The Rosewood Witches

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Ruth Everhart was a girl lost in the midst of her twin sister's corporate life, when, on a whim after her mother's death, she decides to move to a small town in Maine. There, she finds more than she could ever imagine as she explores the possibility of magic while uncovering her beloved mother's past.

Fantasy / Drama
Helen Granger
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The Prologue

It was a particularly cold evening in July as the sun set and the full moon rose. The woods surrounding the small town of Rockport, Maine had an unusual mist, creating an atmosphere of mystery within the full moonlight. The mist also provided cover for the suspicious four women trudging through the trees in the very dark of midnight.

“We shouldn’t have done anything tonight,” said the pale, black haired woman. Her face was glancing around through the forest in anxiousness.

“Please,” An older, blonde woman responded. “You know we needed to do this tonight. It was the only way we could find out the truth.”

The other two women trudged on silently, seemingly following the leader, the blonde, forward into the middle of nowhere. Before they got to the center of the forest, however, the woman paused next to a creek. “Quiet,” She commanded, as if they were talking animatedly among themselves. The most mysterious-looking of the group, the woman with silvery blonde hair practically down to her thighs, stepped forward.

“We are fine here. The moon will be at its peak in moments. We don’t have time to find a more open area.” She glanced up at the sky between the trees.

The black haired woman hesitated again. “Perhaps we should go back -- you know the risk of being caught. We should’ve stayed at Seraphina’s house.”

The blonde, instead of replying, completely ignored her nervous comment and instead turned to the silvery haired woman.

“I’ll set up the candles.” She turned to the last woman of the group, a curly, brown haired woman, and motioned towards a bag that she carried. “Only when I say so.”

The blonde picked out candles and a stick from a small bag she was carrying, drawing a circle and placing different colored candles equally apart from each other. When she was finished, there were five places with a candle, each a different color.

“Everyone, take your places,” The woman said as she glanced toward the sky, the moon now peeking out behind the trees. The silvery haired woman stood behind the purple candle, the curly haired woman stood behind the red candle, the black haired woman stood behind the white candle, and the blonde woman stood behind the blue candle. There was one spot left - the green candle.

Looking at it, the blonde woman’s face grew determined. “Now, Eudora.” She said to the curly haired woman. In seconds, the candles were suddenly lit, the fire reaching higher than ever seen before. The women grabbed hands, each focusing on the moon, power seeming to course through each of them, around and around the circle.

The silvery haired woman closed her eyes, focusing carefully. Her candle’s flame reached higher than the others, almost as if it was reaching for someone.

Wind blew around them as if a protective force, the creek’s nearby water flowing faster and louder than before. The candles grew to become a dark orange flame, one representing each of the women. This went on for awhile until the moon went back behind the branches, the opening of opportunity closed.

They each let go of each other’s hands and looked at the silver haired woman expectantly, the woman herself sinking to rest on the forest floor as if she were exhausted.

The blonde woman nodded at the curly haired woman and the candles were extinguished; the circle officially broken. The blonde then walked across to the woman on the floor. They all seemed to be waiting for something.

“They said….” The silver woman choked out, breathing hard. “They said that she is coming.”

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