To Love

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Chapter 22

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“It is in your moments of decision that your identity is shaped.”

-Jeny Robbins

I ran to the door, leaving the laptop abandoned on my desk. The moment I opened it, ready to sprit down the halls, I was met with two guards, blocking my exit. I was stunned for a second as they both turned to me, unable to comprehend their presence.

“Luna, we have been given orders to keep you within your quarters.”

“I want to go and wait for my mate with the others,” I respond and they look at each other, communicating with a simple glance.

“We apologise Luna but for safety reasons, you are not permitted to leave,” the same guard says, maintaining his stoic expression.

“And who permitted that?” I ask.

“Beta Jayce, Luna. We are under strict orders to keep you here until the Alpha arrives back into pack grounds.” Jayce? I give them a steely look, thankful that they are men from this pack and not the Kings.

“Well I am putting you under strict orders now to let me pass. I’ll sort this out with Beta Jayce if you take me to him. Now,” I command, putting as much authority behind my words as I can.

Neither of them flinch. “We cannot allow you to leave. It is for your own safety Luna and we can assure you that if it were safer for you out here we would have no hesitations,” the guard says and I can’t get mad at him, not when he is only following orders that Jayce likely implemented for this exact reason.

I nod, telling them to get me right away when Roman returns before closing the door, walking back into the room with fervent pace. My gut twists and I wish beck over to the laptop, opening it up to find loading icons, the only screens that work soon turn into the same icon before one after the other, a message appears on each screen, the writing the exact same. ACCESS BLOCKED:CONTACT ADMINISTRATOR.

I’ve been locked out, not just because the connection failed, but because they discovered me using it. And I am not allowed to be. I pull out my phone, my hands fumbling as I search through the phone, dialling Romans number only for it to ring out and end on the automated voice message. I try again, and again and again until my eyes begin to well up. “Come on,” I yell into the phone, a choked sob escaping my mouth when no one answers again.

I saw how many guns there were, what those hunters did to the wolves. Saw it all with my own eyes. If they started a fight they likely know how to win it. And if Roman wasn’t hurt by the hunters then there is still going to be the King left to deal with. Roman spear tackled him. I don’t even know if being his heir is enough at this point. And if he doesn’t get killed I doubt he’ll make it out without being punished, severely.

The thought alone makes my lip quiver and I scroll through the very few contacts on my phone, nearly crying from relief alone when Jayce’s name pops up on the screen. I click it without a hesitation and the phone is answered after just two rings.

“Hello? Luna?” He asks and I try to reign in my emotions.

“Where is he?” I rush out.

“They are safe, on their way back now,” he says and I shut my eyes, struggling to keep into together but holding on nonetheless. They won, they made it out.

“Is he alright? Is she alright?” I ask, thinking about Alani’s collapsed figure on the floor.

“They are both being taken straight to the hospital wing, they should arrive within the next thirty minutes if all runs soothly but the hospital will be taking in an influx of patients along with them so it is hard to say,” he informs me and I know from the carefree way in which he talks to me that I’m not in my room simply so I don’t know what’s going on and that him telling me probably breaches whatever new rules the King has imposed.

“Was he hurt?” I ask.

“He is injured but they say he will recover, the King also took some harsh hits and though I’m not certain, I can assume that the people you want to find will be treated in the same wing that you were, so rest assured they will all be okay,” he says pointedly and I pick up the message as clear as day. If I can find a way out of this room to get there I will meet them.

“Thank you,” I say sincerely.

“My pleasure, Luna,” he replies before ending the phone and the first thing I do is move to the end of my bed before clutching my stomach and collapsing to the floor with a wail of pain.

The guards, as I suspected, rush into the room without wasting a single second, both of their eyes panicked as they lean down next to me. “Luna are you alright?”

Instead of answering, I let out another wail of pain. “Get a chair brought in and alert the hospital.” One of them commands, though I can’t see who through my eyes clenched shut. “Luna it’s going to be alright, help is on the way,” he says soothingly to me and I nod, continuing to clutch nay stomach while letting out large, even breaths.

The chair comes in record time but still, I have to put up a notable performance, answering the wolf with lies and continuing to put on a memorable show. It wouldn’t surprise me if he thought I was genuinely dying.

The second they pass into the Alphas wing of the hospital I am met with a worried looking Lynn who rushes over to me thought behind her, a frenzy is breaking out. “Luna are you alright?” She asks, worried and I groan in pain.

“Take her to the Luna’s suite and administer pain medication until I get there, to check in on her,” she says to a nurse next to her, full command and authority in her words as she springs into action.

