The Last Line of Defense

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When the time comes that stars begin to fall, the guilty shall mark the end of prosperity and bring forth the silence. It shall be then, a light shall shine on an act of greed, and only then will the key to salvation be brought forth. The chosen soul of each realm will step forward, and presume their duty as the saviors of their people. ************************************ Seven complete strangers must come together selflessly to save the only world they have known. As The Silence looms over them, will these teens be able to overcome their differences and trust one another? Or will the world fall into despair and chaos?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Coming soon!! (Like in two weeks)

Hi!. This is so exciting. This is the third book I'll be publishing on here (I've archived the previous two as they were made during my "one direction fanfiction" phase.) and I think this one is going to be really good. If you enjoy a good bit of action, adventure, romance 😏, and humor please make sure to add this to your library. You won't be disappointed. Updates will be fairly regular and I'll be trying to update at a minimum of once a week. They might not always be on the same day but I'm aiming for Friday's or Saturday's.

But without further ado, I present to you the prologue of The Last Line of Defense.


"Order! Order in the council! Order I say!" Councilmember Titanre of Hawa attempts to say over the murmurs of the council. "Now, I have called upon you all to discuss a matter of great urgency. Barely a fortnight ago a small agricultural island of Hawa suddenly fell from its place in the sky. We are truly lucky that it occurred during the night and there was no one on it."

As this information was released to the council, all the members had varying reactions. While one gasped and seemed to forget she was surrounded by others, another went silent and his eyebrows came closer and closer, almost touching.

Eventually they all settled into a silence, no one wanting to speak a word for fear of retribution. Glancing around, the council all expressed their worry.

"The kingdom of Zalam has been exposed to clear sunlight for the first time since before the mist settled. Many of our citizens worry. What shall we tell them?" Councilmember Roniar of the kingdom of Darkness, was the first to break the silence.

Again, silence.

Upon understanding that there will not be an answer to the question yet, the remaining four councilmembers begin to explain the strange occurrences within their kingdoms.

The kingdom of Jur saw water levels falling, to the point where the tip of a sunken ship could be seen below the waterline. Half of the kingdom of water was located underwater, with most of their

The earth kingdom of Yerkir had been on the receiving end of constant earthquakes and landslides for weeks now. Whole towns had been flattened and thousands were forced to move as a result.

Krak had experienced geysers of water instead of the ever-present lava, something that had never happened in that land. While these geysers did not cause harm in the barren Tundra of the kingdom of fire, it was not a normal occurrence in any way.

And finally, the most worrying of the issues, the kingdom of Luys had begun to notice shadows forming where it was impossible. All of the other issues could have physical explanations to them but shadows forming under direct sunlight was a sign of an outside force acting upon them. The kingdom of light had never experienced such things.

"You all must know what this means. The Silence is upon us. We must act fast and proceed with caution. We can not anger the gods any further."

The Silence, a punishment for all of the world's inhabitants, was written in the ancient scrolls but after hundreds of years without any incident, many had forgotten about it. It was said that once the Gods deemed the world's inhabitants as unacceptable they would send warnings to allow them to fix it. Though these warnings were not specified, it was clear that the natural disasters happening were the first of the warnings mentioned.

As the council began discussing their next steps, no one seemed to realize as a bright beam of light seemingly appeared from the ceiling. As it came down slowly, much like an angel would appear to guide a soul to their next life, everyone in the room went quiet once again. They shielded their eyes as looking at it became much too painful, even for the councilmember from Luys.

The beam of light disappeared as quickly as it appeared, leaving behind a scroll in its wake. Councilmember Roniar reached gingerly for the scroll, cautious in her movements. Upon reading it, her face set into a look of determination.

"Councilmembers, please read this over and report to your given kingdom immediately. Do not take this lightly and please move quickly. This is a matter of life or death."

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