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Chapter 5

Raven Wingslayer's POV

As I watched Clare and Cheryl leave, I decided what I would do. The moment they were out of sight, I walked down the street and stopped at one of the numerous cottages nearby. Raising my hand, I gently knocked on the door. Moments later, the door swung open.

“Raven?! What are you doing here at this time of the night?!”

I gave my best friend, Jeanette Rose, a small smile. "Can I come in?"

"Sure! Hurry up and come in! It's very cold outside."


I walked in and saw Jeanette's mother, Sandra Rose, writing something in a book. She looked up when I walked in and gave me a warm smile.

I smiled back before turning to Jeanette. "Mind lending me your horse? You can come with me and stay over at my place. I'll explain why I need your horse on the way. "

Jeanette looked at her mother, silently asking her for permission.

Sandra thought for a while before nodding.

A bright smile appeared on Jeanette's face. "Thanks, Mum!" She exclaimed happily. She immediately ran to the stable at the back of their cottage.

After thanking Sandra, I chased after Jeanette. The moment I reached the stable I saw Jeanette waiting for me with her horse, Twilight, all tacked up and ready to go.

Jeanette swung herself onto the saddle and I followed her. She pressed her heels gently into Twilight's side and Twilight started to gallop. On the way to my house, I told her everything and she was surprised.

"Two people from the Land of Reason?! Wow!" Jeanette gasped.

"I know right? It's like super rare since people from the Land of Reason don't even know about us." I commented.

"We're lucky."

"Don't think that they feel the same way as us though."

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