The Moon Goddess' Sins [BL]

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C10: All For You

To some, it seemed that Kaeden was keeping himself high and mighty even without talking to any of them but it’s not like he wasn’t talking, no one was willing to listen to him. His mother, father and siblings were in a completely awkward position, there was Kaeden and then there was the pack.

After training, Kaeden went on border patrol then came back and showered. He ate alone outside then went back in and did his homework, after homework, he went through his videos. Uploading the video of himself dancing to Ariana Grande’s Everyday to his status update. In the video, he had on the clothes he wore on Corbin’s birthday but was in his socks. He stood in the middle of the living room in front of a five-seater couch. Seconds through the video he stopped dancing and looked to his right and started laughing.

Corbin walked into the camera’s line of view and walked towards the camera asking, “What are you doing now?” Kaeden replied, “You left me alone so forgive me for acting like a fool when I’m all by myself.” The music stopped playing and Kaeden yelled, “Why did you turn it off?!” Corbin was heard snickering, “I’ll turn it back on in a bit… explain to me why you are dressed like that and dancing wrong?”

“How am I supposed to dance?” Kaeden asked and walked off. Corbin walked back into the camera’s line of view and took off his emerald suit jacket and chucked it to the side and flopped down on the five-seater with his legs up as he took his waistcoat off and unbuttoned his shirt. Another man came into the line of the camera standing behind the couch that Corbin was on but his face couldn’t be seen, “You’re dressed up kinky so you should dance kinky,” the man said.

Corbin looked at the man and asked, “Why’d you follow me home.” The man picked up a pillow on the couch and threw it at Corbin, “You weren’t supposed to leave, what’s wrong with you?”

Corbin groaned, “I can’t stay in one place full of men for long without getting pissed off.” Kaeden came back into the frame with food and handed it to Corbin. “Kaeden don’t ignore me,” the man said.

“Uninvited guests don’t get food!” Kaeden beamed and started shaking his butt, “Come teach me how to dance kinky.” The man walked around the couch and went to Kaeden’s side, “Move your hips like…”

“Don’t do this shit in front of me and get your fucking hands off him!” Corbin growled. Kaeden dropped to the floor and burst out laughing. The caption on the video was “Day made!”

Placing his phone on the nightstand, he switched off the light and went to sleep although it was still early. His phone rang around one in the morning and the wolves awake, perked their ears up to hear, “Mn, hey?”

“Did I wake you?” Corbin asked with a sigh.

“Mnnn,” Kaden hummed.

“Well wake up, you have patrol in three hours,” Corbin said with a smirk.

Kaden growled lowly, “Why? My legs hurt, I can’t take this anymore,” he whimpered into the phone.

Corbin sighed as he felt the aches in his legs that his mate felt, “I know, I’m sorry.”

“It’s K, how was work?” he asked, switching the subject as he turned over and buried his face into the pillow.

“It wasn’t easy but I managed,” he answered. Kaeden’s brows furrowed, “Why what happened?”

Corbin wiped away the tear threatening to fall out and mumbled, “It’s not easy being away from you mate.”

Kaeden sighed and sat up, he got out of bed and walked over to the door and opened it, the eavesdropping Charlese and her best friend Danielle caught a fright since they didn’t hear him walk over, Kaeden glared at them and yelled, “What the fuck do you want? Why are you eavesdropping on my phone call?”

Those who were asleep were now definitely awake. The boys came out of their rooms and saw the two girls in their flowery pyjamas stare in shock at Kaeden. Some of them were still half asleep. The floor manager came out of his room and glared at the three culprits, “What’s going on here?”

Kaeden stepped back into his room and slammed the door loud and locked it. “Who was it?” Corbin asked with a frown on his face. Kaeden groaned, “Charlese and her friend.”

“I’ll come over this weekend and we’ll spend time together okay?” Corbin said but Kaeden shook his head, “No can do sir, we have a deal that we should stick to.”

