To Love

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Chapter 34


"Wha-wha what?"

-my friend

One week earlier...

I dug the small shovel into the soil, using my hand to pull the dirt aside and deepen the hole. There was something aggressive about the action that made being forced to do it somewhat more tolerable. All of this was supposed to be an outlet anyway.

An outlet to help us harness our feelings, take time to think and process and analyse our situations. Take the time around nature to calm ourselves, body and mind. There was even music playing from the corner of the room, some sort of mediation mix that was meant to help heal us.

It was needless to say that the lady running this part of the program was slightly whacko. She'd come over every so often and embrace you randomly, reciting one motivating line or another usually involving mountains and overcoming the journey ahead. Nothing she said made sense and so I didn't bother trying to make sense of it.

Not many of us did. We just let her wander around in her flowing bright clothes and when she'd invade my personal space, one hand resting on my shoulder as she spoke and stared me directly in the eyes I let her. Apparently her only daughter had been taken as a mate and we all assumed that's what broke her to the point she was at now. She confessed to be healed however, fully healed by the power of plants and given the gift of nurturing other poor women to health and happiness.

It was all really stupid and really tiring. Not to mention the fact that we weren't even really in nature. We were still underground somewhere, the walls were still concrete and we were all still trapped.

There were plants growing under lights, garden beds and vines covering the grey walls but it didn't change them being there. Nor did the clouds and blue sky painted onto the roof. It was a far cry from the garden I was used to at the palace, even the one I nursed in the sectors.

I picked up the seedling from the container next to me, placing it in the hole I'd made carefully before covering it up.

"Why does that not surprise me?" I turn my head to find a girl talking with a guard near the entrance. Her arms are folded across her chest, hugging the loose fabric of her shirt to her thin body.

"You've taken two toilet breaks in the last hour Ma'am. I'm not going to permit you another." The guard folds his arms over his chest too, matching her stance and solidifying his.

Her lips purse into a thin line and she gives him a hard stare. "I can't help it if I need to go. I need to go."

"No, you don't. If you really need to go I will take you to a bathroom in the hospital and the doctor can deal with you. Is that what you want?" He asks, a brow raised and she doesn't respond, a slight look of terror overcoming her face.

"Fuck you," she says flatly although it doesn't affect him-I gather this isn't the first time she's done this.

At a loud gasp and colourful clothing moving towards her I pull my attention back to the plants. I don't need to get caught up in all that.

"I am getting a very negative energy! This isn't like you dear, the healing process can be rough sometimes I know but you need to try and give a positive energy if you wish to receive it." Listening to the soft care of that lady's voice is starting to become its own kind of torture.

"I just need to use the bathroom and he won't let me." Her fire dissipates, the change of her voice turning desperate.

"Now, now Amara. This lovely man has been caring for you, protecting you for a very long time, that is no way to speak to him. I'm sure he knows what is best and what is best for you dear is to listen to him. Now come, I have just the task for you."

She must've given up because there weren't anymore protests so I focused back on the music, drawing out the chatter of other mates around me.

"Maeve," I turn to meet the beaming smile of the woman holding onto the same girl as before, her hands holding gardening tools. "I would like for our friend here to work in your company. You have been recovering so well these last few sessions and it is only right to share your positivity with others. Once you have finished this lot of planting together come find me and I'll get you more seedlings," she says, handing off the frail girl to me before turning and wandering off god knows where.

I let out a small sigh but smile nonetheless.

"I don't think we've met before, I'm-"

"The Luna."

"Unless you want another lecture from sunshine over there you should probably call me Mae. That name is not allowed here."

She sits down in the spot next to me with hesitation, keeping a wary eye on me. "You don't seem bothered by that."

I shrug. "I don't care what they call me-what anyone calls me. Luna, Mae, Maeve, bitch, traitor, mate-I've had it all."

At the mention of the word mate I notice her body seize up and she digs her own spade into the soil, clearly bothered by it. "I don't think I'll ever hear that again," she says softly and I inspect her, her eyes glossing over slightly.

"I wouldn't say that either," I mummer. "Not if you actually want to."

