The Alpha's queen

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An Omega and an Alpha both loss their mates and are forced to mate so the Omega can be the Luna of the Black moon pack

Fantasy / Romance
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A story about two wolves, one not able to love after losing his mate, and one too sad to care about love after losing his.


Miles Jonas
Miles Jonas is an Omega werewolf, 20 years old and deeply broken by his loss of his mate, Leroy Beck. He worked as an assistant for a CEO, but stopped and returned back to his pack some months after the accident. When his pack gets visited by the most powerful and rude pack of the world, he finds out his own Alpha made a promise with the former Alpha of the big pack to give them an Omega when his son doesn't have a Luna yet. And Miles Jonas is that Omega.

Ethan Black
Ethan Black is an Alpha werewolf, 22 years old, and grown cold by the loss of his mate 5 years ago. He rules over the biggest, strongest pack in the world and claims to be doing fine. His father made a deal with the Alpha of the Stray pack that when Ethan doesn't have a good Luna when needed, the Alpha of the Stray pack will give them an Omega from their pack in trade for safety. Ethan is not one with the idea, but how could you say no to your own little Omega?


! Mature content; violence; vulgar language; abuse; 18+ scenes ( smut ), dark themes

! Fantasy; mysterious creatures; Omegaverse ( men pregnancy ), note that this IS a FANTASY book and things that are normally impossible will be possible here.

! Gay romance; top Ethan and bottom Miles

! Maybe famous idols; side ships

! This story is all mine, maybe there will be edits and those aren't mine so credits to the rightful owner.

! You must enjoy :)

Have fun guys
xx Ally

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