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Megan Russell has just finished school. She decides on a gap year before starting university. Her plan is to travel. She wants to go back-packing in the outback, but her father isnt keen. Instead he arranges a trip to see her step-mum in Arizona. Megan hasnt seen her since they separated, and unlike the normal relationship between step mother and step daughter they really used to get on. It was a bitter blow to Megan when Maria and her father separated. Maria went back to the states, and whilst they kept in touch, they hadnt seen each other for almost three years. Megan jumped at the chance to take the trip and finally see the only person she knew as a mother. Fate has a funny habit of revealing its plans though. Maria hides a secret that not even Megan's father knew. Megan will find out all too quickly and her future will no longer be in her own hands, but in the hands of a stranger who isnt prepared for a frightened young english girl, and isnt even sure that she is what he wants. PLEASE NOTE THIS STORY IS 18+ TRIGGER WARNING MAY APPLY THIS BOOK WILL BE EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE ON GALATEA FROM 30th MARCH

Fantasy / Thriller
Michelle Torlot
4.8 69 reviews
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When I woke, this wasn’t where I expected to be. If I was honest I didn’t expect to wake up at all.

My face was resting on something hard and cold. Stone or concrete. I gingerly opened my eyes, taking in my surroundings. It was a square room. The walls were solid concrete as well as the floor. Except for a small window near the ceiling, which wasn’t actually a window at all, but bars. The door was similar, made of thick metal bars. A cell of some description. I should have listened to my step-mum. If I had, I wouldn’t have ended up here.

It had been a long trip. Cooped up in a plane for over eight hours, then another four hours by bus. It had been my dads idea. I was going to take a gap year after before. I’d wanted to go backpacking round Australia, but my dad wasn’t keen. Instead he suggested a trip to see Maria, my step-mum. We’d always got on great. Maria was American. When they first met, they were hopelessly in lo...

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