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Beyond the Pack

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Book 1 of 3 When omega Rubina's pack is expecting a guest, her mother urges her to act like a lady, to be prim and proper during dinner service. Professionalism was important in these moments. Rubina's ability to be what her mother asks has always be difficult for her. Demure was known to be humble, soft spoken,submissive, and minimalist in every aspect of their lives. Rubina is aware of her status and always tries to do her best for her mother, wanting to make her proud but somehow always ends up making a mess of things. When Rubina makes one of the hugest mistakes of her life by staring down an Alpha, will it change her life for the better, or for the worse? PS. Please be advised that this is simply an excerpt (chapters 1-3) from the full book. To read the book in its entirety please download the Galatea app; it will be available there for purchase.

Fantasy / Romance
Vanessa Hawk
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1: The Guest

The Guest

Water soaked through my shoes as I ran, I could feel my feet squishing into the soles whenever the hit the ground, only to splash some water onto my stockings and the bottom of my soft blue dress with a small flower pattern that graced my bottom half below the waist line. My breath steaming in the frigid weather, my long reddish-brown hair sticking to my face and neck.

It wasn’t supposed to rain until later in the evening, so I didn’t think to bring an umbrella with me to work. I decided to take the short way home, even though it would be muddy, I figured it was a bit better than continuing to freeze from the cold wind and rain. The wooded area was private land for us, so I never had to worry about strangers when I would walk through. It took me across town back to the pack house, instead of having to walk all the way around on the human filled roads.

I didn’t hate humans, in fact, I adored them. I worked for an older couple in their diner 3 days a week serving. It was one thing I was good at. I loved spending time with average people from the town, getting to know them I questioned why we were always told to keep a distance. I hated Demures’ rules and regulations just as much as the next guy, but I didn’t understand why we had them.

Luckily, at nineteen there isn’t much to do here in Witchoken. It’s a small town with maybe two thousand people. Since we don’t live near the city, our Alpha would sometimes allow us to take jobs with humans. He says it’s about learning people skills, but I think it is to show us how different we are from them, how in many ways, their simple lives are good, sweet, and enough.

That’s what Demure was all about. Everyone was raised to be humble, quiet, and submissive to elders, and of course the Alpha. Us girls had to dress as a proper lady, meaning no pants of any kind, and skirts and dresses must never go an inch above our knees. A lot of us made our own clothes- it was easier that way.

I knew my mother would be furious at how dirty my dress and shoes had gotten; she always took such care in our appearance even though they- we are omegas. As I was nearing the other side of the woods, my foot came right out of my shoe, losing my balance I fell face first into a huge mud puddle. I immediately jumped up, not just because the mud was partial frozen, which made me cold, but I had to keep my clothes as clean as possible, which I was doing a terrible job at.

I wobbled back to my shoe and picked it up. I was dead meat. My shoe was encased in mud, and it was white. WAS white. I just turned and started walking again. I didn’t care that I had only one shoe on, or that it was cold anymore. I wanted to get home to wash and warm up. My mom loved making apple cider, so I knew I could count on that to warm up my body that had just unexpectedly been thrown into an ice bath.

I neared the pack house seeing the lights from the windows and back door. It was only three in the afternoon, but it was already getting dark. Sometimes I forgot how bland and plain everything was here. Demure needs to be an example to the community that simple living is the best living…. Or at least that’s what Alpha Samuel and my parents would always say. The back stairs where made of masonry brick that you would usually see houses built with. Our pack house was grey stucco, which I never quite understood, but simple plain living I suppose. I slid my hand into my jacket pocket to grab my key, only there was no key to grab.

“Shit.” I mutter to myself. It must have fallen when I had. I peered into one of the windows next to the door and saw my mom preparing dinner for the pack. She was looked down upon, as all omegas are, but she was a damn good cook, and no one could ever say differently. As I just stood there watching, feeling proud of her being my mother, I didn’t even notice the back door open.

“Rubina…” I heard a low growl come from my right. I slowly turned my head and put on the best smile I had in my arsenal.

“Hey dad,” I said softly. “I was just- “he cut me off faster than a bullet.

“Inside. Now.” His voice stern as he stepped out a bit to keep the door open for me to walk in.

I quietly slunk passed him keeping my head down some. Respect was huge in demure, especially for your parents. I walked into the large yet simple kitchen, my feet still freezing on the concrete floor. Our pack house loved concrete. It was everywhere. Concrete counter tops in the kitchen and all bathrooms, concrete flooring throughout the house, and concrete people. Bland and boring as ever. I let my muddy shoe fall from my hand next to the huge island and took my coat off and hung it over one of the barstools.

