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Beyond the Pack

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2: Dinner


Wait a second, did he just say mate? That I was HIS mate? He must be mistaken or deranged even. I was an omega, there was no way on earth the goddess made me the mate of an alpha. I shook my head swiftly and took a few steps back. As I looked to my mother I could tell she was either in shock, or complete disbelief. I know where I stood on that front, so I kept backing away until I hit the bottom step of the staircase that swung slightly around the corner of the wall causing me to fall back onto it. Completely dazed I didn’t even notice I was no longer standing.

“No,” my words airy, as I breath heavily. “There’s no way.”

“How is that little omega?” he said walking towards me slowly, his eyes peering into mine, it felt like he was looking into my soul. “You know you felt it. The pull, the attraction.” the smile that once walked his lips was gone. His muscular body clearly showing through his black button-down dress shirt and tighter than normal dress pants.

“No, it’s just- you- you are an alpha. It just isn’t possible. I’m a servant. A nobody.” I looked towards my mom causing her to rush to my side and wipe the tears building in my eyes before they could even fall.

“Luna’s must be strong.” she said putting her and to my cheek turning my face to look at her.

“No mom, I’m not a Luna. I’m just me. Just Rubina, a shitty low life omega from Demure. I can’t be a Luna. I- there’s no way I can be a Luna....His Luna” I said trying to hold back my tears but miserably failing like I do at almost everything else.

“Sweetie, the mate bond is between two souls, two wolf souls that are made of and for one another. There is no mistake, no denying that feeling you get when you find them” she said pulling me into her arms, my head resting on her shoulder, my face buried in her decorative scarf. “I know it’s scary, but do you realize how much the goddess has blessed you? You are the mate to an alpha. You will rise from the bottom sweetie. You will have a man who would do anything and everything for you. Don’t cry, okay?” her voice shaking as she holds back her own tears to be brave for me.

“I am not as bad as the rumors little omega.” he comes over to my side, still standing to keep his position, even in body language, he screams alpha.

“Not as bad?” I say as my voice cracks as I turn my head to look him in the face. “Not AS bad? But still bad. The unruly alpha of Valiant. Still brutish, harsh, rough, and a total ass?!” I exclaimed. As soon as the words left my lips, I knew I was wrong. I knew I was in trouble. My whole family could be punished for such disrespect. I quickly turned away pulling from my mother’s arms.

“Maybe not the ass part,” he laughed as he shook his head sitting down next to me. I scooted away some, unsure of what would happen if I remained close. I could feel the pull to him. My wolf screaming to be in his arms, but I refused to accept this. I didn’t want to stay in Demure for the rest of my life, but from what I had heard, Valiant wasn’t exactly the best either. I sniffled some as my nose was really starting to run. I rubbed my hand over my left eye as it felt itchy and uncomfortable before I wrapped my arms around myself. Did he just laugh at me? Did he really just let my intolerable attitude go without a single word? Why? He should have been angry, livid even. For an alpha to take such disrespect without reaction was unheard of.

“I don’t understand,” I said under my breath, but that means nothing in a house of wolves.

“You are my mate. My partner for life little omega. You shall be mine forever. What is there to not understand?” he turns his face to look at me, purposefully making eye contact.

“I’m an omega, that is what I don’t understand....” I say quietly looking down and away from his eyes being sure to show submission.

“No, you are my mate. Status between mates is something irrelevant to the goddess. You are mine, and I am yours.”

I nod slowly. I have to accept what the goddess has put before me. As terrified as I am, there is no escaping when you are the mate of an alpha. They will search the world for you. Kill for you. Die for you. That is what a mate is. Someone who is completely and irrevocably in love with you. He stood reaching out his hand to me. I noticed what seemed to be the beginnings of a tattoo on his wrist from what I could see just slightly under the cuff of his shirt. I stared at his hand for what felt like hours. I didn’t know if I wanted to take it, if I should take it. But to reject an alpha was a sin punishable by banishment, and not just for you, for your whole family. I swallowed hard and slowly reached my hand towards his. I was afraid to even let him hold my hand, to let him touch me like he had earlier. I didn’t quite know how my body would react, and that was the scariest thing of all.

When I felt his fingers slide across my palm and interlock with mine it felt as though there were fireworks going off in my body like it was celebrating something magical. It felt amazing. I didn’t feel afraid once my hand was in his. I even smiled slightly to show him I was at least grateful he hadn’t killed me already. I stepped down from the last stair I was on, he was tall. Much taller than me. I guess that’s what an alpha of Valiant looks like. His icy gray eyes looked me over once before he let out a laugh. I froze again and stood worried if I had done something wrong, my eyes quickly focusing on the cold hard cement.

“Let us go eat? My little omega here is apparently starving.” he said motioning to the others around us towards the dining area. People were muttering and whispering to one another. I knew they were judging me, but it wasn’t like I chose this. The goddess did.

“S-starving? No, no I’m not hungry. I will wait until you and the rest of the high wolves in my pack have finished eating. It is standard for me to do so.”

“It is not standard for any pack to let the mate of an alphas stomach growl into the next day. You will sit and dine with me. You have that right. Plus, I do not like the sound of a hungry wolf. It’s pretty scary you know.” he smiles nudging my shoulder before he pulls out the chair next to his place card. I was going to take another pack members spot if I sat there so I just shook my head.

“I cannot sit there Alpha. That is reserved for the head pack doctor.” I gesture to the name card sitting in the center of the place setting.

I don’t care about some doctor,” he says grabbing the place card and crumpling it his hand. “I want to have my first meal with my mate, and since she is hungry, she will sit with me at eat.”

