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Devilish Secrets

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Chapter 2


Everything is like a haze. I can’t see clearly. All the red with black is blending. A bolt of lightning and I see a figure leaning on a wall. Brrr!!! His hand on the wall. He is breathing heavily. Then another lighting, he looks at me. Grr!! I saw him all red and his dark shadow surrounds with smoke. He just disappeared...

(Emma Watson’s P.O.V)

He just disappears in front of my eyes. I lose balance and fell. Everything starts spinning. Darkness engulfs me. I lose control and blackness spread around me.

Last night’s events come before my eyes. His cold blue-eyes and a devilish smirk come before me. Fear and unknown shivers take over me. I am burning. It feels as if I’m in hell. I squirm around and take a hold of the hem of my shirt. Cold fingers touch my forehead. My heart skips a beat and it eases the heat. Rolling over, I pull the hand and arm towards me. Rapid short breaths blow on my face. The hand moves to cup my cheek and another moves away from a strand of my hair, falling on my face.

What is it with me? I’m dreaming. Is the pain to lose the one person whom I love the most too much for me to bear? Is Frank worth it? No! I hate him. I can’t forgive him. Yet, I love him still. I must be going crazy. First, I drank even when I know I can’t get drunk. Now, I’m dreaming of my morning routines! I’m getting crazy.

I sigh and go back to sleep.

Hours later, I wake up in my room.

Wait! How do the hell I get here? Last night, I remember going unconscious. Then, What happened afterward.

In my confusion, I fall down the bed. I squirm from the pain in my butt. I rub my butt. My eyes fell on a locket on the floor, beside my bed. It is a silver chain with a ruby stone and a bat. I look at it curiously. I don’t remember me or one of my friends owning this type of thing. I rub my thumb over the stone.

I don’t know but I feel some kind of connection with it. It is amazing.

I shrug and put it in my drawer in the bedside table.

I think I might have to ask my friends if they know anything like it. Guess, it’s time to get ready for the day!

I check the time. Huff! It’s nine o’clock already. I have to get ready for work in an hour. I hurry to the washroom to do my morning routine. I look at myself in the mirror. I soothe my morning hair with my hands.

What did Frank leave me for? I was the most handsome girl in high school. Now? Maybe, I’m still pretty. After he left, I just stopped living. I don't what to live for. I feel like a zombie, walking all day with no real reason- working like a robot. My heart was dead. Until my friends pushed me to pour out my feelings. They make me realize if you can’t live for yourself, live for others. You will feel your life complete.

I take a moment to gaze at my brown hair, honey-colored eyes, heart-shaped face, and short with slimy physic. I hurry and brush my teeth and take a quick shower. I put a towel around myself. Wear a blue shirt, a long blue skirt, and my black high-heels. Then, prepare a cup of black coffee. I hurry back a take out the pedal, tossing it in my purse. I go to work.

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