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A young fairy seeks her destiny as a Knight while dark forces are on the rise to destroy everything she holds dear. Will she make the ultimate sacrifice to save her world? A shy herbalist must come to grips with new newfound powers to save her fellow students at the Mage Institute. A young mage is given a quest to save someone she's never met, and she must risk her life on the hope she can rise to the challenge. How will their fates intertwine? If you like lots of magic, action, and a touch of romance, you may enjoy FairyKnight!

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Chapter 1

Meet Kindle, a FairyKnight. Though still in training, she tries harder than most members of the Knight’s Guild because... she’s a fairy.

Kindle stood anxiously before the Knight Council, her wings fluttering nervously.

“It’s time.” The ArchKnight intoned.

“You have completed your training to become a Knight,” he continued, “but you must complete a Quest in order to attain full KnightHood”.

Kindle looked around the darkened room. Seated around her were the strongest and bravest Knights of the Realm. They regarded her silently.

The ArchKnight continued. “Your Quest will be proof that you can uphold the Rules of KnightHood. Are you ready?” All eyes turned to Kindle.

“Not if I can help it.” Growled Hrogthor.

As a barbarian warrior he stood easily seven feet tall and carried a huge sword. All knights arose. Hrogthor stabbed his sword into the ground before Kindle.

“You are a joke. Whoever heard of a Fairy becoming a Knight?”

The other members of the assembly burst to their feet shouting. Some for, others against. Their personal opinions given voice by his act. The ArchKnight coughed. Immediately the assembly quieted. One does not perturb the ArchKnight. Underneath all that armor was pure muscle.

Kindle glared at Hrogthor, her lip twisted in anger. “I did not just spend four years in training, working as hard as any student to be treated this way!”

She stamped her foot on the tall stool she stood upon, arms akimbo. She stood only a half meter tall, but seemed much taller with her angry stance.

Set aback by her anger, Hrogthor stared, then laughed deep in his belly.

“You have spunk, Kindle.”

The ArchKnight turned to Hrogthor. “Her validity as a student has already been established. Adherence to The Code is what makes a knight - not brute strength. We do not fault her for her size any more than we fault you for your lack of wit”.

A half-smile escaped Kindle’s lips. All eyes turned to Hrogthor. He pretended to find something very interesting on the floor.

“Am I understood?”

“Yes, ArchKnight”.

The ArchKnight turned back to Kindle. “The Knight Council has decided to send you to a region -”

Suddenly, the chamber door opened. The ArchKnight rolled his eyes and turned.

“What could possibly be worth interrupting the Council at a time -”

Then he saw the bleeding centaur stumble to the floor, a dozen arrows still protruding from his flanks. Kindle leaped into the air and out the door seeking help.

Quickly Kindle found the physician and his team. They rushed into the Council chamber.

“W-wait” croaked the centaur. “I must speak to the ArchKnight.”

Even while completely dressed in armor, the ArchKnight came quickly to the centaur’s side.

“Goblins! Goblins have taken over the StormWind Keep”.

The centaur paused in a fit of coughing.

“Say what you must quickly centaur” the physician said, “we must treat you quickly to save your life.” The centaur scout grabbed the chestplate of the ArchKnight.

“A group of Goblins followed me back. They are in the village! You - must - stop - themmm...” The centaur passed out.

“Knights, to the village!” Roared the ArchKnight, drawing his sword.

Kindle leaped into the air. The buzz of her wings drowned out the cries of the Knights as they shouted orders to their squires. She shot out the nearest window and arced toward the town below. The Knight’s Keep was on a hill surrounded by a large village. Kindle’s heart raced.

“Finally, a real battle!” she thought.

Her eyes scanned the rows and rows of village houses. She spotted smoke near the town center. With a burst of speed she arrived at the scene. Before her stood six goblins, each with a huge wooden club and rough hewn dagger. They were moving from house to house, setting fires and smashing windows. Villagers were running everywhere, yelling in fear.

A village girl had fallen as she was trying to run away. A goblin stood before her, laughing. Kindle knew she would die if she did not help.

“What should I do?” she thought frantically. Should she go back for the Knights or try to fight the Goblins herself?

*Kindle, you know what you need to do* said a voice in her head.

It was a deep reassuring baritone that immediately calmed her nerves.

She looked down at the sword in her hand. It was very thin, white, and very strong - a gift from the Elves that supported the Knights. It was also the source of the voice in her head.

“You’re right, Cirrus.” She bit her lip and dived toward the Goblins.

The Goblin grabbed the little girl by the shirt and lifted her off the ground.

“Fresh Meat!” He bellowed.

Kindle lifted her sword and flew in front of the Goblin like a sparrow protecting its young. A huge gash appeared across the Goblin’s wrist and he dropped the girl. Kindle banked hard and came back around - grabbing the girl’s hand and dragging her toward the screaming mother.

“Whut’s this? A Bug?” grunted the Goblin with the now bleeding wrist. “Let’s squash this bug!” He gestured to his cohorts who turns and raised their clubs.

Panting with effort, Kindle dragged the girl to the outstretched arms of her mother. Just as she turned back, an arrow nicked her arm, tossing her to the cobblestones.

“HA!” Yelled the Goblin leader.

“Arrows!” Kindle remembered the injured centaur.

Kindle tucked in her wings and rolled to the side just as a huge club came down where she had fallen. Flecks of broken rock hit her face. Her arm throbbed where the arrow had cut it.

*Focus, Kindle!* Cirrus said in her head.

She leapt into the air again, just as two arrows zipped by her. She spotted the archer a few yards away on a roof.

“I need to stop that archer.” she said to herself and spun toward the Goblin archer.

Dodging arrows, she came around in a wide arc, her wings buzzing angrily.

“Now!” she cried.

She turned into a steep dive toward the archer. Her arms shook as she shattered the top of the bow with her sword. The confused Goblin tumbled off the roof and fell to the street below. Its cry cut short as it met with the ground.

Kindle’s energy was running out quickly with all the rapid flying she was doing. Her eyes darted across the open street. The Goblins were advancing on a cluster of townspeople, encircling them with taunts and smashing windows and carts. Taking a breath, Kindle dove for the leader, holding her sword before her like a spear. It sunk into the Goblin’s ear to the hilt.

Kindle had come in too fast, however, and the sword broke free from her grasp. With a cry she tumbled to the ground. The Goblin reached for the sword, pulling it free with an odd look on his face. Then he fell to the ground, dead.

Kindle hurt all over as she tried to rise again, only to have her world turn abruptly to black as a huge foot connected with her side. As she passed out, she saw the outline of the ArchKnight and the others appearing down the street.

“At least I held them off” she thought, then everything went to darkness.


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