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The Moon Goddess' Sins [BL]

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This is only a preview. The Moon Goddess and the king of the forest fell in love, but their love was that of a forbidden love. Separated by the rulers of the earth they lived on but she bore his sons and daughter. Afraid that she couldn't care for them she casted them off into the clans beneath her along with her Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Gluttoney, Lust, Pride and Greed. Because they were her children they suffered in many ways but they knew that they were the chosen ones and needed to endure all the sufferings so that one day, they could be happy. Cover by: Romkun_arts on instagram

Fantasy / Romance
Vanessa Nicole
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C1: Good Morning MATE

“Harder, harder… Yes!!” My mate screams as I pleasure her from behind. “Corbin, let’s swap place’s,” she says and I oblige. I lay down on my back and my eyes grow in shock as I watch my mate slide down my length, position himself with his legs bent, each one at my side under my arms as I run my hands up and down his slim waist moved to ecstasy at the feel of sparks jumping up and down at the contact.

My mate leans back supporting himself with his hands flat down, raises his hips and lifts himself all the way up off my length then down again repeating this action. I feel my body tense and so does my mates, I grab my mates’ swing dick and pump him as I slam into him ramming him, “I love you Corbin!” He yells at the top of his lungs as we climax together.

He flops down onto my stomach and I pull myself out as I rub my hand up and down his back still marvelling at the wonderful experience we shared together. Kissing his lips the words, “I love you more ###” leave my lips easily. My eyes snap open. The smell of my cum enters my nose making me frown. I can still feel my heart racing at the surrealism of that dream - Can it be that I just dreamt of the future?

>That was too realistic< My wolf Cyro says and I can hear him panting at the thought. “I thought our mate was Samantha?” I say confused and get up, heading to the bathroom.

>It felt so real and so good, Samantha has never made us feel this way< he argues. I shake my head, “We never slept with her remember?”

>I want to mate with him Corbin, I want to find him soon< he demands. Normally he isn’t so horny. I look down at myself and find that I’m still hard.

>You need him too, that dream wasn’t enough< he scoffs. Closing my eyes as I stand in the shower naked I try to think of Samantha, my girlfriend of two years. A growl escapes my lips unsatisfied, thinking back to that dream, I grow harder and start pumping myself.

After taking a shower my stomach grumbles telling me that I need to eat. I pull on grey sweat pants and head out of my room. Going down to the pack kitchen, I stop in my steps halfway down and growl, “Mate!” My eyes open in disbelief and I quicken my steps as both Cyro and I can’t wait to see who he is - he huh? It seems so natural.

I break into a jog and immediately stop when I see someone squatting in front of the lower half of the fridge. He has a black shorts on hugging his fat, juicy and mouth-watering ass. His hair is messy and in a small bun with a big white shirt on. My shaft grows in sizes as I let out a lustful growl.

The boy stops what he is doing and turns around to look at me surprised. I compose myself as I recognize him as one of the pack pups, sixteen-years-old, not liked by many because he is openly gay and dresses without a care of his body showing.

He stands up and those shorts get eaten up by his ass and stays there with his juicy cheeks sticking out from under. I swallow back a growl and fight Cyro who is trying to take control so that he can mate.

“Good morning Alpha,” he bows slightly and smiles at me that makes us both purr inwardly and melt.

“Good morning pup, why aren’t you sleeping? We all have school in a few hours,” I ask him sternly making sure not to frighten him.

He shifts his weight from one foot to the next as he hesitates to answer, “I had a midnight craving for cookies but there were none left so I made some.”

I walk over to him and tower over his body, looking down at him I take in his delicious scent of freshly baked brownies and chocolate ice-cream. I begin to drool just at the thought of kissing him, I wonder what he tastes like, “Oh alright, just be careful not to burn yourself okay?” I say and take the opportunity to cup his face so that he’s looking at me.

“Remember this from now on, when you speak to me, look me in my eyes so I can see your beautiful blue eyes got it?” I order him gently while rubbing my thumb in circles on his cheek. He shudders at my touch and the sparks I feel while touching him are far more surreal than those in my dream.

I let go of him after he nods and dig in the fridge to distract myself and make sure to fix my pants in order not to show my hardened length.

>My mate, my mate, my mate< Cyro sings in pure bliss. >I want a kiss the next time we see him< he orders as he wags his tail happily.

The scent of our mate disappears making me frown since he has the stove working overtime. I grab a bowl of last nights leftover and write a note on the fridge informing the ladies that I was the one who took it.

After warming it up. I leave the kitchen and try to sniff my mate out but his scent lingers on the fifth floor while I stay up on the third. I sigh and head to my room. For some reason, I can’t remember his wolfs name but I know his name is Kaeden Gates. His mother is the packs third doctor and his father is a warrior. He has a sister and brother who are both warriors while he is an Omega, the only male Omega in the pack. I’m currently training all warriors and I know for a fact that the Omega’s train too but not with me.

Getting to my room, I lock it and eat while I think about Kaeden. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to be with a guy since I’m straight but I guess the moon goddess gave me that dream to be open-minded about my mate.

>Corbin, guess what?< Cyro says interrupting my thoughts. “What is it?” I ask amused at his happiness, not to say that I am unhappy about our mate being male.

He wags his tail with a grin, >Kaeeeee~ will give birth to our babies and they will be adorable~ Ah my Kaeden, my Kaeden, my Kaeden is here!< he suddenly says and I jump up.

The smell of freshly baked brownies and chocolate ice-cream make my mouth water but a knock stops my horny ass from progressing.

I open the door and see a flushed Kaeden holding a huge box wrapped in gold wrapping along with a black bow and something that looked like a frame leaning against his leg that is wrapped similar too. My eyes widen in realization and I quickly let him in which he thanks me soon after with a blush… So polite and so adorable.

My petite male Omega mate holds the box out to me, “I know it’s early and your party is only this evening but I wanted to give you your presents,” he says making me melt.

“You got me more than one gift Kaeden?” I ask and take both from him. I sit down on my bed after placing the frame on the bed and unwrap the big box. My eyes widen in shock!

Inside is a set of clothes, a red and black baseball jacket with my name on it and the number eight on it. Setting it down, I pull out two shirts, one black with Cyro’s name on it on the back and in front, it had an outline in light blue of a wolf, while the other shirt was a black and blue checked shirt. I pulled out a pair of plain black jeans and white sneakers that had a wolf printed on the outside of the left shoe and Cyro’s name on the other.

Cyro and I were going crazy with joy, who would have thought that he not only was thinking of me but Cyro too. There was a jeweller box inside it and when I opened it my heart melted. It had a silver-plated bracelet with blue Alexandrite stones in the centre of each plate, “My birthstone?” I asked looking up at him.

He nodded his head, “Do you like it?” he asked nervously. I nodded my head, “I love it Kaeden, thank you so much, Cyro loves your gifts too.”

Kaeden’s eyes brighten making my heart race. I place everything to the side, get up and stand before him, cupping his cheeks, I look into his eyes lovingly, “Can I wear these clothes later on?” I ask for his permission although I don’t need it and he nods. He tries to step away but I don’t give him the chance to escape me. I gently press my lips to his and quickly sweep my tongue inside his mouth and explore. He tastes like toffee, just as good as he smells with a hint of mint, I’m guessing from brushing his teeth, ah~ freshly baked brownies, chocolate ice-cream with toffee -- my new favourite combination. I let go of his lips and pull him in for a hug, his body trembles in my embrace as he takes in deep breaths, “Are you coming to the party later on?” I ask him and feel him shake his head.

Frowning, I pull back and looked down displeased, “Why not?”

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