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Survive or die

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Hi my name is Jack sorry that you dont see a summary here I just realized that my summary was way to big so is gonna be in th book.See YA © Copyright

Fantasy / Thriller
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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be in a broken world

Human hook: to relive all the terrible things that have happen to see them every night and to still have to do everything right well let me introduce you to

Carin Collins she is a 20 year old when she was 11 she witnessed her father have a heart attack and that memory will hunt her for every when she turned 15 she got involved into some terrible business working for a mafia 2 years back when her and her best friend estabon were sent on a mission in the middle of nowhere on there way back to the mafia they stumbled upon a mansion that has a underground system that over 200 people could live in but the problem was would they have enough money esteban and carin started working around the clock and soon enough esteban was second in command he got to choose third in demand so estabon chose carin they started getting 4 mil a month and the made a deal and bought the house the house cost 9 mill but they made 60 to get sulpice the deal was that if anything bad ever happened that they will get as many people into that house and that bad thing did happen the zombie apocalypse her mother jax short for jacqueline has just found out that she has breast cancer the day before the zombie apocalypse and has been trying to tell her kids but she can't now not with everything that is going on her brother JJ short for Joshua works at a cyberlan truck stop and is trying to get his life straight so he can go to college but little does he know his world is finna flip a coincarin wants more than to be the black sheep of her family she want to save her family and and anybody that needs to do the same she really likes Esteban bu dosen want to tell him

but what she want is doesn't want anybody to know were she and etabon got all of that money so she lied saying that she worked for a gaming company and her and esteban made a new gaming that was worth millions and the house that they will be staying in only cost 3 mil

Carin and esteban make lot of enemies while falling in love defeating most of those enemies and losing some of her friends while doing so how well they feed all of those people and what would they have to do to feed all those people she well save as many people as she can and more. her story is from villain to a hero.

: as people die and people are reborn carin and estabon well do the same i am gonna call this survive or die

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