Forgotten love

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August Emerson,23 the heir of a rich family fell in love at first sight with her. Being a busy man with a dream to be a doctor and a family business he forgot about her. Little did he know, fate will bring them together in a twisted way . He tried to find her through his own ways but destiny had already written a strict for them

Fantasy / Romance
Sandy Ma
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Just 5 more minutes Mom”. She mumbled in her sleep as she was so tired that she fell asleep in her table.

“Girl! Wake up. You’re gonna miss your entrance exam. Hurry up and come for breakfast.” Her mother went to the kitchen while saying this. Her mother is the most caring person. She never let her do any hard chores as she gets sick soon after doing some work.

She woke up after hearing about exams. She always dreamed of becoming a doctor and giving free treatment to the needy ones. She studied hard for this day . She dozed off while studying for her exams. She hurriedly does her morning routine and wore a beautiful yellow summer dress with denim jacket and white snickers.

“Mom! Where is brother? Is he still sleeping? Oh god mom, why didn’t you wake him up?” She asked tensely. She needs to get to her exam center so her big brother was supposed to drop her .

Her slender finger touched the middle of the spectacle as she adjusted that on her nose then looked at her brother getting down for breakfast.

“Ohh! Come fast I am gonna get late and don’t you dare say anything.” Her big brother Evan is a person who doesn’t share anything to other people and is very focused on his career regarding photography and videography.

“Ok ok cool down . Eat breakfast and come down I will be ready to go whenever you want.” Evan went down while mumbling about something but Nina didn’t care due to her stress. She hurriedly ate her breakfast and went down.

They reached the exam center and went to check her seat. She felt as if someone is looking at her but she ignored the feeling and went to the exam room.

“Damn! That was one tough day hmm!” The girl blurted annoyingly and Nina was laughing at her reaction. The girl is her school friend Nicky. They both are inseparable from their school time. Nicky gave a glare to Nina making sure she isn’t laughing anymore. “Ok sorry, yeah it’s tough one but finally we made it Nicks, oh god I can’t believe how much I was tensed thinking how my exam gonna go.” Nina spoke her heart out after getting out if there.

They both went to a cafe for celebrating cause they both knew that they are gonna get it into the medical school. “We are so close getting into our new phase of life.” Nicky spoke while drinking her favorite strawberry milkshake. Nina made a happy face listening to her words bit she again felt someone’s look on her. But Nina being Nina ignored her intuition and shook her head aggreing to her best friend’s word.

Nina is a food lover and can’t ignore food anytime. When their order came she just ignored everything and gave her full attention to her first love ‘food’.

They both talked about their plans after getting into med school and bid their good bye. Nina walked in to her home happily. It was a beautiful sunny day and her yellow dress made it even better. She sent a lot of snap to her friend while watching the beautiful scenario.

“Awww! My beautiful baby izz here to greeat me.” She happily spoke to her dog Lucy when she reached her house. Lucy is a beautiful German shepherd dog and is 6 years old. Evan brought her secretly when no one was in the house because their mom hated pets but after sometime every one loved Lucy.

“Vow vow.” Lucy barked giving a positive response towards Nina. Nina pet her and Lucy shook her tail happily. Nina told her mom about her day and went to change.

Changing into her comfortable pajamas she went upstairs for dinner. She called her dad on video call and told about her exams and how it went well. “Dad, I rocked it. I’m so gonna make it. The question were so easy that I was relieved while writing the answers. And Nicky also made a great effort to get the papers done”.

Her dad was smiling while listening to her and checking some papers. “Nina I know you are a hardworking person so I don’t have a doubt but make sure you enjoy your time and take care of yourself. Daddy love you ok.” Nina felt emotional because she always had a bad time with her health and usually get sick.

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