Black Tears

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Hi, My name is Elizabeth Hearts, Eliza for short i am 19 i am midnight black hair and Sapphire blue eyes and a special necklace my father gave to me before he died. My Mother, Amilia Heart is rich My Brother,James heart is 10. Are Father died in a train reck, But what i didn't know is that he murdered a important Vampire whos older brother and Sister happen to be mafias and im the that has to be punished for his sins lucky me right? but he also helped me fine my soulmate and the truth of my past.

Fantasy / Romance
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White fire


I watched as the fire glistend while listening to the screams, i saw the old man crawl out of the train to survive i walked over to him and picked him up by his neck.

His eyes widened in horror "How does it feel to be burn alive like my brother?" i asked him smiling i stopped smiling when i noticed he was cussing me out How nice..

"Monster you should of died like him!" i watched as he tried to breath to talk, i threw him to the ground "Are those your last words?" i looked at him curiously he started going pale and numb "Im coming for your family next" i smiled after i said it his eyes widing in fear i picked him up and threw him in the fire, i noticed a picture fell from his pockets.

A picture of his family i moved my fingure over the picture of his oldest child. I folded it and put it in my pocket. I turned my head to face the Front of the chain to see my little Sister skipping to me, the way her silver hair bounces and her Bright purple eyes shine from the flames. "Big brother we should do this more often" She giggled while throwing a Gasoline bucket in the fire which made it twice at worst. I grabbed her hand "Cmon Meria the funs just begging" we headed for the Limo i nodded which gave my men the orders to make this look like a "Accident" i looked at the ocean and the moon i smiled and got in the Limo and we left.


I was pulling up to the minor when i saw smoke coming down below i shurgged it off and walked inside only to fine, Police offcers and Reporters talking to my Mother i was gussing she put James to bed i went to my room and stretched. I pushed my window opend and breathed in that freash air So nice up hear i went downstairs to Mother.

"Elizabeth sit down" The Police officer looked at me and gesterd to the couch i sat down and looked at mom she was crying?

"Miss Elizabeth your father died in a train accident" He said showing me the pictures of the recege i coverd my mouth i felt tears go down my face "No that isnt real he is alive right? i removed my hands so they could hear me but the Police Officer shook his head no.

"Ths funeral will be in two days sence we have to fine his body so you'll just have ashes" Me and my Mother nodded.

I watched as the police and reportes left and watched mother go to bed i sat on my bed, He's dead he was a good man this should of never happend! i layed back and staired at the ceiling feeling more tears fall i curled up holding onto the necklace my Father gave me. Before i new it i was alseep, and i new at this point things are going to change for the worst.

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