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Chapter 2

Clare Rose's POV

"Come on, Clare. Hurry up!" Cheryl urged me.

Sighing, I dragged my feet reluctantly to the park where I bumped into Raven.

Lady Luck must have been smiling on me today because I spotted Raven the moment I stepped into the park. I saw her walking towards a huge rock, touch it and disappear.

"Did you just see that girl disappear?" Cheryl asked breathlessly.

"Yah. That was Raven," I replied.

"What?! Then what are we waiting for?" Cheryl grabbed my hand and dragged me to the rock. Time slowed down to the millisecond. My eyes widened in horror as Cheryl's hand rested on the rock's surface.

A bright light blinded me and I fainted.

When I came to, I saw Cheryl looking around. She turned around and a look of relief appeared on her face. "Finally! I thought you were dead!" She teased.

I rolled my eyes and looked around. It was a beautiful sight. No, not even words can describe its beauty. Roses of all shapes, colours, sizes and scents were bathed in the moonlight. When I breathed in, there were several scents mixing together and the smell was strangely calming.


I heard Cheryl's scream of surprise and threw a glance over my shoulder. I saw the last person I expected to see.

My father, Ethan Rose.

Dad's eyes widened in fear. "You two need to hide now!" Dad whisper-shouted.

The moment those words left his lips, two men entered the clearing.

"What is going on?" One of the men asked.

"I am not sure myself, Sir Joshua. I just arrived here," Dad replied quickly.

"Arrest the both of them and bring them to headquarters," the other man said.

"Yes, Sir Jaydon," Dad bowed and said.

Who were these people? I have never seen Dad show so much respect to anyone before. Since, all three of them are wearing uniforms, maybe they are soldiers? I don't recognise the uniform though.

I glanced at Cheryl and immediately knew something major was going to happen. Her face was bright red because of fury and smoke was practically coming out of her ears.

"Why are we being arrested?! We didn't do anything wrong!" Cheryl yelled at the top of her lungs and it echoed into the night.

"What's going on?" A cold, icy yet familiar voice asked.

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