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Unit 19: the missing

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Emilia and her family is under a lot of pressure from the past and present. While trying to hide their background, they have to fight to make sure the others are safe.

Fantasy / Drama
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April 15, 2013…

Emilia was only 11 at that time. News has spread throughout her neighborhood about missing kids coming up dead. As she’s playing with her family dog, she would hear her mother yell at Abel for some reason. As she continued playing, she heard something as she looked around. Apollo looked around and then saw something as it got up and walked towards what it saw.

“Apollo, wait” she said, getting up and following him out the backdoor and towards the woods. As they continued, Emilia looked around as she started getting a bad feeling as there were movements.

“Okay, Apollo let's go home”

The dog heard something as he turned his head sharply to the right as he ran towards that direction.

As she saw him running, she ran after him as she kept hearing more footsteps. This time, she started hearing chants as she stopped and grabbed Apollo quickly since he is still a puppy. She watched as she saw hooded figures standing or sitting in a circle, chanting something. She stayed there so if she did move, she wouldn’t make any sound.

Apollo started growling as he ran off towards the group as she went to run after him. One of the hooded figures grabs her as she notices their eyes are red, but the rest of their face is hidden by a mask.

“What are you doing here?” They commanded as she’s lost with words. She tries to form words as the person yells at her to say what she needs to say.

“Now!” They commanded as they seemed to be angry now. The others are looking at her as her lip begins to quiver as tears start falling down her cheeks.

“Let go of her. He’s gonna notice us around”

“Doesn’t matter, his family needs to pay” the person says as she looks at the other person talking. They seemed to be a bit younger than the person who is holding her.

“I know. But it doesn’t matter anyways”

Emilia senses someone around as the hooded figures start turning their heads as she hears movement.

“Let go of her” a familiar voice says the person holding Emilia puts her down. A young man with long dark red hair which is braided as pieces of hair cover ocean blue eyes as he’s wearing a dark tan coat with dress pants tucked in some kind of boots.

“Well if it isn’t Noah Lee. I didn’t expect you to be around here” the person says as they walk towards the young man.

“What were you doing here?” He asked as he has one of his hands on the sword that is held against his back.

“You know your family is going to pay”

“But what does my niece have to do with any of this?”

The person takes out a sword as they swing it towards his head.

Noah blocks as his sword is between his face and the sword of the other persons.

“Well, maybe if she didn’t come across here, she wouldn’t be in this situation”

“Doesn’t matter, she’s a child”

The two begin fighting as she stands there, not sure if she should run to grab her father or try to help protect her uncle.

“Emilia, go and get your father”

As she listens to her uncle, she begins to run back to her house, but another hooded figure grabs her arm and swings her around as they face each other.

“You shouldn’t have come across here” they say as they let go and push her away as flames appear around the group and her uncle. She stands there for a sec as she turns and runs towards the direction to her house as she feels a pair of arms pick her up.

“Calm down, it’s just me” her brother says as she looks at him with teary eyes.

“Also don’t worry, dad is gonna help once he gets back home”

She leans her head against his shoulder as tears roll down the side of her face.

She feels him pat her back as she hears yelling.

“Mom, calm down. She’s okay”

“Abel, who was there?”

“Dunno, just say a group with uncle Noah as a circle of fire surrounded them.”

The mother sighs as they head inside their house and head to the kitchen. They hear the door open and close as the father appears and puts something down and heads towards where his brother is.

Abel puts her down into one of the seats at their kitchen table.

He has chestnut hair that is shoulder length as he has mint green eyes. He’s wearing glasses that he uses for reading or school.

As he’s 3 years older than her, he would be the one to help with things that she won’t be able to do, like walking back from school without their parents walking them there.

“Lucille, we need to talk after we eat,” the father said as he opened the door with his brother behind him.

“Okay. But what was that about?”

“A group that my family used to be associated with”

“Right” she says a bit quietly as he knows that it still hurts her from what they caused to her kind.

He sighs as he wraps his arms around her as she lays her head on his shoulder.

“Jack, I’m gonna met adrian at the station”


Noah leaves through the front door as Abel hands his sister a hair tie.

“Also don’t worry, it’s not your fault Emilia” her father says as she looks up at him. Apollo walks in through the doggy door as it sits beside her and lays on the ground.

“What will happen though?”

“Nothing really. There’s no worries”

They hear footsteps as Joel appears with bed hair from resting. Joel has dark red hair that is

“Hey there”

“Hey, what’s for dinner?” He asked as he rubbed his eyes.

“Mmm, not sure actually”

“Okay, oh by the way I had a vision”

Their parents looked at him as he sat next to his sister.

“What did you see?”

“Mmm it was a bit shaky. Still trying to master this ability”

“That’s okay, you’re still young and developing your abilities” the father said in understanding.

He nodded as he looked at his siblings.

“What happened?”

“Nothing much really”

The phone rings as the father picks it up and puts it to his ear.

The others are quiet as he furrows his brows as he sighs, he hangs up.

“What’s wrong?”

“Another kid”

The mother separates as she heads to one of the drawers as she is going through some papers.

“What are you looking for?” Abel asked as he walked towards her.

“A menu. For tonight we’re gonna eat takeout since it is a bit late” she said as she kept looking. Emilia turns to look at Joel who is looking at the table.


“Hm?” He said as he looked up.

“What was your vision?”

“I can’t say here since it only applies to mom and dad”

He looks to see if they heard, but luckily they didn’t.

“Oh, maybe later you can tell me”

“Okay, also do you recognize any of these people?” He asked as he took the tablet out and showed her a picture of the hooded figures. She nods as he puts it away and Apollo gets up and heads to the water bowl.

“Also, dad is in big trouble in the future” he says as he looks at his father with pity.


“Some group is gonna do something that can cost his life or ours”

She frowns at the thought as the father puts the phone down and helps the other two find whatever menu the mother wants.

“What is the place?” Abel asked as he noticed one and grabbed it.

“That’s the one” the mother said as she looked at it.

Emilia and Joel walk over as the family looks at the menu.

Once they figured out what they wanted to eat, the children went into the living room as the mother and father were talking to each other.

“What happened while you went to the woods?” Lucille asked as she got a glass and filled it up with water.

“Well Noah has most of them knocked out. Though there was one, that seemed a bit too young to be part of that group”

“Can you guess the age?”

“Probably around Emilia’s age”

Jack went towards his wife as he wraps his arms around her, placing his head on top of hers.

“The children can be in danger since the group appeared”

“I know. But I’ve been busy and I can’t be around to help them train much”

“Maybe one of your brothers can help”

“I mean I don’t know about their schedule. Plus Noah isn’t here long since it for his job, he needs to travel a lot”

While they were waiting for the food to come, Jack went to their bedroom to change out of his work clothes.

Lucille can hear her children arguing over something small as she slightly gave herself a small smile.

She sighs as she looks out the window as she remembers when she was younger and her brother was still alive. She was abandoned by her parents, so her brother decided to raise her even though he was really young.

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