“But doctor, the Alpha is already in there,” she says and at the look I give her, the one that washes away any sign of pain, Lynn catches onto my game.

“It doesn’t matter, his wounds are minor and the presence of his mate could help. The other rooms are occupied,” she says and the nurse nods.

“Hang tight Luna, I’ll be there to help aid you and your mate as soon as I can,” she says to me and I nod, fake pain concealing my face once more.

The guards leave me as the nurse wheels me through the hospital and I try to stop the horror on my face as I see people being wheeled in with much worse conditions than me, all hooked up and sedated. Some are still awake and I can hear them, hear the cries or screams of wolves as they are brought in.

We turn a corner and a I bring my hand over my mouth at the sight unfolding before me. A wolf, strong and burly that looks entirely untouched aside from thick, jagged scars that poke out from his old dirty shirt fights against three fully armed guards. He screams profanities at them, flinching and snapping at them shortly after. He looks incensed and writhes as they try to calm him down with words, titling his head to the side before jerking it back, continuing what looks like an internal battle before his body begins shaking.

I see his veins bulge first, and then his bones start shifting underneath his skin, moving like there are raging waves within his body. He lets out an enraged scream-a roar almost and then opens his eyes, his head snapping directly towards me.

Not even the guards see the shift coming, it happens so fast, like a strike of lightning hits him and all of a sudden a large brown wolf is hurdling towards me down the hall-red hot anger searing in his eyes. An anger that looks intent to kill and is directed solely at me, like he moves with a mission held for a lifetime.

I don’t even scream as I feel the hot breath of the beast near my face and stare straight into its mouth, those elongated canines sharper than any knife I’ve seen. For some reason, any fear, any hurt that comes with the impending doom of death freezes in time. And in the last second, I shut my eyes tightly only to find no pain, no impact-nothing. And when I open my eyes, the ringing sound that plagued my mind leaves a dull tone and I hear the snarls of wolves, looking in front of me to find three wolves, larger than the first fighting off my assailant.

Whatever the outcome is, I don’t know because the nurse once stood behind me is quickly replaced with a guard that escorts me with excessive speed towards the room. I recognise the setting as we approach, the more luxurious decorations and space vacant of large bustle. But the two guards, stood in front of my suite are completely unfamiliar.

The only thing that sparks my memory is the uniform they wear, the same uniform the two guards that denied me entry to my office wore. The kings men.

They nod towards the guard stationed behind me and open the door, pushing me straight through.
Roman, who is sat away facing the window snaps his head towards me the moment I cross the threshold, his eyes softening before clouding with concern as he assesses me. I, too run my eyes up and down the length of his body furiously, scouring for signs of injury of hurt to find nothing, not a scratch on his smooth skin.

“Mae,” he says moving towards me. “What is wrong with her?” He asks to a nurse who enters the room and I turn my attention to her and the pills in her hand.

“That is what we are he to figure out, Alpha,” she says.

“I’m fine,” I say, surprising them both and their attention turns to me, confused. “The pain has gone, I don’t know how to describe it but it isn’t there anymore,” I say and she gives me a sceptical look.

“Where did it hurt?” Roman asks but I know, some part of me knows that he has caught onto my lie already.

“My stomach,” I tell him and he nods, looking at the nurse.

“I acquired an injury there and have only recently healed, she likely felt things more intensely though the bond due to her human abilities,” he explains and she doesn’t look fully convinced. All I want is to get her out of here so that I can talk to Roman alone. Find out exactly what happened after everything went dark.

“Well I will leave these pain medications with you, if you feel discomfort take one with a glass of water and Alpha, I suggest moving her to the bed so that she may recover. Stress to the abdominal area is never a good sign for our Luna. Dr Lynn is currently in a surgery but she will return to further assess you within the next hour,” she explains, handing Roman the capsules.

“Thank you,” he says cordially.

She nods her head at both of us before leaving in a flurry, likely to help attend to the many other people returning from the base.

The second she is gone and the door is closed, I leap out of my chair and wrap my arms around Roman in a tight embrace which he soon returns.

“I saw the king attack you and then everything thing went dark and.” A choked sob escapes my mouth and I pull myself closer to his chest. “I thought that you were dead, I thought he hurt you,” I mummer and he rests his hand on the back of my head, holding me to him.

“I’m okay, everything is going to be fine,” he says and I pull back, worry still pulsing though my veins.

“Alani?” I blurt, “Is she alive?” I ask and the question hurts me more than I thought it would. Not okay, alive.