She looks at me then, her blue eyes electric from the water that wells in them. "Of course not," she snaps. "I'm not stupid enough to make the same mistake twice."

"Yet you risk it," I point out, taking another plant and placing it in the soil.

"I haven't really got much more to loose. There is only one way to escape this place," she says morbidly and I don't press. I know exactly what she is referring too-an option I don't have the luxury of choosing.

"You shouldn't be so grim, it's not going to help your case," I reprimand and she rolls her eyes.

"Nothing is going to help my case-not here anyway. We are all just lab rats to them, well, maybe not you. But the rest of us?" She laughs dryly. "It's only a matter of time before they stop caring about helping us our of the bond and start forcing us out of it."

I don't need to ask her what she means and what she gets at makes my stomach sink. I've avoided a doctors office so far but I can't escape it forever-especially not if they want to start forcing me from the bond.

"I take it you don't want that," I reply, starting to dig another hole.

Her eyes dart to the side, observing the space around us before landing on the guard at the door. A disgusted look coming over her face.

"No," she says, fully serious. "I want to go home. I don't want to be here and I never did- I had a life," she says quietly. "I had a house, I worked my dream job in digital tech, I lived with a man I love- I know not everyone is as lucky as me-some of the people here are a testament to that but I liked how things were. He didn't kidnap me or hurt me or give me Stockholm syndrome like they try telling me, many wolves did that for human mates but he didn't. It was nothing like that."

My head snaps immediately towards the guards and every single person who might be in earshot of us. When no one comes over immediately I turn back to her, my brows meeting in the middle.

"So you've really given up all care then?" I ask, shaking my head as I turn back to my plants. I get being reckless when all options have been exhausted, I've been there too many times to count. But I've also got plans of my own to consider. "When I say you shouldn't be grim, I mean it. Have a little hope, what good does giving up do?"

"I'm never getting out of here. And things here are only going to get worse."

I look at her again, at the intense sadness that masks her face. "What makes you say that?" I ask.

"Because sooner or later they are going to start testing our compatibility. And there's not many ways aside from the obvious to do that." My gut plummets completely at her words and I look to where her gaze flicks. To the guard stood at the door.

I furrow my brows as I look at her again. "What did you say your job before being here was again?" I ask and I see her spirits deflate at the question, a diversion from what matters in her eyes.

"I worked with digital technology, I was an engineer of sorts," she answers, shoving a plant into a hole without care before planting it. I watch as she angrily covers it with soil and the cogs in my mind start to turn.

"What if I told you that there was a way out." My words are barely a whisper but she catches them, stilling entirely.

"If you really do want out then go to the toilet outside the kitchens tomorrow two hours into the session and wait there until I arrive. Only if you are willing. Truly willing," I say seriously and she smiles, a spark of hope lighting up in her eyes.

She held up her pale hands smeared with dirt and grime from the hours of labour, maintaining that knowing smile. "I'm not afraid of getting my hands a little dirty."


The walk to the prisons was exactly as I had remembered it, the dim lights, the concrete walls. Everything that I had ran over again and again in my mind laying before me. But still, I memorised each crevice again, making sure that I knew my way around "without question. There wasn't room for mistakes.

The scratchy station noise of one of the guards radios filled the cool silence of the halls as we hastily moved towards the cells, their hands nudging me forward with more fervency the longer we took. "The electricity in the west sector is fully down, reboots are in order. All x13's to report immediately to stations."

From the way the guard to the right of me started moving faster I gathered he fit into that category.

"What's going on?" I ask, concern riddling my words and the only response I get it a shove forward. "Is he safe?" I'm delirious almost, in the delivery of my question.

The words of a woman so ruined by her experiences she can't think rationally. Exactly the woman they believe I am.

"Everything is under control. It is none of your concern," the man to my right replies gruffly and I begin to breathe heavily, the stress of it all weighing on me. If any news of me during this fiasco is going to spread, which if they were smart it would, I'd rather tales of me being blissfully unaware spread.

The familiar lining of doors approach, each accompanied with a scanner, the string of red lights only adding to the omniscience of the dungeons aura. It made the weight of the card in my pocket increase ten fold.

