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Chapter 3

Raven Wingslayer's POV

"Why are we being arrested?! We didn't do anything wrong!"

I glanced over my shoulder to see Clare, a girl who is most likely Clare's friend, Jaydon, Joshua and one of their lame soldiers.

Clare looked frightened, her face was as pale as a sheet of paper, while her friend looked absolutely furious, her face was as red as a tomato. I think Clare's friend was the one screaming.

They are in the Garden though. No one except high-ranking officers, kings, queens, princes and princesses are allowed here as the gateway to the Other World, otherwise known as the Land of Reason, is located here.

It comes as no surprise that Clare and her friend are going to be arrested. I am curious how they got here though so I will just go and ask.

"What's going on?" I asked.

I saw a flicker of hope in Clare's eyes when I appeared.

"W-we w-want-ed to re-return this r-ring," Clare stuttered and passed me the ring with shaking hands.

It was my ring!

Mum gave that ring to me after I completed my sword-fighting lessons. It was a ring that would turn into a sword at will and was very precious to me.

"Yes, it is my ring. Thank you for returning it," I thanked them with a smile of relief. "Now that the ring is returned, I can show you two the way back home," I offered.

"But they entered the Garden. That is against the rules," Joshua started making a fuss.

"One, they were following me so they could return my ring. Two, they are from the Land of Reason. How can you expect them to know the rules?!" I snapped.

"Rules are rules," Jaydon stubbornly insisted.

Looks like I have no other choice...

"Hey, you two. Run!" I instructed Clare and her friend.

They jumped to their feet like there was no tomorrow. As expected, Jaydon and Joshua tried to run after them but I intercepted, my ring turning into a sword and my bracelet into a shield. Strangely, I noticed that the soldier did not step forward. He did not even draw his sword!

Then, Jaydon and Joshua attacked me. Using my sword, I parred Jaydon's blade and blocked Joshua's attack with my shield. With my shield protecting me from Joshua, I thrusted my sword into Jaydon's stomach the moment I had the chance. One down, one more to go. I ended up piercing Joshua's leg. Turning around, I realised that the soldier had his sword drawn, poised to attack.

He attacked me ruthlessly, forcing me to switch from offensive to defensive. I allowed him to keep forcing me backwards and when I was cornered , I kicked him,causing him to lose his balance and fall. I immediately hit him with the hilt of my sword, knocking him out cold.

I sighed in relief as my sword and shield shrank back to their original forms. I headed to the entrance of the Garden, wondering where Clare and her friend are.

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