“Rubina Holtz,” my mother said as she slammed the knife down on to the side of the huge oak cutting board. I jumped slightly making sure to look at the floor, not wanting to be disrespectful. She turned towards me and took a few steps before stopping a foot or two away. “Look at me.” Her words soft, but I still knew I was in trouble. I raised my head slowly and looked up at her.

“Look, mom I can explain. I got stuck in this damn rain and I didn’t have an umbrella, so I got wet and then my shoe got stuck in mud- “I rambled off until coming to a slow stop. The air felt dense and heavy, heavier than it ever had before. A shiver ran up my spine causing me to twitch some to get the tingly feeling out before my body straightened,

“Rubina I told you to make sure you were properly dressed in an appropriate matter for tonight’s dinner before you left, did I not?” her hands moved to her hips as she tapped her foot.

“yeah but- “

“yeah?” she said as she stepped closer.

“I mean, yes ma’am. You did. I should have been more careful and brought an umbrella to be safe. And stayed on the roads as to not dirty my outfit.” I said quietly in a regretful tone. “I just got lazy and did not want to walk around the town. I took the easy way and I understand and expect to be punished for it.” I let out a small cough. The cold having gotten to my lungs as I ran.

“You will do well to remember to be lady-like, clean, and proper in the future. Sometimes you are so lazy that you hurt yourself in the long run. You are no longer a child Rubina. You are a full wolf. You must learn to follow directions, as punishment will be harsher now.” She let out a heavy sigh before putting her hand on my shoulder. “I love you sweetie; I just want what is best for you. You have so much to prove to this pack, more than most. I need you to be the best you can be. Hm? Now, go on to your room and get a shower and change into something nice. We will have guests arriving later and we are to take care of them during their stay.” She patted me softly on the arm before turning back to cutting the green and red bell peppers for later.

“Yes mother.” I said before I grabbed my shoe and walked towards the back staircase.

“And don’t leave your muddy clothes in the bathroom. Put them in the hamper so I can wash them tonight.” She said waving the knife above her head.

“I know mother. I will.” I try to be obedient. I try to be calm and quiet, humble and simple. I do, but deep down I just feel like I want to scream. I hate being this lowly omega who can’t have a voice…. Not that anyone in this pack really has one, but I want to share my opinions, my thoughts. I want to be myself; to be heard.

The hot steam from the shower helps calm me down. I know Demure is my home, and as much as I feel suffocated here, I will most likely end up living here for the rest of my life. Omegas rarely find mates in other packs, and even if they do, often they are rejected due to their status. The hot water feels great against my skin, burning but warming my core to the bone. I needed this. It is the only place I can think. The only place warm, safe, and with freedom to be me. I slowly ran my hand along my small breasts then down to my sex. I wasn’t some girl who didn’t want sex. I wanted it. I dreamed about it. I began to slowly rub my clit putting the ever so slightest pressure. I wanted to build my orgasm. I took a nipple in between my fingers with my other hand and pulled slightly, squeezing softly letting out a slight moan as I did. I increased the pressure and speed as my juices began washing away with the water down the inside of my thighs. I knew I was doing something wrong according to pack rules, but I didn’t care. Demure had a huge no sex, no masturbation, no anything policy unless you were mated. I ignored at least one rule weekly. I didn’t care. I wanted to feel intoxicated.

“Rubina!” my mom yelled from the other side of the door.

“Yes mother?” I said pulling my hands from my sweet spots.

“I set a dress on your bed for you to wear along with a sweater to go over the top. You have until 6:30 to get ready present yourself. Knowing you- start now.” She said before I could hear the soft noise of her feet retreating until my bedroom door closed. Even as someone as lowly as us had a shower in our own room. That was standard for Demure. Be simple they say, let’s have every room in the damn pack house have its own bathroom. That makes total sense.

I turned the water off and reached out to a hook which held my towel. Gray of course. I dried off before wrapping it tightly around my small frame. As I stepped out of the shower, I felt a sudden stabbing sensation in my chest, but it quickly went away so I just chalked it up to it boiling myself after being a popsicle. I grabbed the small vanilla scented lotion off my dresser and began lathering it on my body. It was the only scent I could use as an omega. I never really liked it, but it wasn’t terrible, so I used it just to keep mom happy, just like I did with almost everything else in my life. I picked up the navy colored A-line dress my mom mentioned and held it up to my body. As I looked in the mirror, I realized the long sleeves.