“I love you Kaeden, to the moon and back,” Corbin said weakly. Kaeden’s heart stung stinging Corbin’s heart, “I know you do and I love you too Mr Silver.” The two of them spoke in a tone only they could hear.

“Corbin, where are we going?” Kaeden asks me. I turn to my side and smile at him as he struggles to keep his hands from pulling the eye mask off from his face.

“Oh don’t worry about it, why do you want to ruin the surprise?” I ask him and he groans as he folds his arms across his chest, “The only reason why I’m asking this is that you have me blindfolded for the last thirty minutes, I already don’t know my way around the human town, so what is the need for the blindfold?”

I chuckle and look ahead of me, “Well, because I planned a BIG surprise for you and I just wanted it to be very romantic, like in the bullshit movies my secretary watches at work,” I answer honestly since I know nothing about romance.

Kaeden scoffs, “You still need to explain to me properly what you do for a living MR SILVER.” I hum and sigh but agree. I should tell him since he will be my husband in the future and I plan to make us official.

We arrive at our destination twenty minutes later. I drive up a newly tarred road leading to the home I bought for myself and Kaeden to live in. Stopping the car in front of the garage, I open my door, “Don’t get out,” I order him and hear him sass, “It’s not like I can see, do you really want me to trip?”

I arrive at his side and open the car door, taking his hand in mine, I lead him out and kiss his cheek making him blush as I whisper in his ear, “I don’t mind you tripping but we have to make sure you get hurt real bad so that I can carry you like a princess.”

Kaeden gasps and pinches my hand not that it hurts but I howl in pain anyway. Kaeden frowns after I close the door behind him, “Carry me where?” he asks. I mentally rip my tongue out and smile weakly, “You’ll find out soon.”

I lead my sceptical mate to the front of the driveway and face him to the forest in front of us, “Ready?” I ask as I step back and take out my phone, switching it to the video camera so that I can capture this moment.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” he answers weakly. I press record and say three seconds later, “Okay, you can take it off now.”

Kaeden wastes no time and chucks the offending mask away. He looks up ahead with his hands on his hips ready to scold me but pauses as he sees the beautiful forest ahead of him. His eyes widen and a smile spreads across his face, he turns around to look at me and his eyes widen further almost popping out. His mouth hangs open as he stares behind me with his eyes darting around.

He suddenly squeals and jumps up and down, “Corbin what is this?!” He asks with excitement in his voice. I can’t help but smile as I answer him after he runs away towards the beautiful garden filled with many different flowers, mostly purple, blues and pink flowers with a few white ones, “It’s our home mate,” I say.

He stops smelling the flowers and turns to look at me unamused, “Don’t lie to me.” Ending the video, I put my phone away and looked at him dumbfounded, “And why would I lie to you?”

He puts his hands on his hips and pulls his face, “You just turned eighteen, how did you manage to buy this place?” I shake my head in disbelief, “Kitten, I told you I’m a multi-billionaire, why are you unconvinced.”

He points at the house behind him, “So this house belongs to you?” he says and I shake my head, “Nope, the house belongs to you, I will just live in it.”

He stares stunned at me. He looks at me with a frown, “Tell me the truth Corbin.” I sigh and walk up to him. Kissing his lips I hug him to me, “I’m dead serious Kitten, you know I left the pack and you will have to leave eventually and live with me. Living in an apartment is fine if I am to live alone but during your visits and vacations, I thought that it would be best if my Kitten got a place of his own where we wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone and…” I point to the forest, “You and Phoenix can run freely without anyone bothering you. I bought all of this land just for you Kitten.”

My Kitten slumps in my arms and leans his head against my chest, “But this is too much.” I shake my head and cup his face with both my hands, looking into his eyes, I shake my head, “No it is not, we’ll outgrow this place eventually when we have pups and I plan to have you give birth twice a year,” I say and he stares at me with wide eyes.

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