My hyperventilating only intensifies as we near the cell door that I ingrained in my memory, the painted yellow twenty two stamped on the front. I know exactly what lies behind the door, and that's the most frightening part of it all. I'd prefer to go in blind like before, to let the shock and horror sink in slowly rather than slap me all at once.

It makes my gut coil tightly. Especially when I could very well be staying down here for good, or until Oliver convinces his father to release me—if he would after it all. The plan isn't sturdy, my faith lies within the wolves that have been held captive down here for months, years. So many things could go horribly wrong.

"No," I begin to mummer as we get closer, struggling against them. "No, no I didn't mean it please," I say, blubbering the words as I fight.

"Maybe a good couple months will finally knock the traitor out of you once and for all," the man to my right says and his partner snickers as they keep us moving, their grips tightening. My struggle persists.

"Give me one night with her and I'll knock it out," his colleague says, eliciting a harsh laugh. It makes my blood run cold, thoughts of what Amara feared running though my mind. It makes my hyperventilating easy to achieve.

"All x13 units immediately too stations." The radios fizzle ends as abruptly as it comes and the same man from before curses under his breath.

"I gotta go see what the fuck is happening over there, are you good with this?" He asks and my bicep is grabbed harder, to the point I know a bruise will be left.

He scoffs. "I'll be fine. You go sort that out, I'll deal with her," he says smugly and the thought at being left alone with him-especially after what he said makes dread pool in the pit of my stomach.

I struggle harder. The other man leaves promptly, setting off in a jog down the corridor and the man holding me swipes his card, opening the door to the cells.

The smell is just as putrid as the first time I entered, if not worse. The coppery tang of blood wafts from the cells, mixed with faeces and the slow decay of the inhabitants hits me like a truck. It makes my nose scrunch up in distaste and I struggle further against the mans hold.

His lips, hot and wet hover on the base of my neck just below my ear, allowing me to hear his rugged breaths. Though not one inmate speaks up, everything as still as it was when I entered, I feel a shift in the atmosphere. "If you keep struggling I'll really give you something to struggle about, Luna," he says and it makes me feel queasy, just the thought go his grimy hands on my arm is enough to make my skin pale.

My body starts to tremble then, shaking uncontrollably. I don't know what makes me do it, but I thank whatever bodily function the bond gave me because it only helps my case. "I've never been with a mated human before, you're all usually too protected to catch," he says, almost to himself but I let out a whimper in response.

He pushes us towards the cell and unlocks it. Just as his hand pulls out the key card and swipes it across the slot, I feel his left hand on me slacken and I act quickly. The training I did with Roman, though brief and scattered, kicks in like muscle memory and I twist my body, gripping his hand with my own and snapping his wrist in one clean movement.

His other hand moves to grab me, a murderous look on his face but I bring my free hand around to his head, cupping my hand and clapping it over his ear, bursting his ear drum instantly. He screams from the pain, a tangled agonised yell but no one is going to no any different down here.

Not one guard would walk past one of these cells and blink at such a sound.

He drops the card on his way to cover his ear and I move quickly again, punching him straight in his left eye and then again to his throat, knock after knock. My adrenaline fuels me but it doesn't last forever, not as I run past him, towards the cell next to mine and his hand, the one still working, grabs me tightly, pulling me back.

Its like the world moves in slow motion as I reach into my pocket, sliding the card across the cells lock as he pulls my body harshly to the concrete ground and I close my eyes tightly, bracing for impact.

I hit the floor just as the clang of metal on metal reverberates through the room and the mans screams next to me become deathly, petrified. Because the jaws of a large wolf had sunken into his skin and ripped out his flesh.

My old cell mate, the man who helped formulate the most part of this plan wasn't a man anymore. His skin, usually smeared with dirt and grime had gone completely, replaced with a thick coat of fur speckled with shaved areas, his limbs transformed. Despite the fact I knew exactly who it was, fear still coursed through my veins at the sight.

I didn't have time to react as the claw of my old cell mate slashed across the throat of the man, sending red liquid splattering across my body.

