The boy who cried vampire

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Andrew is just a normal highschool boy, he doesn’t really get along with people, and only has one friend, but then his life took a twist when he met a vampire

Fantasy / Romance
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The Beginning

It was 7:00 am, When my alarm bell ringed furiously.

”I hear you dammit.” I said feeling weary.

I turned the alarm bell off, sat up, and started walking to the bathroom, yawning and scratching my head. As I got into the bathroom I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror. My short, light brown hair, was all over my head I couldn't help bursting into laughter.

”I look like shit.” I said while wiping tears from my eyes.

I reached my hand into the shower, and I slowly turn the water faucet toward me, the water starts furiously coming down. I took my clothes off and threw them into the hamper in the corner of the room.I started to watch the hot, steaming, water pour down, and couldn’t help but think of the day that was ahead of me.

“One more year, and I’ll finally be free from these assholes.” I thought to myself.

As I got into the water I felt the warm, hot, steaming, water hit my skin. It felt nice, I loved the water for as long as I could remember. It had been my safe space for a long time. If I was upset, worried, or anxious, I would go to the water.

”I miss my hometown.” I sighed.

As I washed up I started thinking about my future and what I wanted to do with it. I haven’t given it a thought lately. I always thought it would find me when I was ready to pursue it, but college is coming up and I don't have much time. I shook my head furiously.

“Don’t think about it Andrew”.

I rinsed off and got out of the shower, I grabbed the nearest towel and wrapped it around my hips. I walked toward the dresser and opened it and scanned the clothes that were in the dresser. I grabbed a random pair of shirt and pants and put it on. Then I hear my mom yell from downstairs.

“Andrew! Get down here before you miss the bus!”. She yelled

“I’m coming!”. I said as I started sprinting downstairs.

As I sprinted downstairs I see a my mom with long brown hair, the same as mine. I walked toward her and kissed her cheek.

“I’m sorry mom”.

“It’s ok.” She said.

“sit down and eat breakfast.”She said sounding irritated.

“I’m not hungry, I’m just going to head out to the bus”. I said calmly

“Fine, but grab your lunch money on the table.” She said as she was steering pancake batter for breakfast.

“Thanks mom, see you later.” I said as I grabbed my backpack.

“I’m going to be home late so you’ll have to pick up your brother.”

“Ok mom.” I said as I rolled my eyes in annoyance and headed out the door.

As I arrived to the bus stop, I put my earphones on and turned on some music. I shoved my lunch money in my pocket and waited for the bus to arrive. I closed my eyes and started thinking.

“Is it too late to drop out.” I whined.

I looked up and saw the bus coming down the street. It slowly got closer and closer until it pulled up in front of me. I walked on to the bus and nervously looked around for a empty seat until I saw my bestfriend wave for me to come over. So I walked over and sat next to her.

“How was your weekend Andrew?” She said.

“The usual Sabrina.” I said as I laid my head on her shoulder.

“Missed me?” She smirked.

“Not really.” I say trying not to laugh.

“But I’m your only friend!” She said angrily.

“Are not!” I sat up and yelled.

“Are too!” she yelled.

“Only a little.” I mumbled.

“What was that?”

“I can’t here you.” She smiled.

“Don’t make me take it back!” I said while rolling my eyes.

“Keep rolling your eyes, and you’ll find something back there.” She said.

“Whatever dork.” I said as I pushed her head to the side.

“Wanna come over today?”

“Yeah, let me just ask my mom.” Sabrina said.

“I have to watch my little brother today.” I said feeling irritated.

“Let me guess, your moms busy again?” She said.

“Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!” I shouted.

Before I knew it we had arrived at school.

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