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Cold. Wet. Dark. Hungry. Alone. I laid there as the harsh droplets of the rain pounded onto my naked and muddy body. I could see each breath I took came out as clear as day because of the low temperatures. I felt as if I was drowning; frantically trying to come up for air. My body felt weak and so very heavy. The muscles inside inside my flesh refused to obey. I had nothing to give me the strength to get up. Get up. The voice spoke. Tears began to stream from the sides of my face, however, it was of no use when the rain only washed them away. How did it even come to this? How did I end up in such a situation? You need to get the fuck up or you'll die here. The voice demanded more harshly. It was right. I did need get my ass up... But I couldn't. It's as if my body was frozen in time and I would forever be its prisoner. This wasn't how I imagined dying. I was a warrior, the strongest among many of my kind, and yet my body had a mind of its own and refused to be obedient. My eyes feel heavy. I feel heavy, so very very tired. I was drowning deeper and deeper into the depths of the unknown. How dramatic it seemed. It's so real that it's unreal. It was fun while it lasted. The voice in my head spoke again. I managed to make a small smile. "It was, wasn't it," my hoarse voice spoke back, finally closing my eyes, and let the abyss of the unknown consume me.

Fantasy / Romance
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Author's Note

Well hello fellow readers,

I guess this another one of your basic werewolf romance stories. So if you love that type of shit, well, you in fact came to the right damn place.

PSA: I tend to curse a lot, so you've now been warned.

PSA 2: I'm working on it, lol...

Anyway, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to waste at least a few minutes of your precious time to read the annoying crap that i'm spatting. Don't worry, there's so much more of this bs to come.

Continuing, I've written maybe 2 stories before on Wattpad an have never finished them..

Yep, i'm THAT writer. Well not technically a writer but I am THAT person that has a hard time finishing things, and writing stories happens to be one of them.

Apologies in advance.

However, I've once again found the inspiration to write again, and I believe the last time I wrote was in's 2019 now, haha.

So to be frank, I guess I'm going to shoot to at LEAST finish this story, even if it takes me the entire damn year to do so.

And I'm going to be honest, it's going to be hard as hell (ya'll I'm really not trying to drop an F bomb in this note and "offend" anyone, cuz apparently everyone hasn't finished being offended since 2018 quite just yet).

Rolling my eyes so far in the back of my head as we speak.

So now that I'm nearing the final piece of this author's note, I just wanna let ya'll (a favorite word of mine besides "OPE" in the bad) know to really bare with me. Cuz college is rough as heck.

Finally, we've reached the end of my rambling..

I just wanna let ya'll readers know that I'm really appreciative to those who will (or wont) read my story, and I'm to the G O D that you guys will like it and continue to stick along with me on this adventure.

Thanks for tuning in folks.

PSA 3: It's currently 12:15 am and I have to be up by 7am. Lol, love that for me. Goodnight ya'll.


BTW this was written LAST YEAR. I originally started on Wattpad, but decided I would add “Artemis” to Inkitt. So here we are!

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