Devilish Secrets

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She is friendless, broken, sad, betrayed. sweet and caring. He is soulless.cold, devil, monster,. What if their world collide? Will they accept the pull toward each other? Both have their own secrets. How will they react?...................She didn't know that the darkest devil of night will become her life. Will he accept her? Read and find out....

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

The night is dark and cloudy. Strong wind is blowing. The cold seems to see inside. There are lightning and thunder. It is going rain cats and dogs in seconds.

The perfect night for a hunter to look for its prey. Numerous rumors about these nights keep playing in my head. What if something happens? I don’t bring my umbrella with me.No one is going to come for me. The pain in my heart is too much. I left my friend behind, a while ago. They drank, danced, got wild and puked. I played along but it seems all the wine was a waste. I can’t get drunk. I can’t drink away my pain!! Why? I don’t know the answer myself. It is like this always. My friends say I’m lucky as I don’t need to worry about the hangover. Ha! (note the sarcasm)

Woosh! A strong gust of wind blow. I try to close my jacket and hug myself ever closer as my life depends on it. A shiver runs down my spine. The hair at the back of my neck stands up. I feel like I’m being followed. I look behind. No one is there. Weird. There is no one yet I can sense something is there.

Suddenly, I hear some footsteps. A stream of blood is flowing down the footstep. I gag at the amount. I’m shivering, sweating and dizzy ’cause I’m homophobic. I hear groaning and panting of someone. Everything is like a haze. I can’t see clearly. All the red with black is blending. A bolt of lightning and I see a figure leaning on a wall. Brrr!!! His hand on the wall. He is breathing heavily. Then another lighting, he looks at me. Grr!! I saw him all red and his dark shadow surrounds with smoke. He just disappeared...

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