Fighting with inner peace

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Road with no sign boards

Anna struggling with her life. She wanted to distract herself from the reality.

Anna thought that she should keep herself busy. She didn’t want to live in her head. She took prints of her CV and decided to apply for a job. Next day she went on “job hunting mission”. Anna was not experienced. Her parents didn’t give her permission for the job. She always wanted to do something valuable with her life but the norms of society didn’t allow her.

She dropped CV at different places. Anna had excellent academic record so she got calls from different institutions. Next day Anna went for the job interview and there they gave her a blank paper and asked her to write about her self. She was confident she wrote fearlessly. There she wrote a quote:

“ Be the change you want to see in the world”

She had a very good interview then she came back to home. She was quite confident about the job and next day her phone rang :

Hello! Anna there?

Yeah! It’s me Anna.

Okay! We called you to inform you that you are selected for the job. We were looking for an IT teacher you won’t fit the criteria but we can adjust you here if you want to. Take time, think and inform us about your decision as soon as possible.

Thank you !

Anna hung up the phone. She was so excited. She decided to take the offer. She thought of it as the best distraction from her reality.

Next day she called the HR department and told them about her decision.

They told Anna that she can start from tomorrow . Anna was also very eager so she said yes.

With this job the new phase of her life started.

She was not experienced but still she found herself enjoying her work. She was ready to take challenge. She tried to spend most of her time doing her job.

She was so indulged by her job stuff that she almost forgot about Harry.

Harry also didn’t bother her. Harry was busy with his life and Anna was with her own. Whenever they tried to talk to each other after getting engaged they ended up in a fight. They never agreed on same point. If something was right for Anna it was wrong for Harry. They were like the parallel lines never meant to meet each other.

So after getting job they both decided not to bother each other. Let each other enjoy life.

They both were unaware of the fact that they were not just ignoring each other but also living and accepting a life without each other. And they both were quite satisfied with this decision with the absence of other individual in their life.

A lot happened in both of their lives but they were not bothered by each other’s shit. It was like they vowed a life without each other.

One day Anna was sitting on a couch close to her room window. She was scrolling up and down on her phone. God knew what came in her mind she opened her friend requests. There she saw a name opened his profile stalked him for a bit and the accepted his request.

After that she put her phone on the table got up and started doing her work.

Anna was enjoying her job. She found herself distracted from Harry and thought of it as a good sign. Because this was what she always wanted. After some days she saw a post. She smiled and without thinking she commented on his post.

If you are thinking about how is this mysterious guy then let me tell you.

Anna accepted the request of John.

Anna had seen his friend request 3 years ago but ignored it. Now something mysterious crossed her mind so she accepted his request.

When John saw her comment, he was so excited. After three years he got any response from her. John replied him back and they started talking. Anna never thought of it as something serious, she was lonely so when they started talking the kept going on and on...!!!

She thought of John as a friend. She was unaware of the fact that talking to John was going to effect her life. Whenever she was having problems John was there. John always made sure to be there for her no matter what time or day was.

Anna completely forgot about Harry. Now it was like John was the basic element of her life. She became addict of John. Like John was a drug. She started craving for him.

Soon he completely forgot about Harry and her relationship with Harry.

One day she got call from her sister. Katty told her that Harry was at her house waiting for her. Anna furiously hung up the phone. She didn’t want to go back to home. She was not ready to face Harry. Her life was fine without him.

Anna had no other choice so she headed towards the home. She went straight into her room. She started thinking of the ways of avoiding Harry. But now odds were not in her favour. She heard a knock on the door before she could say anything , Harry came in..!!!!

Harry had a box in his hand. He gave that box to Anna but Anna refused to accept that gift. Harry started begging to her; he was saying that he was sorry.

Harry kept apologising kept saying sorry kept telly how embarrassed he was but not a single word of Harry affected Anna. She kept hearing his speech and felt nothing.

She was thinking how could someone disappear from someone’s life and come again?

She had so much questions in her mind but she decided to remain silent.

She refused to accept anything from Harry including his sorry.

For some days Harry tried his best to make things normal between them but all his efforts were fake like him. The thing which always made Anna mad at him was he always said something and did exact opposite of that. Harry always failed to make feel Anna safe.

Anna decided to talk to Harry. One day when she came back from her work she texted Harry and asked him to come to her place so they can chat.

Harry came...!!!

Anna told Harry that she couldn’t believe him. His actions and words had no effect on her. She also added that their relationship not gonna work.

Harry went back!

After that Anna and Harry didn’t talk to each other for a while.

They had everything figured out except their relationship with each other.

In the mean time the bond between Anna and John became strong.

Anna and Harry both started living life without each other; both became non existent for each other. Both were busy with their work, life, friends.

Harry without realising his mistakes stepped back. He never genuinely care about her. He always wanted her like she was a toy. Harry always made her feel unwanted. But in front of world he tried to paint a different picture. In front of world Harry made his self innocent and Anna evil person. In the eye of everyone Harry was very caring person, he started spreading rumours about Anna.

Anna was not bothered by Harry’s shit. He just wanted to end her relationship with him. All she wanted a life without him.

So she again forget about him and decided to resume her life. She indulged herself in different activities and once again escaped from reality.

John on the other hand was always there for Anna. He made a place in her heart by helping her by standing next to her in hour of need.

Anna’s life was messed up. She was kind of neglecting reality and living life of an illusion.

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