His struggling was over in seconds, his body reduced to a mere gurgling mess before it was nothing. A sack of bones and blood dormant on the floor. It should've made me retch, I dealt with gore before but a sight like that-such a gruesome death playing out before my eyes should've shaken me.

But it didn't. I merely stood up, looking at the large wolf stood over the body, its brown eyes connecting with mine instantly.

I turned away as he shifted, wasting no time and grabbing the key card that had slipped from my hand of the floor. I didn't need to look around to know he as stripping the man of his clothes and changing into them.

Instead I moved as quickly as I could from cell to cell, unlocking the doors and letting each wolf out, all of them stood ready at the doors and filing out into the centre of the room. Seeing some of them in better light was hard, their faces were no longer concealed by the darkness and their abuse was on full display, some far worse than others.

"You all know what the move is," my cell mate announces, his voice firm and full of command. I turn to find him clad in the uniform of the dead man and hope that the only guards we encounter are human rebels. Uniform or not, a hunter will see straight through the deception.

A wolf walks up to me and I can't help but look a second longer at the burn scars covering one side of his face, his hair shaved down and his eyes the only indication of any hope, the spark in them unmissable. I lean down and pick up the guards card, handing it over to him, clutching onto Olivers tightly.

"Find my family and tell them Hugo Wills loves them and that I'm sorry," he says solemnly and I don't have the chance to respond because he leaves the room in a flash, set off on his mission.

The radio fizzles from the ground and a wolf picks it up, turning the volume to max. "Electricity in blocks three, eight and four have all been shut down. No adverse signs of an attack but stand ready, cause is yet to be determined. Guards from the West entrance move to assist on the East."

I look at them. "We need to move now, it's only a matter of time until they solve the issue on power and start looking for who did it."

My cell mate raises a brow. "Cutting off electricity, an impressive diversion. We need to keep this on us at all times and stick together as a unit using a method of scope and attack. If the East wing's electricity is down then they must be moving those guards to help, making the West vulnerable for attack."

I nod and he takes the radio from the man, attaching it to his belt before taking up his sleeves, showing his completely scarred forearms.

He leans down and begins to lather his arms in the dead mans blood, a sight that shocks me. "Hunters rely on our blood to detect us, this will hopefully be enough to ward them off mine until we escape. Your scent should confuse them but you cant be too safe. There will be a short gap between releasing the prisoners and killing those monitoring our section and the rest of the base being alerted. You all know what your roles are, those strong enough assist in getting the Luna to safety whilst the others fight with all they have. Once we are free I'll mind link as many as I can to try their escape using the other key card. May the Goddess be with you," he says, standing up and rolling his sleeves down.

I look to all the wolves, sorrow lining my face as I take in their many scars, the tortures done to them down here and the risk they take in just trying to get me to escape, despite the fact my life isn't nearly as ambiguous. "Thank you," I say, my words almost a whisper and it's an effort to keep tears from streaming down my cheeks, to put on a strong front for them.

The all nod to me, a show of respect, an indication to their Luna that means so much more than what meets the eye. It's a force full of weight, a different kind of acceptance than that people show me because Roman makes them. They aren't looking at me and thinking of him, of the love they have for their Alpha and what I mean to him.

They are looking at me, covered in blood about to bust as many of them out as I can. And they see their Luna.

We all move from the room together and I walk next to my new guard, the collar of his shirt stained in blood for those with the ability to look hard enough. We enter the halls and each and the light closest to us has turned green, people beginning to walk out before the same wolf I gave the card too pushes out in front, moving to the next door and unlocking it too, running inside to get wolves out.

"Let's move." I listen to the man next to me and we take off, walking at a brisk pace in front of about ten other wolves that follow at a distant pace.

"This way," I inform, guiding us down the halls. We move quickly, completely vulnerable to attack but with most guards moved to figure out the electricity shortages, the halls remain clear. The sounds of guards talking, moving at a steady jog halt us at a corner and I press myself up against the wall, edging around the corner to get a glimpse as they run past.

We move together once more, aware that whilst we are ensuring the front is clear, anyone could spot the entire entourage of wolves from behind at any given moment. The radio starts to blare from behind me and I turn around, starting straight at it.