I looked towards my alpha for permission. I needed someone from the pack to tell me it was okay to do as he said. I needed permission to do anything. It’s what I was used to. Samuel nodded his head slightly at me before turning to my mother, probably telling her to start serving the first course. I sat down hesitantly looking around at everyone’s face, I could see I was unwelcome. Though if you were not from Demure, you’d hardly notice anything since we are always taught to remain quiet of our opinions. Alpha Xanthus took his seat next to me taking my hand in his again. This is not how I thought Valiant to be. They were supposed to be hard, and rough around the edges, but he seemed so gentle in this moment. It felt awkward to have my mother and other omegas serving me dinner. After each course I would begin to clean around my area and set the plates for them to take. I knew others were talking about me, but I paid no mind.

My head was so foggy, I couldn’t even understand the topics of their discussions, so I just sat quietly, my hands folded respectfully in my lap, my eyes focused on the table in front of me and nowhere else. To be sitting with such high-ranking pack members, my nerves almost claimed the best of me. My heart pounded, thumped loud in my chest. I thought I might die if this continues. I grabbed the glass of water that was poured for me and gulped it down before standing up. All eyes shifted to me and the muffled mumbles of their interwoven conversations stopped.

“I uh- I need to be excused.” I said in the politest way I could muster in that moment before I turned and walked from the dining hall. I could feel eyes on my back as if they were burning holes through me like lasers. I messed up. I always do. But if I sat there any longer, I would have passed out. As my body became free of the view from the dining area, I flew up the stairs as fast as I could. I needed to get as far away from him as possible for the time being. I didn’t know what to do, how to react, how to act in this situation. I shut my door and placed my chair under the door handle to try to keep others from bothering me. I wanted to vanish. I began hyperventilating and pacing back and forth. The world around me became blurry, and I couldn’t stand straight. My body began to overheat as I fell to the floor. I was so thankful that my mom put a small area rug in my room a few weeks ago. It made a huge difference in style, and now cushion for my knees. I began to groan gripping my stomach. It felt like it was in knots, as if someone was twisting my insides around. I made my way to my small bathroom and rested my head on the toilet. I didn’t care how dirty it was, how it looked or smelled. I felt like I was going to vomit.

“My little omega?” I heard his voice seep into my room from the other side of the door. It made the pain worse causing me to let out a small yelp. “My little omega, what is going on? Let me in.” slight panic in his voice. He could hear my pain but didn’t know why I was feeling it, or what was going on.

“I’m okay.” I managed to force out in a normal sounding tone, trying to hide the pain and keep it to myself.

“You are not okay. Do not lie to me little omega. I want to help.” he turned the door handle and pushed, but the door barely opened. “You blocked the door? With a chair?” he said in disbelief.

“Omegas cannot lock our doors. There are no locks, and I wanted privacy.” I said my voice groaning from the pain that now began to run through my body. I let out a yell as it became too much for me to hold in. I was panting, out of breath and sweating. I was sure I was dying.

“That’s it. This is bullshit.” I heard him say to himself before he rammed his shoulder into the door forcing it open. I waited for him to come into the bathroom, but he didn’t.

“A-Alpha Xanthus?” I quivered before letting out another scream. I grabbed the side of the toilet and hung myself over it as my stomach emptied itself of course one and two. I heard a growl come from my room, it wasn’t anger, or worry, it was frustration paired with self-restraint.

“I have to go.” he said, urgency in his voice.

“What?” I said exasperated by his words.

“I can’t be around you right now. I’m sorry my little omega” I heard him push past the chair and door once more before I knew he was no longer there. Why would he leave me like that? He said I was his mate. My mother said he was supposed to love me. I’m essentially dying of some sickness and he just runs away? How could he do that to me...

“Sweetie?!” I hear my mother’s voice as she comes running to my side.

“Mother,” my voice barely distinguishable, my eyes filled with tears that sting as they roll over my cheeks. “he left me. Xanthus left me here alone, in pain. Is that what a mate does? Why would he do that?”

“Oh, my darling,” she said grabbing some tissue to wipe around my mouth. “He didn’t leave. He just had to get away from the room for now.” she reaches and grabs a towel as she turns on the shower.

“He said he had to go.” Now sobbing my hand clutching my sweater. It hurt that he left. More than the pain of whatever was happening to me.

“Listen, he is just down in the living area with your father and alpha Samuel. He hasn’t gone anywhere.” she slowly brushes my hair to the side as she helps me take off this stupid sweater. “He needed a little.... space for a moment is all.” she unzips up dress for me and pulls off my shoes.

“I don’t need space right now; I need my mate!” I scream the words falling from my mouth are not my own, but my wolf. “Why did he not help?! Why did he run away!?” my voice beginning to sound horse.

“I did it for you, my little omega.” Alpha Xanthus says from outside in the hall. His voice sounds weak, like he is suffering.

“Please,” I cry out to him “please come help me. I don’t understand”

“I can’t” he growls, but not at me it is towards himself. His fist slams into the door frame.

“Why? Please it hurts.” my voice now slightly echoing as my mom helps me into the shower.

“I can’t! I can’t come in there without hurting you!” he snarls

“Why? Why would you hurt me? You said I was your mate?!”

“That’s exactly why I can’t come in! I am your mate! My wolf is your mate!” the sound of struggle and frustration in his voice. “Do you not understand, I want to protect you! It is by being away from you now, that I show the utmost love and respect for you!”

I hear my dad’s voice telling him to relax. I was confused and disoriented. What in the goddess was going on? Everyone was saying they wanted to protect me, to help me, but from what? I could feel the pull for Alpha Xanthus ripping through my muscles. My body wanted to be near him so badly that it hurt.

“But-” I sniffle

“You’re in heat! If I come in there, I will mate you here and now! Do you understand?!”

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