I can’t get the image of her being held and strangled out of my mind, of her body falling limp in the kings tight grip. And I also can’t unseen Roman, stopping his leader though it might’ve already been too late. He went against his nature, against everything he believes in and upholds for a stranger-for me.

“She’s in surgery right now, the king was too preoccupied with handing the rebels to overrule my command to have her brought to the hospital but she was in poor condition when we arrived. As soon as we got here I was ordered to be kept in this room and the king declared that Alani would only receive aid by wolves that volunteered,” he says and my gut twists.

“After seeing the hurt that was done to the wolves captured,” I state, connecting the dots and he nods.

“He knew that no one would help her, not even commanded by me if given a choice in the matter by their king. Not when there were wolves that needed medical attention first,” he says and my brows knit together in confusion.

“Then how is she in surgery?” I ask and just as the query passes my lips, I think back to the nurse and the answer forms on the tip of my tongue. “Lynn.”

He nods. “She was the only one at first but a few followed after and a maid nearby, human, stated she had medical experience and offered to assist,” he says and tears well up in my eyes at the sacrifice she made.

The kings wishes in his command for volunteers was as clear as day and those who put their hands up would likely now be in his bad books, tainted by the choice to give aid to a human girl in need.

“Where is he now?” I ask, the fear that he will return whilst she is being saved and stop it eating away at my thin resolve.

“The king is still at the base, operating damage control. One of us needed to return with the troops and I was injured,” worry encompasses my face at his words. “Nothing major,” he assures, “a slight wound that I healed but they needed me to take some test-ensure nothing was laced with the weaponry.”

“But how will we keep her safe once she is out of surgery and he has returned? He’ll kill her,” I say and he nods, an action I didn’t want to see though I asked for it.

“He’ll definitely try,” he says not bothering to sugar coat it. “But he’ll make a show of it no doubt. A trial must be held and those responsible for the operations will be killed-some in worse ways than others. If the king doesn’t demand it, the people will,” he says and the thought of Alani on that stage in front of all those people, her head at the end of a barrel and her soul waiting to be marred into the kings skin crosses my mind.

“That can’t happen,” I rush out. “We don’t know if she had anything to do with that yet.”

“At least we have time, a trial takes time to process and those who are guilty will be found along with those who are not. Due to our reforms many may just serve in prisons but I’d guess many will die and the king will make it a point to have her at his mercy,” he explains and the idea of the king having mercy is so foolish it washes away the little hope I have left.

He takes my hand and pulls me towards the bed so that we both sit down as I process the information.

“There’s something else,” he says morbidly, running a hand down the length of his face in stress. I place my hand on his to help calm him down. “He has assured me that upon returning we need to hand Carter over to him for execution or else he will command it,” he says and my blood runs cold before my face scrunches up in horror and confusion.

“What?” I ask, the question coming out in a whisper. Roman’s silence as he looks down, shame marring his features makes my answer all the more evident. There is nothing more to it, the King wants him dead. “But he helped us, he gave us all the information we needed-everything he could,” I blabber out, my lip beginning to quiver.

“The king suspects it was a set up, he believes Carter not only knew of the operations conducted at the base but was involved in it as Arthurs son. He also thinks Carter knew of the weapons the rebels would have stashed ready to retaliate and assassinate myself and the king in the cafeteria,” he says and I furrow my brows, the evidence not stacking up.

“But how could he have known that? How could he know that they would have arsenal in the cafeteria, or that the king would be there or even you for that matter? And Carter wouldn’t ever condone that, he wouldn’t risk Alani’s life like that either,” I explain to him and he nods.

“I know, I know that its a large connection to make but I also know the king and realistically, it wouldn’t matter if we had truth serum to get Carters confessions-he is a target that will soon be eliminated if we don’t figure something out.”

“What could we possibly do?” I mummer, “the king hates us, you defied his wishes in front of his men, assaulted him and we’ve been lying-scheming behind his back for months. It wouldn’t surprise me if he killed us too and appointed someone else as his heir,” I say and Roman doesn’t jump to deny my statement-instead becoming more morbid with each passing second.

He knows I’m right. We stop this wish and he will hurt us too-his pride won’t allow him not to.

Roman turns his attention from the hospital floor onto me, our eyes connecting. I can see the seriousness that takes over his features and the thoughts that rage behind those bright blue eyes.

“We could have an heir.”

His suggestion knocks the wind straight out of me, not because I think it is entirely absurd and so not the time for him to bring a thing like this up. But for the fact that each second I sit staring blankly at him I realise that he might be right, having an heir might just be the only thing to get us back into his good books. It is the only thing he wants from me-from either of us aside from complete and utter devotion.

