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Chapter 4

Clare Rose's POV

"Hey, you two. Run!"

The moment those words left Raven's mouth, I got up and ran like my life depended on it. Tears filled my eyes as I thought about my father agreeing to arrest me. My own father!

Do I even mean anything to him?!

I ran until I could not run any further. My head hurt, my legs felt like lead and my heart was going a million miles per second if that was even possible. My legs gave out under me and I collapsed onto the ground, chest heaving.

Cheryl arrived soon after and sat down next to me. We kept quiet until our heart rate went back to normal.

“What should we do now?” I asked the moment my heart rate went back to normal.

“Go home,” Cheryl stated as if it was as easy as taking candy away from a baby.


“We just ask Raven. Easy-peasy.”

“We have no idea where she is!”

“You should stop shouting and by the way, Raven is right there.”

I looked at where Cheryl was pointing and sure enough, I saw Raven approaching us.

“Hey, Raven! Over here!” Cheryl called.

Raven looked in our direction and calmly walked towards us.

“We want to go home,” Cheryl demanded the moment Raven stopped in front of us.

“No! I want to know what is Dad doing here,” I opposed.

“Are you out of your mind?! How are you going to stay alive? How are you going to ask your father? How?!”

Raven did not utter a single word. She simply gazed thoughtfully at us as we bickered to and fro.

“Why don’t I just send your friend home? Clare, you can stay with me,” Raven finally spoke.

“No! I am not leaving Clare behind,” Cheryl insisted.

“Your name?”


“So, what’s your final decision?”

“I’m staying here.”

“Ok. Follow me.”

Raven turned around and continued down the path, eventually reaching the entrance. I finally understood why we saw Raven. She did not look for us, we simply ran down the pathway that leads to the entrance!

A soft neigh caught my attention. A beautiful black horse stood by the entrance, together with two white horses.

“Any of you know how to ride a horse?” Raven asked.

“I do!” said Cheryl eagerly.

She was about to mount one of the white horses but Raven stopped her. “They do not belong to me. Don’t mount them,” Raven warned.

“Then why did you even ask if we know how to ride a horse when none of them belong to you?” Cheryl asked, a hint of annoyance in her tone.

“Sorry, I should’ve been more specific. The black one is the only horse that belongs to me. She can carry both of you.”

Cheryl placed one foot in the stir-up and swung herself onto the saddle before offering me her hand.

“Come on. You won’t fall. I promise,” Cheryl assured me.

With Cheryl and Raven’s help, I managed to sit on the saddle. Everything looked so different, instead of Raven’s face, I am seeing the top of her head.

Thank God I am not afraid of heights.

“How about you?” I questioned Raven.

Raven looked up. “Oh, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me,” Raven reassured me with a grin.

“Go home, Swift. I’ll see you at home,” Raven murmured and patted the horse’s head.

Swift neighed softly before galloping away.

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