Fighting with inner peace

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Road to happiness

Anna with her bright smile was sitting in her roomminding her own business . She heard a knock on door. Anna said “you can come in if you want to .. but whoever the person behind the door ! I warn you not to talk any bullshit with me”

After she said that her sister stepped in her room. Her elder sister katty was in quite good mood. She was smiling and looking around like she was trying to look for a comfortable place to sit. Anna’s was also trying to figure out what was her sister up to!! Katty was looking mysterious. Katty sat on a couch next to her and said very politely to her:hey look at my sister all grown up! Anna was not expecting this kind of conversation she looked at her sister and said: come to the point and tell me what do you want from me. Katty said I want nothing from you I am here to have nice chat with you. It’s been quite long time we didn’t spend time together. Anna laughed and said sister I know you very well and I’m not buying your bullshit tell me the reason you are here.

Katty said, you got me! So listen up! Dad wants you to get married. He got some good proposals for you. Select one and tell me then I’ll inform dad. She added there is also one more important thing dad likes Harry and he thinks he is the one for you.

Anna was shocked !!

She wasn’t expecting all this. Her mind was so messed up. She was looking at her sister blankly. She was trying to say something but she couldn’t she just stood there looking at her sister’s face while katty left the room.

Conversation with katty stared a battle inside her. She was shocked and needed some time to come back to its senses.

After katty left, Anna tried to calm her self down. Anna recalled the names of boys. And at once Harry came out of his mouth!!! Wait ! What??? Harry???

No!!!! Not in this life!! How could Harry do this to me???

He knows I don’t like him!! He asked me earlier and I said no to him ! Why! Why Harry why???

And then Anna was furious. She wanted to slap him.

After couple of days, her sister katty again asked her same question. Katty kept asking her and finally she convinced her and Anna said yes.

Now Anna was ready to get engaged to Harry. But she was not aware of the things waiting for her. Her father was so happy.

Harry had been begging to Anna, trying to convince her for marriage on any cost and now he succeeded. He was quite happy. He thought he had won Anna after getting engaged. He was unaware of the fact that Anna said yes to him but deep down in her heart she was still unsure. She had a lot of questions but she was quiet.

Anna put a smile on her face in front of people and her mother in law gave her engagement ring. Anna looked at her hand; diamond ring and black skin....!!!!

After the engagement party was over Anna went to her room, took the ring off and put it on the table. She looked in the mirror and asked herself“Anna what did you do??? ”

Is he the one?

Is it right decision?

Is everything gonna be alright?

Am I gonna fit in his life??

All those questions messed up her mind. She was looking happy but from inside she was trying to figure out what she did to her self.

She promised herself not to make any mistake. She promised herself that she would put effort in this relationship.

She was lost in her thoughts when she heard her ringtone. She looked at her phone and it was Harry.

She picked up phone. She was reluctant. Harry seemed very happy.

Harry told her that he didn’t go to work today. He was thinking about her and also how grateful he was feeling. Harry told her that he love her but Anna didn’t believe her. Anna didn’t say anything promising to Harry. She just listened to him. Anna wanted to tell him truth. Anna wanted to tell him that she wasn’t feeling anything she was numb but she kept quiet.

She thought of keeping herself quiet...

She let him talk and kept listening to him. Anna was not interested in anything which he was saying. Harry kept going .....!!!!!

Anna was trying to figure out her own road to happiness.

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