Fighting with inner peace

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It’s a story about girl who fought for her happiness;but her fighting cost her lose her self and many other things.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Life an illusion

Anna a girl who always thought of herself as luckiest girl on the planet. Her dreams were very vague. She wanted to travel the world on her own. She was full of energy always ready to dive in the sea of happiness. Her life was like a fairytale everything seemed perfect from outside.

But in reality she was just living her life in her mind. Clueless of the world around her. Cherishing every moment of the complicated life. She was so optimistic that she never thought that her life could be an illusion.

She was confident, not ashamed of her dark skin. But at the same time she was trying to convince herself that she is the part of complicated world. She had to pretend so that people could like her. She tried to fit herself in the perfectly fine mess.

But at the end she woke up and realised that her life was an illusion. She was just dreaming, reality is harsh full of ups and down. She had hard time facing the reality when she woke up.

But you know what they says ...

Everything happens for a reason and there were many reasons behind what happened to her!

Simplicity didn’t work for her!

Complications were waiting for her!

She cried for help!

No one saw her hurting, bleeding!

She was all alone!




It was like she was in the dark room where no could reach her help her!

After all it was her choices and decisions which led her to destruction.

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