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Soul of a Demon

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“Turn!” The witch commanded him. Motioning with her hand for him to turn around. “Have you no decency Prince! Turn your lustful eyes from her nakedness.” She snapped. Salazar flashed the old witch a harsh look. Then turned his back to Celestia as she was helped into her new clothing. He didn’t trust having his back turned to the hag and would sneak a peek over his shoulder from time to time. Morgana spoke quietly to Celestia as she assisted her. “You must always be weary of men in this form. They will hurt you, don’t trust them. Your beauty is much more than average,” she said as she pulled the hood up over Celestia’s blond hair. “You must be strong. Always remember you are a queen and they should always treat you as such. If they do not respect you, they will try to own you.” The witch warned her. Celestia didn’t understand most of what Morgana was trying to tell her. She thought of Queen Anastasia and how her people had great respect for her. Again, she wanted to be strong and brave like her friend Anna. She clenched the pendant tightly in her hand before tucking it in the warm woolen dress the witch had given her. “There! You will be warm now, and hidden from eyes that should know better.” Morgana said loud enough for both Jinn to hear.

Fantasy / Romance
May Flowers
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Book: 1 in the Demon’s Legacy series

For uncounted centuries the dragons ruled over all the peoples of the seven realms. They kept the peace for the most part. However, the appetites of the massive creatures took their toll on local livestock, crops, and the inhabitants themselves at times. The people united and drove them from the other realms back to their own. All portals to and from the dragon realm were bound with magic, sealed forever. Well, that’s what they hoped anyway.

The realms are seven planets that are connected. They all occupy the exact same point in space but in seven different dimensions. All in their own universes. The anomaly acts like a pivot point, binding those worlds and dimensions together. A very rare but natural phenomenon. The planets formed wormholes or portals between them, allowing creatures and inhabitants to travel to the other realms easily.

This is the story of the last dragon and the prophecy that had all people looking to her for protection from the demons and the horde. The demon hunted down the dragons that were trapped in their realm. Somehow, the last three escaped off-world. Of the three dragons that got away from the demon's rath, one was small yet very cunning. She barely escaped the fate that befell her two other companions. Now she was alone, running scared through the realms that her people once ruled, as prey for a demonic predator.

The Oracle of the most powerful wizards coven, the very one that exiled the dragons, gave this vital last prophecy. Then he vanished under mysterious circumstances.

Last Prophecy of Zain:

Beware the power of the soulless creator of death. Only the blood of a dragon holds the key to its defeat and reclaiming what was taken.

Carried in on the wind like a hot ember, a dragon with breathe forth new life. As the old ways pass away. A great war will ensue with no realm being spared.

Fire will rain from the skies and the creatures of the realms will have no power over it. Wielding an ancient power, a new ruler will proclaim victory as all realms bow down in supplication.

Darkness will rule into eternity if the demon defeats the dragon.

Can this meek creature stop the power play of the Demon Horde Master? What happens if she can't?

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