said Xeno. “You can heal m-,” before I could finish my sentence I was covered with flames but rather than getting hurt I was being healed. Within a few seconds all my wounds were healed. I told Xeno everything about me and how I came to this world. “Wow well the only way you can go back to your world is by beating the king,” Said Xeno after hearing my story. “Beating him, but I am so weak,” I said. “Come with me I can train you, and until you are strong enough to use Apollo we should be strong enough to beat the king,” replied Xeno. “Go on boy,” Said Apollo. “Very well Xeno,” I say as my stomach growls. “Seems like you are hungry, let’s go eat something,” Said Xeno as we made our way to the village, in the distance.

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