"Code red alert, prisoners from section C17 have escaped. I repeat this is a code red-" The person sending out the message starts screaming in agonising pain, begging as snarls and snaps cute his broadcast off, the station going deadly silent all at once.

The radio starts up as quickly as it stopped however. "All guards too respond immediately to the prisons. Visuals aren't available but it is believed to be a contained outbreak for now. Engage in protocol 93, immediately." A woman says calmly, though the situation is likely anything but for them.

The lights around the halls we are in dim, a red light taking over as the power rumbles to a stop. I told Amara to cut of as much electricity circuits as she could. I didn't realise her efforts would reach all the way here but it impresses me nonetheless. I just hope whatever risks she is taking in completing the tasks doesn't break her from the plan.

"All residents report to your nearest room. Safety enactments will begin in five minutes. All residents report to your nearest room. Safety enactments will begin in five minutes." The over head speaker begins to blare, static and holding on by a thread as it glitches in and out of power, the lights flickering too.

"Come on, we've gotta hurry," I order and we move into a brisk walk, nearly jogging towards the residential section sure to be absolutely swarming with eyes and ears.

And sure enough, when we reach the section the heavy bustle of people running into rooms can be heard like a stampede through a dessert. I whip around to the wolves waiting behind, the very beings that are sending all those people scampering in fear.

"We will meet you back here before the shut down. If we aren't out in five minutes leave. Disable anyone that spots you-using whatever means you must."

They all nod unanimously and I look at my cell mate, holding out my now bruised forearm to which he flinches but grabs nonetheless, pushing me through to the section of people with a stoic look on his face. The residents that would usually look and gape, holding their stares at my entrance anywhere didn't care less about my appearance. Two guards were busy directing people into rooms and they were the only ones who notices our arrival and looked on with suspicion, making their way over.

"What brings you here soldier? Why is the Luna not in her cell?" One asks, trying to be brave. I immediately know he's not a hunter-neither of them are at the way they don't scratch their nose slightly upon being in my vicinity.

They don't notice the stench of my mark and besides, if the radio call was anything to go off, I'd take it most hunters are currently dealing with the prisons.

My cell mate sneers. "Haven't you heard?" He snaps. "The prisons are overflowing with those fucking wolves. I'm taking the Luna back to her room to be held there until we can ensure her safety down there. If these people are all in their rooms I suggest the two of you report there as well, it's a complete shit show, they need all the men they can get."

They both cower slightly at the authority in his tone and nod, looking around at the now nearly vacant halls. The lights on each room slowly turning red.

"Go, I'll make sure this section is locked down effectively, it won't be long now," he orders effortlessly, despite the fact men like these had been torturing him relentlessly.

They nod, together, not tentative in the slightest and walk together out of the hall, stopping here and there to give instructions to the last of the people in the hall. I keep walking, the sight of my door in clear view.

"Hold it open," I mummer as we stop in front of it and he nods, swiping the key card and turning around as I enter.

I must have less than minute now to get my things and so the second I step in the room, the bed I lay in this morning made neatly, ready for me to climb back in and await Olivers return mocking me almost. I glance at the front door, noting how it is held open slightly by the back of my 'guard', a clever move.

I rush into the bathroom and head straight for the toilet, opening the cistern and taking out the wet plastic bag, full of my acquired items.

I rush with it, just as I hear a loud lock reverberate through the air, lock after lock sounding down the halls as all the rooms go into complete shutdown. I grip the handle bar of my own, pulling it back with enough force that without his sharpened senses, he would've likely fallen through straight onto his back.

He turns to me immediately and I throw him the bag to which he smiles, hefting it in his hand. "Not bad, Luna. Not bad at all."

He lets out a low whistle and the others come jogging around from the corner, meeting us in the completely vacant halls. "We don't have long now, they're either going to see us on some sort of cameras or notice we aren't where we're supposed to be." He reaches into the bag, taking out a large cooking knife and passing it to the others who all arm themselves with the equipment in there, each taking what they need.

"This way," I instruct and we move together as a unit once more, turning down halls and halting when need be. We make it maybe five minutes before the pair of guards from before meet the two of us again, halting with confusion when they notice us.