“What?” I ask and he doesn’t look at me with a sympathetic type of guilt or apologise profusely like he usually doesn’t when I don’t jump at the opportunity to have his child. His face remains entirely serious.

“We could have an heir,” he says, his voice void of the love and compassion that a man might use to convince his partner to take that step in their lives. He doesn’t seem pleased that its out only option either.

“You really think it’ll make a difference in saving them?” I ask and he contemplates my words before nodding.

“It’ll give us more influence and the more influence we have, the more power we have, the more we can help them,” he says and I think over his words. He lets the silence drift between us without making a move to justify his stance any further, letting me absorb the reality as I stare at the bed in thought before looking straight into his eyes.



We remain in the room for over an hour, no one coming to visit us and no one contacting us either. I know Jayce didn’t just confine me to my rooms for fear of the hunters but because now I am here stuck in this room with Roman and there isn’t a chance the guards will let me pass now that they have me. Jayce didn’t want me to face the wrath of the king or see his decisions first hand but I can’t hide from this-it won’t help anyone.

It is well into the early morning the night outside still blanketing the sky when the door opens and a guard walks in, making us rise from our spot on the bed, breaking me from my rest. He is one of our men though I don’t know if that will really matter at this point. “The king has arrived, his orders restricted you until he came so you are free to go,” he says, proving his loyalty to us.

“Where is he?” Roman asks, taking my hand.

“In the Alpha suite, Alpha,” he says and Roman nods.

“Thank you.” The man leaves the room and the door remains open, no longer confining us. “We have to go,” Roman says, looking to me with seriousness. “We need to go now and try to prevent whatever decision it is that he will make in a fit of rage.”

I nod hastily and we walk out of the room hand in hand, any signs of our injuries-real or fake-completely gone as we walk through the halls, a short distance to the Alphas suite where we can hear the yelling of the king, the wild commands from a mile away.

The guards posted at the door don’t make a move to stop our entry as we walk towards the room, getting closer to the threshold where the voices become more clear. “Out nurse will assist you until a doctor can be provided, our best are both currently in surgeries but one should become available any minute now, we will pull her from her task if it takes longer than necessary,” a woman with a clipboard assures the king and we walk in to find him sat in a chair, a snarl covering his face as a male nurse begins to clean out a large gash that is coloured with a nasty infection, his work not affecting the king one bit. We stand beside the entrance, together and united ready to face him.

He turns his attention to us almost immediately and though I see the flash of seething anger that bubbles beneath his eyes at the sight, he doesn’t spare us a moment as he turns back to the woman. “Where is the prisoner? The girl sent from the base, is she dead?” He asks, entirely hopeful and the assistant shales her head almost nervously, making him roar-its sound intensified by the pain coming from his arm no doubt.

“Who helped her?” He grits out through his teeth.

“A handful of doctors and nurses your majesty, not many,” she replies, clearly somewhat fearful to further enrage him.

He lets out a hiss of pain, pulling his hand from the arm rest before snarling at the person kneeling next to him, annoyance encompassing his features.

“I want that doctor now,” he seethes, pushing away the nurse at his arm like a petulant child. “I am the king,” he says and the girls hand starts shaking slightly.

“B-but your majesty she will arrive in just minutes-her surgery on the girl is almost over,” she says, the admission slipping out accidentally and horror taking over her features for a split second after she does.

“You mean to tell me that on of the best doctors in this pack is tending to a human rebel, a criminal deserving of death over her king?” He asks and the girl nods.

“I want her brought to me now and those who are aiding her too. Let the people of this pack see what happens to those that disrespect their king, and once they are dealt with, I expect a doctor of qualification and loyalty to be ready at my service. Is that understood?” He commands, his tone so powerful I feel it ripple though my soul.

“I’m know I’m sorry I’m late, I didn’t mean to upset him… he is? Well I needed to save that girl, if I weren’t there she wouldn’t be stable right now…I also have a duty as a doctor,” Lynns voice becomes clearer through the hallway as she approaches my room and horror comes over my face but when I make a move to go forward, Romans hand stops me in warning.

I expect the King to leap from his spot and shift right there, like the wolf in the halls to tear through her body but he instead snaps his head towards the door, following the sound with any trace of malice wiped clean from his face.

Lynn walks around the corner into the room, staring at her clipboard as her coat sways behind her. “Sorry I’m late,” she mumbles into the clipboard before lifting her head up, her eyes connecting with the Kings straight away and a look too complex to pinpoint overtakes her face.

The king gulps and a deep rumble emits from his chest, his eyes not wavering once and his lips forming the word before he says it.


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