A Deal With The Devil (MXM)

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They tell you to never make a deal with the devil, but I did. I wanted one more year of life. He offered it for eternal damnation, but that wouldn’t do, would it? We made a new deal. One more year of life, then eternity by his side. If you ask him, it's the worse of the two. If you ask me, that’s why I didn’t ask for another 5 years.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

He’ll be here to collect soon and I only have one thing left to do. I tapped my pocket to make sure the dagger was still in there. This would be the end of it and then, I’d rest in peace. Well, as much peace as I’d get next to the Devil. But then again, I didn’t ask to be by side for peace, did I?

I looked at the moon from the balcony of Lord Romano’s balcony. I could hear him shuffling out of his clothes inside. She was sitting in the garden with her sons. It had been a year ago that they’d murdered Luka right there as they had held me back. They thought they had murdered me. They’d dumped us in the lake together, but I had survived. Luka, my poor, delicate Luka. He hadn’t.

They sit in the same spot and enjoy their wine, Lady Romano not even wasting a breath for her youngest that she had sheltered so much. Why would she? She had been the one to plunge the knife in his heart as his brothers held me back. Lord Romano watched.

I’m back too. I had spent my last year destroying them slowly. From their business to their family name, and finally, I would destroy them, end them. First, the Lord.

“Hello, Master.” I said, stepping into the room and sweeping into a deep bow. After all, he’d taken me in as an orphan and allowed the cook to raise me. I could let him have one last bow.

The colour drained from his face slowly. “You.” I knew he wouldn’t be very surprised. I had left him little clues, little tips, but only for him. His family had to believe that he had gone mad. That a dead man couldn’t be behind their downfall. “I knew it was you.”

“Well, no one else knows your dirty little secrets, do they, Master?” I had been the orphan he had raised after all. Gratitude led me to deal with all his dirty little tasks. I took the dagger out of my pocket. “Your first gift to me. Aren’t you happy that I’ve kept it for so long. I know you like it when people appreciate what you give them.”

“You. You!” A vein popped at the top of his head, as it filled with colour again. He rushed at me with his sword. “I’m going to kill you!”

“You tried once, remember?” I mocked, taking the sword from his hold and held the tip to his neck. He stood shocked for a second. He had been a good fighter. He had taught me, but now, he’s a just a sad, slow drunk. No one would buy his wine after what I had done. Someone had to drink it.

He swallowed, but he was a proud man. “My family is downstairs. There are guard outside. You’ll get caught.”

I barked out a laugh. “I’ve been coming and going as I please for months now and you have no guards. You can’t afford anything more than a maid now. And your family will come, but they won’t be able to do much.”

He didn’t look away, but he was breathing fast. Ever the proud Italian man.

“Call them.” I ordered.

He didn’t. “So you do have some sense of duty to your family.” I scoffed.

He smirked. “As long as they aren’t going around sucking dicks.”

I plunged the sword into his side. Deep enough to hurt, but not kill.

He screamed before he could hold it in and grasped his side tightly. “Bastard!” He spat.

I smirked and dragged him to the balcony by his neck. “I wanted to give you the same mercy you gave Luka. To let you die with surrounded by loved ones.”

He might’ve gotten out of my hold if he was the same man he was a year ago.

“Lady Romano,” I called out and waved. She looked up. As did her sons. They were lucid enough to register who I was, but the poison wouldn’t let them move much. They’d be trapped in their bodies until it killed them. “Now I have no wish to delay this and my time is almost up.”

I turned around and slit the Lord’s throat with my knife and plunged his sword in his heart. I had pictured this going a little differently. I had wanted more time, but I had give them too much poison and left myself too little time.

“They’re usually on their knees with with the offer of a new deal when I come to collect.” Said the deep, husky voice that’s been haunting me for a year.

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