"What are you..." One of them notices then, the ruggedness of his uniform, the darker stains of blood on the collar. The dirty, wasted look on his face that comes with spending a large amount of time in a cell.

Before they can respond a knife enters their throat, a wolf coming from around the corner and taking down the other in a few simple manoeuvres, dragging him to the side of the hall.

The knife is thrown to him and just as he is about to bring it down I step forward. "Stop!" They all look at me like I'm crazy. "Just take his radio and knock him out, they'll know about this either way. By the time he gets help we will be gone."

My cell mate looks at me with sympathy and I give him a pleading stare in return. "Kill him."

Despite being his Luna, despite putting every inch of power I had behind those words, his fellow cell mate brings the knife down, ending the life of the man in seconds. "We aren't taking that risk. Better a body that can't talk."

I sure dejectedly at the corpse and swallow the thoughts I want to voice, nodding my head and turning around. "Okay," I mummer, even though its not okay, even though it takes another part away from me-one I'll never get back and we move again.

We turn a corner and my eyes narrow in on a door just as the power around us shouts down. Amara walks out of it, her head whipping towards me with a wide grin and I rush towards her, the wolves recognising exactly what she is by here mere scent. She holds a pair of pliers in her hands, tucked close to her body and my cell mate smiles.

"The electrician I take it."

Amara smiles. "At your service," she says, looking at the knife in my hand. "Got any spares? I'm ready to get the fuck out of here."

I pass her mine, pulling another-a butter knife albeit from my pocket. "Here," I say and she takes it, holding it in front of herself ready to strike. "Let's move."

We continue moving, heading towards the West exit with speed, listening to the radio instructions given to soldiers along the way, avoiding any conflict at all costs.

"There are two bodies outside of residential section eight, both deceased. Targets must still be on the move," Someone says and I tense, knowing Oliver will know exactly where that is, what it likely means.

"Another in an emptied cell. Hold on." The radio turns off and comes back to life with its static frequency buzzing. "Targets have apprehended a radio, I repeat. Cut off all communication systems."

"Which cell." I nearly stop moving at the sound of Olivers voice, the pure rage in it.

"They have a radio, all communications cease," the soldier repeats and my face blanches as we keep moving. We are close now, I know we are. I've memorised each route to each possible exit and I know we are nearly there.

"Which. Cell." I want to grab the radio and smash it under my heel.

"Cell twenty two." The radio static cuts off completely then and there isn't a doubt in my mind that Oliver knows of me, knows what I am likely doing right now.

"Run," I say, to all of them and we all do, breaking into the fastest run we can go, some of the weaker wolves lagging behind.

Five of us lead the pack, running ahead towards the exit, only two more turns from where we are. "Mae I know you can hear me. Stop right now, if you stop this and turn yourself in you won't face any punishment. Stop whatever it is you have planned, it won't work. All exits are sealed, there's no way out."

Fear ripples through me and I feel the eyes of the wolves on me. "Come on," I urge and we run around a corner just as around five guards, all armed to the teeth with guns begin approaching.

We all sprint, turning around a corner, a wolf shouting behind us as a bullet slices through him, the gunfire raining down on those left at the back. We keep running, only one more turn to the exit and I hear the wolves behind, those injured and more shifting just as the guards meet them, their teeth clamping down on the weapons as they attack with everything they have.

A knife whirs past my ears, thrown by a wolf and I go to yell at him but it slices straight into the face of a guard that had come from his post at the exit to catch us. Another knife is handed to him and he runs past me at full speed, throwing it with so much force I wonder how it is possible, the blade connecting with yet another guard. He shifts then, his teeth clamping down on another and before I know it all the wolves surrounding me have become exactly that, fur and claws and fangs.

Lethal weapons of destruction.

I move quickly with Amara towards the key slot that is next to the metal roller door, sliding it over only for the light to remain red. Fear consumes my face as I swipe again, and again, the red light remaining.

Yelps and howls sound through the space as the guards push in, opening fire at any large body they find, missing us tucked away in the slight alcove. The only wolf unshifted is my cell mate, stood in front of us protectively.

