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Chapter 2

“What the hell do you mean that she has amnesia?!” the woman growls to the doctor who has his head down in respect “something is preventing her from remembering people and places, your highness” he whispers shakily as the woman’s Blue eyes turn red for a second “well! Find out what the hell it is and I want the results by tomorrow or your head will be severed to your wife and kids!” she orders making the man tense and walk out of the room, after me opening my mouth who are you? The woman screamed and yelled for the doctor, the drunken man walked out complaining while I was beyond shocked. But despite her screaming the woman is beautiful; her dark brown hair is in a bun and her blue eyes look like a beautiful deep ocean, her olive skin holds her curvy firm at six foot flat.

Now in the room is the woman and I, I watch as she inhales and exhales deeply trying to calm herself “your highness-“”am your mother, Emirian no need for formalities” she says walking towards me smiling like she did not threaten a man and his family “am so sorry” I whisper to myself but she hears “it’s not your fault, everything will get better. Now how are you feeling?” she asks

Like you care! The voice yells

As places her cold hand on my forehead making me flinch from how cold she is “am good, thank you….Mother” I say smiling at her “let’s go to you room, and I made sure no one went in from the time battle” she suggests helping me out of the bed “how long was I here? And what battle?” I frantically ask her making a grimace appear on her beautiful face “the war between the wolves, and you’ve been here for a hundred and one years to be exact” she says and with that we walk through the white, quiet hallways.

‘Don’t trust them! They’ll kill you! Run!’ the voice pleads and sobs and laughter from another

‘Kill them, avenge us! Break her bones! Stab her in the back like she did to us’ another voice chants. I frown at the voices in my mind ‘what are they?’

As we step out into the misty and cloudy sky as it is only early morning, I smile at the view of the fountain in the centre and the black long carriage sort of thing, with a guy with dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes standing there emotionlessly but when he sees us or me, he smiles showing off his perfectly white teeth “your highnesses” he greets bowing his head in respect and opened the door for us.

“That’s Cole, his our driver and one of your dearest friends” Mother says

‘Cole hates us, he bullied us when father and mother weren’t around. He’ll do it again! Run!’ the first voice begs

‘He has to suffer! Kill him!’ the second voice encourages.

She sips on what seems to be blood and my stomach growls at the mare site “have some, I am sure you are rather starving” she says and instead of giving me the glass she gives me the entire bottle “thank you” I say and bring the bottle to my lips, I close my eyes in pure bliss from the taste of iron and fear mingled in it without a break I place the empty bottle in my mother’s hands and she smiles cautiously making me frown at her just as the vehicle stops and I turn my head to come face to face with a large beautiful castle “welcome home, Emirian” but truth be told I do not feel welcome.

‘Run!’ the voice begs.

Immediately I step out of the Black long moving machine that moves like carriage, people rush to me smiling at me but something tells me that their smiles are fake “Oh for god’s sake! Give her some room!” a girl scolds the crowd with a scowl on her face that silences down the small crowd, I stare at the crowd in awe as they are beautiful people “Emir!” a woman called out matching through the large golden door; her chocolate brown hair is braided with a crown of roses, her hazel eyes shimmer with joy and mischief that it puts me on guard, and her olive skin looks flawless under the red dress she’s wearing. She pulls me into a hug “I missed you so much little sister” she whispers in my ear making me frown and stiffen sister?

‘She stole him from me! She hates me!’ the voice growls out

‘Kill her! Let me drain her dry right infront of his eyes! And he will know that no one takes what is ours!’ The second voice pleads.

“O’lina, let your sister go, you are scaring her-“mother is cut off by chuckling from the crowd but glares at them and they silence “Mother, why would she be scared of we are harmless to her?”.

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