Dark Mage

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My life is one big supernova waiting to happen. -andrieya "You are my bonded," I whispered in awe, certain of it now. My irritation for him is nowhere to be found. My heart beats in sync with his. "Yes, sweetheart. I am," he said breathlessly. Stealing another kiss from me and moving his lips to my neck. He sucked on my nape where he's supposed to bite me. "Oh gods, I need to mark you," he said almost begging. I can feel his canine teeth grazing my skin. My breath hitched at that. Things are moving way too fast but I don't care at the moment. "You can, if you want to," I responded. All thoughts thrown out the window. This is so not me. I've never been this too reckless before. He straightened up, looking me squarely in the eye. "No. Not like this." Please check out the story for more juicy bits. Hope you'll like it.

Fantasy / Romance
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As a goddess, her job was to protect her children. The council of gods and goddesses deemed it unworthy for her to meddle in her children’s life. She can guide them but never help them physically.

As much as this hurts Nike, she was forced to follow the rules if she wants to keep the gift that her husband has granted her. Her very own realm with descendants that will continue her legacy and worship her and love her unfailingly.

Other goddesses are not so blessed unlike her, for her husband Erebus loves her too much to give in to her every whim. She needs to make sure that her precious line continues and in order to do that she needs to find a loophole in their rules.

She went to her chamber and visited her favorite child. She played with her and blessed her with the most powerful gift that would be passed down her line. The gift to win in every battle they face and to control the darkness.

“You will grow into the most precious treasure anyone could ever have.” She whispered in the child’s ears.

“Mortals will be in awe of you for what you have and gods will want to mold their children in your image because of your qualities and powers. You and your daughter and your daughter’s daughter will be the most powerful female line that will ever exist. Kingdoms will wage war for your hand. Even demigods will covet you but to ensure that you will never be lonely. I grant you this mark, my mark. You will have a soul bonded who will be there for you until your very last breath. Who will love you unconditionally and worship you like you are the goddess herself.” She kissed the child’s heart and seared her mark.

Now, she can rest and play by their rules but the loophole she found will remain in her children’s blood.

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