"Step aside," Amara says, her hand containing pliers now instead of a knife and she brings her hands down over it, smashing it open to reveal a multitude of wires, her eyes scanning it with fervency, calculating every possibility.

The static of the radio sounds again. "Mae," Olivers voice sounds more desperate now. "Mae whatever it is you are about to do don't. End this, before any more lives are lost. This isn't you, you're scared, I know-but you don't have to be. Just hand yourself over and it'll all go away. Tell me where you are."

Amara cuts a wire and the roller door starts to move slightly, not opening but I stare at her with complete hope and she bites down on her lip, fully engrossed in the task in front of her. "Almost."

The snarls in the area in front of us come to a slow stop, as do the shots and I suck in a harsh breath, turning to look at the scene of complete devastation, my eyes welling at the sight. Bodies are scattered, wolves and men alike left in tatters on the concrete floor. Reduced to nothing.

But four wolves remain, huffing and stood defensively, waiting for whatever else is going to emerge from that corner. Everything has dimmed down, the lights still set on their emergency red, the flames leaving the entrance shadowed completely save for a few moments of red glow.

I watch as they all tense, getting lower to the ground ready to attack before stopping short just as a wolf rounds the corner, large and muscled.

Recognition flashes in their eyes, the solider someone they likely knew and I feel a weight lift, expecting the rest of the wolves to start running in behind it, but they don't. And that wolf steps into the dim red light, staring straight at us-snarling.

Within a second, it had launched at the wolf closest to it, its teeth clamped on its throat before tugging out, leaving the wolf whimpering in a growing pool of blood. Its face was mangled, snout half replaced with metal and eyes so bloodshot they were nearly as red as the lights overhead.

That fucking radio started up again and I snatched it from the belt of my cell mate. "Mae help me help you. Mae I know you can hear me let me help you. We can get through this, don't do what you are planning."

The eyes of the beast quickly turned to me, locking onto me with a murderous glint. I stilled then, taking a step back to the concrete wall holding onto my butter knife with everything I had.

The roller door starred up again and it opened a crack at the bottom, letting a small slither of light onto the floor. My cell mate moved quickly, using his strength to lift it up with everything he had, relentless until the end in his mission.

The large wolf before us all took a step closer to me, not looking away once and I knew what it wanted. I knew it and scented me and wanted me dead. I hold up the radio to my mouth, maintaining eye contact with the wolf, knowing only one thing will be able to stop it, not me, not any of the wolves so drained already from their efforts, one thing.

"I want a divorce." I dropped the radio and brought my foot down over it, smashing it entirely as the wolves started snarling-ready to protect me with their lives. "The door!" I yelled at them with so much power, a command of a Luna and they looked at me with panicked eyes, unable to resist my command as they shifted, helping the others lift the roller door open.

I swear the wolf smiled then and it started its run towards me, my butter knife held out in front of me like it could actually inflict some damage. But before it could make it a metre in front of me Oliver appeared, just like that and intercepted the attack, a large sword driven straight into the chest of the wolf.

He turned to me then and reached to grab my hand, a rage like no other covering his features and before he could make contact with my skin I dropped to the ground, sliding out of the gap in the roller door, meeting the others outside.

My cell mate had shifted then, Amara climbing onto his back.

"Get on!" A wolf yelled at me and so I watched as he shifted before climbing on him.

The roller door started to slowly open as we took off at an insane speed into the distance, completely surrounded by desert. We must've been out in the fresh air, under the bleating sun a moment before I felt something shift in my body, tingles completely covering my body before vanishing all at once.

authors note


This chapter took a whole lot of rock music, a whole lot of anxiety and highly strung emotions and just ahhhhhhhh moments to write. I mean gee I think I need a whole ass meditation session after that.

Hope you enjoyed, I apologise for the late update once again but it was a whopper I mean nearly 7k whattttt. Please don't forget to comment and vote and support me through following my profile here and on insta (theauthorsoasis) where I promise ill post more content :)

Ps: attached is one of the reasons I have been a little lack in my writing—i cant help that Bucky Barnes is amazing.
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