“And I am supposed to wear this black knitted sweater over it? I am going to die of heat exhaustion.” I said throwing it back on my bed. I grabbed a pair of black bikini panties and a black bra. I wasn’t impressing anyone. Comfort was my concern. I blow dried my hair and put a light oil in it to help with the frizz. As straight as my hair was, the frizz was just as apparent. I kept it down, letting it fall over my shoulders. I liked my hair this way. Styling it up was too much work.

I slipped the dress on and pulled it up pushing each arm through a slightly puffed shoulder to the narrow arm length of the sleeve. It wasn’t ugly. It was a pretty dress. I just wished I could dress it up some. I put on some music to help motivate me to finish getting ready, but that’s never how it works out. I end up laying on my bed reading this new book I had picked up at the library. By the time I realized how late it was, it was six-twenty. I had ten minutes before I had to be ready and downstairs to help greet and serve the guests.

“Shit. Fuck me!” I exclaimed. As I hurriedly grabbed a pair of light skin tone hosiery pulling them on as fast as I could. Shoes next. Black flats. I was five-six so heals were never my thing. Well, they aren’t Demure’ thing. I knew two about this dinner. One, I had to be professional and proper; two, I knew I was going to be stared at for not doing my hair, or even attempting to put on some foundation just to cover my freckles. I pulled the lose knit sweater over my head before I ran downstairs to the kitchen. As I turned the corner to the hall my body stopped, my face plowing into someone’s back. I opened my eyes having shut them out of surprise. There was a broad back, clearly muscular under his black dress shirt. He smelled like sandalwood and pinecones. It was the most amazing, mouthwatering scent I ever encountered in my life. It made my heart pound in my chest, my knees weak, and there was a warm moist sensation building in between my legs. I couldn’t help but take another deep breath in, it was like some form of drug to my brain. I pushed these thoughts aside as quickly as I could. I knew I had bumped into one of the guests made obvious by his colorless clothing. I stepped back and put my head down.

“I am sorry. Please excuse my incompetence. I did not mean to be so rude.”

“And yet here we are.” A soft yet somehow husky voice said as the man turned around.

“I deeply apologize. I meant no disrespect by it” I held my head lower showing my submissiveness and tilted my head to the side exposing my neck, my weakness, my jugular.

“Are you offering yourself to me as a penance for your crime?” he said leaning down to my ear, his breath hitting my neck, only making the warmth between my legs grow.

“If you wish to kill me sir, I will accept it. You are a guest here, and I am but an omega who is to serve you. If you wish to rip my throat out, I can only oblige.” I tried to sound calm and collected, but what if he really did want me dead. This mans’ aurora, his scent, his presence is not like anything I have felt in my life. It scares me.

“What if I wish to do something else, something I know your body would enjoy.” He softly licks my ear lobe and runs is tongue down my neck slowly. “Something I know you will never get here.” He grabs my neck and holds me still. He’s rough, his hands feel course.

“I- I,” I can’t even speak. My body shuttering at his touch. A small moan leaves my mouth unconsciously as he nibbles at the nape of my neck. I don’t know if my heart can take much more of this, so I swallow hard before taking in a huge breath. I grab his wrist and step back pulling it from my neck. I might be an omega, but I’m not just some easy girl. I’ve never even kissed a guy before, so this was just too much. I looked up at him, mistakenly stared into his eyes. They are as cold and unyielding as ice. I feel my heart fall to my stomach. There was this warmth, this comfort, a happiness that swarmed through my body. My cheeks turned red, as I looked away. My breath becoming a bit heavier. “I’m sorry- I wasn’t thinking. I-“

“My mate” he said in a monotone voice. His eyes looking me over. “You, little omega are my mate.” There was a slight curl in his lips, a smirk that I could not understand. Who would be happy to be an omega’s mate?

“Alpha Xanthus,” I heard my mother say. “whatever she has done, please forgive her. She is still young and immature.” She keeled down folding her hands in front of herself pleading to him.”

“Do get up. No need to kneel.” He chuckled as he stood straight and tall. “My mate and I were just getting acquainted.”

“Your what?” my mother said in disbelief.

“My MATE.” He said loudly, but slow to make emphasis. “The woman who will soon become Luna to my pack.”

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